The Best Bars, Clubs and Venues in Leeds

Leeds is one of the North's finest party cities. Whether you're a weekend raver, daytime drinker or a fan of live music, there are so many different places in Leeds to go where you can find something that suits you.

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Last updated: 3rd Nov 2021

Leeds is one of the North's finest party cities. Whether you're a weekend raver, daytime drinker or a fan of live music, there are so many different places in Leeds to go where you can find something that suits you. We thought we'd give you a tour around some of the best spots to go in the city.

There's no shortage of things happening in Leeds so make sure you head over to one of these clubs, bars or venues soon for a brilliant night or day out.


Brudenell Social Club

Location: 33 Queens Road, Leeds, LS6 1NY

Brudenell Social Club is known as one of the most important independent venues in the country. So many legendary names have played here and come back for more. It's a prime spot to find your next favourite band or songwriter. With two rooms, you can have amazing acts playing simultaneously in the venue.

The pre-drinking in the bar area isn't too shabby either, with the old pub charm of the building and the layout making it feel like a place where people naturally meet and come to see some of their favourite independent artists.


Find tickets for events at Brudenell Social Club here.




The Wardrobe

Location: 6 St Peter's Square, Leeds, LS9 8AH

The Wardrobe is an arts space in Leeds that puts on some of the best gigs in the city. Never constraining themselves to one particular genre, they tend to curate exciting new artists and alternative favourites who will not just turn up on stage but will deliver experiences. There's always a good old fashioned mosh to be had here.

When you're not in the mood for a dance they also have a restaurant and bar with award-winning bartenders who will see that you always have a good night.


Find tickets for events at The Wardrobe here.




Hyde Park Book Club


Photo image credit- Hyde Park Book Club (Facebook)

Location: 27 Headingley Lane, Leeds, LS6 1BL

Hyde Park Book Club is one of the smaller venues in Leeds but that does not make it any less important. With a capacity of 150, this is a place to come and see some amazing indie artists in a suitably cosy atmosphere. There are even DJ sets here that always have immaculate vibes.

Also doubling as a cafe, you can come here with friends throughout the day to relax and come back later to see an intimate set amongst like-minded people.


Find tickets for events at Hyde Park Book Club here.




Belgrave Music Hall


Photo credit: Belgrave Music Hall (Facebook)

Location: 1-1A Cross Belgrave Street, Leeds, LS2 8JP

Belgrave Music Hall is one of the most picturesque venues in Leeds. The main bar itself consists of long tables where anyone can sit down and enjoy food from the indoor vendors. It's the kind of place where you can naturally strike up a conversation. They also have a rooftop terrace which is the perfect place for DJ sets.

They have an indoor stage too, where they put on all kinds of different live music. If you're looking for a place that always seems to be buzzing then make the trip to Belgrave Music Hall.


Find tickets for events at Belgrave Music Hall here.




Headrow House


Photo credit: Headrow House (Facebook)

Location: 5C The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 6PU

Definitely one of the coolest bars in Leeds, the decor in Headrow House is amazing and the rooftop terrace is one of the biggest in the city, making it a favourite for people both local and from far away. They often put on events too, with people picking up the guitar or taking to the decks to provide entertainment.

Headrow House is the perfect place to spend an evening with your friends.


Find tickets for events at Headrow House here.




Mint Warehouse

Location: Aquatite House, Water Lane, Leeds, LS11 9UD

A 750 capacity venue opened up in 2012, Mint Warehouse has gone on to establish a dominant reputation in the city. People from all across the country now come to Leeds just to experience a night out here. It has a phenomenal atmosphere, some of the best DJs from across the world performing and incredible production values.

It has helped to set the standard for nights out in the city and every event feels like an occasion. They put on some brilliant raves.


Find tickets for events at Mint Warehouse here.




The Warehouse


Photo credit: The Warehouse Leeds (Facebook)

Location: 19-21 Somers Street, Leeds, LS1 2RG

One of the oldest clubs in Leeds, The Warehouse is an institution that should be protected at all costs. Participating in movements that helped to popularise genres such as House and Techno in the UK. It's fair to say that it has been fairly influential and it still serves as a showcase of the best new dance music.

This is where you'll see all the big names and those who are going to be the next best thing in their genre. The Warehouse keeps getting even better with age.


Find tickets for events at The Warehouse here.




The HiFi Club

Location: 2 Central Road, Leeds, LS1 6DE

A frequent winner of nighttime awards in Leeds, The HiFi Club is a beloved club that was made for music lovers and fits in a bunch of sounds such as jazz, drum and bass and dubstep under its roof. It's often basement venues where you'll find that you have the most fun and The HiFi Club is no exception.


Find tickets for events at The HiFi Club here.




The Old Red Bus Station

Location: 102-104 Vicar Lane, Leeds, LS2 7NL

Since 2016, The Old Red Bus Station has been serving up some of the best vegan grub in Leeds. Their cantina is vegan exclusive so get down to try some alternatives to your usual favourites. When it's not serving food, it serves as one of the most unique event spaces that you'll find in Leeds.

Every event has that special excitable energy that makes all their gigs come alive, whether an MC is going through at their guttural best or Drum and Bass is blasting through the speakers, The Old Red Bus Station can safely claim it has one of the best atmospheres in Leeds.


Find tickets for events at The Old Red Bus Station here.




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Header image credit: The Warehouse (Facebook)