Report finds electronic music to be most popular genre at UK festivals

The report, recently published by the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), found almost a third (29%) of all performing artists at UK festivals represented electronic music genres

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 15th Feb 2023

Electronic music has become the most favourable genre at festivals in the UK according to a new report published by the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA). The findings of the report show that 29% of all artists performing at UK festivals represented genres of electronic music - from drum n bass and jungle to house, techno, trance and garage - with rock acts at 22% and pop artists at 21%.

The report also found electronic music to be worth a whopping £2.6 billion to the UK economy, making it the second most popular genre in Britain, passing hip-hop and sitting just behind pop. 

The NTIA has highlighted these figures to support its argument that it's now become necessary for the UK government to designate a nationwide nighttime economy advisor. In a statement, a spokesperson from the NTIA said the report was published to "bring electronic music out of the shadows and into the spotlight, to showcase its impact on the UK economy and culture, and to inspire action to support its continued growth and success.”

The data from the report also shows that nightclubs across the UK continue to close at an alarming rate following the pandemic, with 365 clubs said to have closed permanently since 2019. Is now the time for MPs? How long can the industry continue to lose venues before it begins to affect future talent and the longevity of music culture? 

Head to the Night Time Industries Association website to find more info from the report (



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