Parklife 2024 review: the world’s best-loved artists in one place

Doja Cat, horsegiirL, Nia Archives, Sugababes, Sammy Virji, Interplanetary Criminal, Mozey, and more performed at the Heaton Park festival this year. 

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 11th Jun 2024

On Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of June 2024, the UK’s largest metropolitan festival returned for another weekend of house, tech house, techno, DnB, pop, and hip-hop, marking the festival’s 12th edition. Known for enlisting some of the world’s most in-demand artists, 2024’s lineup was no different. 


Thousands and thousands of music fans poured into Heaton Park with the sun pleasantly shining down on the festival. For it to be warm and sunny in Manchester, it felt almost like a miracle. Of course, it didn’t last, but for an entire day to have pleasant weather, we consider it a pretty significant win. 

In the early afternoon, Sammy Virji went back-to-back with Interplanetary Criminal on The Valley, warming the crowd up nicely for the day ahead. A huge crowd gathered to sing along in the sun and dance like their lives depended on it. The screens behind the decks showed countless fans on their mates’ shoulders with smiles all around, while some enjoyed the music relaxing on a hill next to the sea of music fans.


The WAH: Magic Sky stage was the place to be for chest-rumbling basslines on Saturday, seeing performances from Bou + B Live 247, Hybrid Minds + Tempza, Hedex + Eksman, and Mozey + IC3, the latter leading a singalong to a remix of Alice Deejay’s ‘Better Off Alone’. With people offering free hugs and high-fives, and finger guns waving in every direction, the festival vibes were truly on show. 


Back over at The Valley, an audio clip praising the UK’s jungle scene played over the speakers before emotional junglist Nia Archives launched into a jungle remix of ‘You’ve Got The Love’. Good vibes all around, the DJ sang live to ‘Unfinished Business’ and ‘Cards On The Table’ from her incredible debut effort. Highlights of her set included her tracks ‘Off Wiv Ya Headz’ and ‘Forbidden Feelingz’. Not a single person stood still for those two. 

Plenty gathered at the Parklife stage for Sugababes featuring the group's original members and, naturally, everyone was singing along to smash hits like ‘Ugly’, ‘Too Lost In You’, and ‘Round Round’. Given an extra kick of oomph with live musicians, it was definitely a festival highlight for many in the crowd. 


Ponchos were the fashion on Sunday as the day kicked off with light rain. As is predictable for Manchester, the rain really picked up later in the evening. But still, festival-goers are troopers and will happily deal with a bit of rain if it means catching the sets of some of the world’s biggest artists. 

The WAH: Magic Sky stage on Saturday was now the XXL: Magic Sky stage, bringing heavier, harder, and often darker sounds to the festival. Everywhere you looked, you’d see people sporting Teletech merch, with a Teletech flag waving in the air when Samba Boys dropped a remix of 'Pretty Green Eyes'. 


As horsegiirL’s set drew closer, bodies came in droves. Opening with her and MCR-T’s ‘My Barn My Rules’, thousands of people, sang each and every lyric at the top of their lungs. Keeping the crowd vocal, she hit us with a remix of ‘Hollaback Girl’ and an energy-packed mix of Timbaland’s ‘The Way I Are’. There wasn’t a single moment without the crowd’s hands in the air or someone straddling someone’s shoulders and singing. And the rain throughout seemed to make everyone enjoy it even more. 

Then, Aussie house hitmaker Dom Dolla took over the Hangar stage. On the journey there, an “If Dom Dolla plays Miracle Maker, I’ll pass out” could be heard and, well, we hope she's okay because he did, in fact, drop that tune, and the crowd went wild. Flames shot out from around the stage to punctuate each drop with the bassline rumbling the ground and everyone’s bones. A real crowd pleaser, he played everything you’d want him to: ‘Rhyme Dust’, ‘Eat Your Man’, that big Tokyo Drift riff, and his newest track ‘girl$’. 


UKG massives Badger, PJ Bridger, and DJ Jackum went back-to-back, blasting through plenty of favourites including that one massive riff from Robert Miles’ ‘Children’ - you know the one. MC Chunky and the crowd ping-ponged some serious energy back and forth. The set drew so many people in that they couldn't even squeeze into the tent. Even at the very back, ravers were singing and dancing, especially when a UKG edit of Natasha Bedingfield’s ‘These Words’ dropped.


Back over at the XXL tent, you could see thousands of eager fans running over to catch Scottish queen Hannah Laing kick off her hour-and-a-half set. As to be expected for such a massively adored DJ, the crowd gave their all despite the nasty rain, screaming along to her tunes ‘F*ck The Pain Away’ and ‘Good Love’ ft. RoRo. Possibly the most up-for-it crowd of Sunday, - closely followed by horsegiirL - it felt like the entire festival had turned up to her set. 

Finally, to close out a fantastic weekend of music, Doja Cat took to the stage. If any artist owned their stage that weekend, it was Doja. As one of the biggest artists on the planet and with numerous hits under her belt, she performed plenty of bangers everyone knows. With a live band, backing singers, and dancers, Doja blasted through hits including ‘Ain’t Sh*t’, ‘Say So’, - which the crowd sang so loud that, at times, you could just about hear Doja - ‘Streets’, ‘Tia Tamera’, ‘Need To Know’, ‘Get Into It (Yuh)’, ‘Paint The Town Red’, and so, so many more giant tracks, all while dancing, twerking, and striking iconic poses, might we add. 


Making full use of the intricate stage design which included mind-bending visuals, a catwalk, flames, and a balcony level, watching her perform was somewhat hypnotising. To dance like that and sing or rap at the same time with such ease is truly incredible. Despite the rain getting heavier and heavier and the sticky muddy mess sucking up the crowd’s shoes, they danced, sang, “woo”d her every dance move, and climbed up on shoulders for a better view and to show their appreciation for each song. A truly stunning performance that perfectly concluded Parklife 2024. 

Parklife 2024 was a victory. The only issue with the festival is trying to figure out who you want to see. Overflowing with the best-loved names in music and the hottest up-and-comers, you’re inevitably going to encounter some clashes. 



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