Stuart Patterson Interview: Out of adversity comes change

We spoke with London house hero Stuart Patterson ahead of his New Year's Eve part at the Star of Kings in London.

Jimmy Coultas

Date published: 18th Dec 2013

It’s hard to overstate the influence Stuart Patterson has had on the underground house music community in London. A fulcrum of the institution that was Faith, he’s had an integral presence across the Capital for the best part of twenty years, promoting parties and playing them throughout that tenure and always staying true to the genre's soul as opposed to getting caught up in trends.


Eat The Beat promo mix by Stuart Patterson on Mixcloud


One of his upcoming shindigs is an absolute cracker, when Heavy Disco meets Eat The Beat for New Year's Eve 2013. It sees Patterson (repping Eat the Beat, check his promo mix above for a flavour) bringing a real connoisseur's selection of groove merchants to the capital for an eight hour journey into next year, with Sean Johnstson (one half of ALFOS with Andrew Weatherall), Balearic Mike, the man formerly one third of X-Press 2's Ashley Beedle and many more all combining for the event.

With 2013 ending in such strong fashion, we got on the phone to Stuart to see how he had felt about the year as a whole...

Hey Stuart, thanks for catching up with us. How has the year treated you then?

Fairly shit if I'm being honest - 13 is unlucky for some they say. East Village the club I programmed and was resident DJ at for five years unexpectedly closed down in June. To have something pulled away from you like that, when you’ve worked so hard, is very tough. 

But out of adversity comes change which means I have been back in the studio, re-launched my record label, Transfusion Records, and been hosting many parties again at various other venues across north, south, west and east London. 

What highlights have you had?

The Date have been putting parties on at the fabulous Loft Studios in West London. For one of the parties earlier in the year, we teamed up disco legends Danny Krivit and Greg Wilson together for the first time that was a special night and a highlight of the year.  

The East Village 5th birthday weekend was killer as well (at least we went out with a bang!). DJ wise abroad The Garden Festival in Croatia was as great as ever (read Skiddle’s review here), and a tour of Brazil was special too. This time stretched to the incredible northern region of Salvador which was something I'll never forget (need to get some bookings for Brazil for the World Cup now!)

What dancefloor records have you been into this year?

In terms of electronic music, there’s been some great music out there. Brilliant albums from Phlash, Jimpster and Omar S this year, and I've been into Paul Woolford's 'Untitled', the Ossie rework of Fela Kuit's 'Shakara', 'Airglow Fires' by Lone, 'Dionne' by Osunlade - that's just naming a few.

What would perfectly sum up a house set from me these days, would be including some soulful, some deep, some bass, some tech, some disco, some vocal even a touch of afro, you can hopefully hear my musical influences in a house set.

What other music have you been into this year?

So much good music beyond house, the hip-hop of Chance The Rapper or JonWayne. The ever excellent Eglo records I was in to, especially the sound of the soon to be huge Fatima, and also albums from John Wizards and Kon. Plus quality re-issues like Francis Bebey to discover old music that sounds ace today.

What have you got planned for Boxing Day/New Year?

I'm really looking forward to Boxing Day, as I'm heading out to Maidenhead in Berkshire where some of my oldest dear friends live right next to the river. So catching up with a lot of good mates, a winter stroll by the Thames, too much food and wine and hopefully Arsenal hammer the Hammers that afternoon as will have to watch that as well. 

New Year’s Eve is all about our party, Heavy Disco meets Eat The Beat at The Star Of Kings. If you are into real house and disco I can't see any better bet in London, certainly if you would prefer to veer away from the bigger events and venues (watch the promo video below). 

Some real musical connoisseurs on board including Ashley Beedle, Balearic Mike and Sean Johnston from ALFOS. It’s a small intimate affair but a lot of friends will be in attendance so much more of a house party vibe, rather than being stuck in a huge club with a few friends surrounded by thousands of strangers.

What's the best NYE event you've played at before, and why?

This is to going to be the 20th year on the bounce that I've dj'd on New Years Eve, either at one of my own events or for a promoter. So there is plenty of choice and to be honest New Years Eve can be a really hit or miss affair.

One that sticks out for obvious reasons is by the beach in Ko Phangan, Thailand about 10 years ago. The fluro wallies all headed to trance-tastic Haad Rin and we did a small party where a couple of hundred more discerning types came and partied to some real house music.

I've played a lot of big events in London on New Years Eve but my favourites have been smaller affairs we have put on ourselves, like Faith at Egg - I think 2003/4 or Shrink 2 Fit at Ormonds in the West End late 90's. One thing I have learnt is smaller is better on New Years Eve, especially if you can be surrounded by friends and people that regularly come to your parties, makes for a great atmosphere and that is exactly why we chose The Star of Kings this year.

Any plans you can let slip for 2014?

It is looking like the most exciting year ahead. I am opening a record store and recording studio in Hoxton in February with four partners, who between them have a wealth of knowledge that will make it one of London's best stores for new and vintage dance vinyl, plus somewhere to also come and make music as well. 

I will be continuing my 'Date' events at Loft Studios in West London and 'Giant' parties at Peckham's Bussey Building. I am also launching a new monthly night on the last Friday of the month from January 31st with Severino from Horse Meat Disco and Tim Keenoy who I run The Date and Giant parties with.

It‘s the most amazing space, The Basement underneath The Edition Hotel. I'm really looking forward to heading back to the West End as it's where I began going to clubs in the late 80's. There is also talk of programming a new venue in Shoreditch, with a very similar location and size of East Village, so plenty to look forward to. 

And finally; Dream situation time... you can go back to any period in clubland history, and play at any club. Who would you have playing alongside you and what tune would you drop that would define the evening?

Would have to be back to the Paradise Garage although I'm sure Larry Levan still wouldn't have let me in the booth even if I did turn up with Michael J Fox in a DeLorean. I would take some Garage Classics updated beautifully in more recent times like Black Science Orchestra's 'New Jersey Deep'

Stuart plays at Heavy Disco meets Eat The Beat at Star of Kings on NYE 31st December. Advance tickets £20 here.


Tickets are no longer available for this event