The Best Student Bars and Clubs in Glasgow

Have a scroll down and get to know all the best Glasgow student clubs and bars ahead of freshers and impress those newfound mates with your knowledge!

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 25th Sep 2023

So you've chosen to brave the cold and move up to the highlands for Uni, well you've made an excellent choice, mainly as the residents of Glasgow are absolutely mental, if a bit hard to understand at first, and they all love a proper good night out! But, with so many bars with incredible beer gardens and roof terraces, alongside clubs that are bouncing until the birds start tweeting, the Glasgow student nightlife, may seem overwhelming to you (especially if you've just moved from a sleepy countryside village.)

But do not worry! We are here to help, but just with the bars and clubs, the accent's something you will grow to love. We have narrowed down the very best on offer in Glasgow into a list that will help you in Freshers Week and beyond.

If you're someone who doesn't drink however, we'd advise you to give this one a miss and check out out lists of cheap things and free things for you and your newfound pals to sink your teeth into, as well as a whole load of cheap places to eat where such a strategy will be better suited. However, for those of you who just want to know where to get wasted, let's get into it, shall we?



Nice N Sleazy

Image: Nice N Sleazy on Facebook

Where: 421 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3LG

We start with a student essential in Nice N Sleazy. Open until 3 am every single night with a cheap drinks menu that has constantly rotating student deals, it's an ideal place to drink away the exam stress. It's also one of the homes of live music in the city hosting hundreds of gigs a year in its basement. Said basement also houses some awesome DJs and numerous student club nights, few Glasgow student clubs offer up such high-quality ingredients for a tasty night out and with a name like Nice N Sleazy, you know that there's no judgement inside, just pure vibes and good times.


Find tickets for events at Nice N Sleazy - here




Image: SWG3 on Facebook

Where: 100 Eastvale Pl, Glasgow G3 8QG

No list of clubs in Glasgow would be complete without the warehouse mecca of dance music that is SWG3. The sprawling indoor events space that covers multiple rooms not only houses some of the biggest and coolest events in the city, but also a versatile selection of other creative endeavours. From poetry to art, festivals to roller discos, the space has held it all. Whilst some of the events here may not be too kind on that student loan of yours, they will undoubtedly provide you with some of your most memorable nights at uni in Glasgow. The pinnacle of the Glasgow student clubs, and one that never disappoints. 


Find tickets for events at SWG3 - here



Sub Club

Image: Sub Club on Facebook

Where: 22 Jamaica St, Glasgow G1 4QD

Known as one of Glasgow's biggest and best, Sub Club is an institution in the city. One for those who prefer dancing shoes to Docs in the mosh, over its 25-year history the club has had some of the biggest DJs in the biz grace its stage and has provided generations of students with incredible memories of drunken boogying on its dancefloor. Despite only being open on the weekend (not ideal for students we know) it is very much a champion of quality over quantity, every night here is epic, and whilst not as nice to your student loan as others on this list, you will definitely get a night worth splashing out on.


Find tickets for events at Sub Club - here




Image: Driftwood on Facebook

Where: 2 St George's Rd, Glasgow G3 7UL

A solid go-to for Glasgow's student population thanks to its affordable booze and scran, this city centre establishment has spent 12 years in its Grade A listed building entertaining the masses until the early morn. It's a place you'll be pre-drinking in a lot during your time at Uni in the dear green place, but don't discount it as a place to spend your whole night, with DJs seven days a week, it always provides a good time. Plus, with its iconic sign made of actual driftwood, it's hard to ignore as you walk past, an essential haunt to drink the night away. 




Image: Firewater on Facebook

Where: 341 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3HW

Calling all you indie guys and gals, Firewater is the place to be in Glasgow to satisfy all your cravings. With £1 vodka and gin mixers on its student nights, you'd be silly not to come here if your playlist matches, and despite a 100% guarantee to hear Wonderwall the playlist always bangs, they also hold a lot of late-night DJ sets from bands playing in the city elsewhere, such as Fontaines DC recently, it's just a great time for the price. Amongst Glasgow student clubs, there are a few better places to visit if you prefer Adidas and Docs to heels and Balenciagas. 


Find tickets for events at Firewater - here




Image: AXM on Facebook

Where: 90 Glassford St, Glasgow G1 1UR

With the slogan vibrant, opulent, and indulgent, you already know exactly what AXM is all about. One of the biggest gay clubs in the whole of Scotland, AXM prides itself on being THE place for an inclusive party atmosphere, quality guest performers, and just a fantastic vibe that keeps people coming back for more and more and more. We highly recommend one of their crazy fun drag nights (Exhibit A above), and also to head down mid-week, as it really is one frugal Glasgow student club to party till the birds are tweeting. 


Find tickets for events at AXM - here




Image: Bamboo on Facebook

Where: 51 W Regent St, Glasgow G2 2AE

Known citywide as one of, if not the Glasgow student club to be in, Bamboo is a place filled with under and post-grad alike, drinking until they remember the lecture they have in a few hours... which they will probably end up missing. A place for everyone and anyone, the club has prices that are a treat come the midweek, with a student club night every day of the week, offering up cheap thrills with £1 drinks and a playlist full of classics for every taste. Probably the best place to come for debaucherous freshers activity, believe us it gets wild in here during that week, you have been warned!


Find tickets for events at Bamboo - here



The Garage

Image: The Garage on Facebook

Where: 490 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3LW

Smack-bang in the city centre on Sauchiehall Street, The Garage is known amongst the student population as a solid all-rounder that produces some of the coolest nights the city has on offer. We're talking bouncy castle Thursdays, foam parties, scrabble champs (yes you read that right), and just day in day in day out, 7 days a week, all-out partying. Across its many rooms you can find a range of genres and vibes, just try not to get lost in its maze-like layout. Whilst it can be said for many clubs, there's nowhere in the Glasgow student clubs scene that 'has something for everyone' quite like The Garage.


Find tickets for events at The Garage - here



The Record Factory

Image: The Record Factory on Facebook

Where: 17 Byres Rd, Partick, Glasgow G11 5RD

An ever-growing presence in Glasgow's burgeoning West End, The Record Factory is a student favourite in the area thanks to its relatively cheap booze, top tier scran, and funky decor with black and white chequered dancefloor and stunning, muralled walls. For any of the footie fans reading this, The Record Factory is one of the best Glasgow Student Bars to sit with a crisp beer and watch some SPFL and European competitions. With 12 screens, including a couple in their spacious beer garden, there are few places better in the city to watch all the sport you desire. But even if you ain't a fan of the old soccer ball, we can think of mcih worse places to blitz your loan in!


Find tickets for events at The Record Factory - here



The Ark

Image: The Ark on Facebook

Where: North Frederick Street, Glasgow G1 2BS

Widely known as THE student bar in Glasgow, particularly for Strathclyde students,  The Ark is one in the city centre you'll be spending many nights drinking away that post-revision stress. Unapologetically modern in design and what it serves, this bar also features one of the coolest beer gardens in the city, with hanging chairs and TVs galore, it's a great place to watch some sport, but an even better spot to bask in the Scottish sun come summertime. A frequent for pres amongst students but holds up as a pub night on its own, as Glasgow Student bars go, it ranks high.




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