Skiddle's Future Headliners: Heartworms

Here is our latest future headliner, Heartworms.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 26th Jun 2023

Each week on Future Headliners we pick an artist/DJ who has been standing out from the crowd recently. It takes a lot to be a festival headliner and we're constantly looking for names who will top the bills of our favourite festivals in the future. We hope that one day, these names will make the grade.

This week we're focussing on Heartworms, a London post-punk band channelling a unique aesthetic to stand out from what is an oversaturated genre. Since bands such as Black Country New Road, Squid and Dry Cleaning have emerged, we've seen a deluge of post-punk music, most notably categorised as focussing on sprawling guitar riffs and frequently having a sprechgesang style of vocals attached to it.

Now steps in the project of Jojo Orme, an enthralling songwriter using monochromatic filters and war imagery to create a singular vision. Influenced by the military, she has been seen performing live in military outfits, has been known to volunteer at the British War Museum and, in what is one of the best pieces of band merch ever, even has a special Heartworms Airfix kit.

The bleakness of the time surrounding her obsession bleeds into her work with its constant darkness and borderline gothic imagery. Heartworms' first single was released on the acclaimed indie label Speedy Wunderground. Titled 'Consistent Dedication' it feels as though it's surrounded by a fog of war, it's haunting and creepy in all the right ways.

The band's first single release was in March of this year and is arguably one of the best projects of the year so far. Catapulted by the strength of tracks such as 'Retributions Of An Awful Life' which morphs itself into several guises, as electronic, pulsating percussion bombards you, there's a fascinating mixture of uneasiness and unwavering energy that makes you want to dance, rave, mosh and throw yourself around.

Whether this sense of darkness remains in Heartworms' work is yet to be seen but with their debut EP they affirmed themselves as one of post-punks most forward-thinking acts. It's incredibly hard to stand out when there are so many bands trying to make it but what Heartworms have created feels fresh and unique, it will surely take them a long way.

Heartworms will be appearing at a few festivals this year including Manchester Psych Fest which you can still grab tickets for. To see what else Heartworms is up to this year click here.


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