New Year's Eve: Your ultimate going out guide

Feeling nervous or under-planned this New Year? Don't worry, this is NYE 101 with Skiddle, and after you've read this, nothing to fear, 2023 won't know what's hit it!

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 20th Dec 2022

New Year's Eve is always a belter of a night out. The streets are lined with people from all walks of life celebrating the passing of the year, the unusual suspects come out of hiding, the usual suspects are up to their old tricks, and everyone is there to let loose and have the best time possible.

However, for all these good intentions, a night out for New Year's can also be a struggle due to these exact same factors. Busy bars, overcrowded venues, and expensive drinks can put a dampener on the night that should be the biggest party of the year. 

This is where we come in. We’ve decided to come together crunch the numbers, rack our brains, and pull in all our experiences to collate a guide to New Years like no other. One that will guarantee you a good night. One that will quell all inhibitions. One that will have you partying until the countdown and beyond. 

So, scroll down, start planning, and get ready, because the end of 2022 is going to be one for the history books.



Where to find the best events for New Years Eve

Well, we think this one is quite obvious, and in our opinion, if you aren't choosing Skiddle this New Year's Eve, you just aren't going to have a good night… 

Whilst yes this is all fun and games, and there are other places to get tickets, Skiddle has such a diverse range of events, from all over the country, covering all different sizes and tastes. There's truly something for everyone. 

Image: Warehouse Project on Facebook

If you want to have a look specifically at what's on in your hometown then we have dedicated inspiration pages for all of the big cities (just click on yours and have a look!) including BirminghamBrightonBristolCardiffEdinburghGlasgowLeedsLiverpoolLondon, ManchesterNewcastleSheffield. We’ve got all of you guys covered. 

If you're feeling a bit frugal this New Year, you may even want to check out this guide on the cheapest New Years nights out. As who doesn't want to save a few quid?

However, even if your city or town isn't on this list, don't worry! Just head to google and type in your city/town's name followed by New Years' Eve Skiddle and they’ll be a ready-made page right there for you, full of events.

Now, you’ve just got to decide which event is for you…


What do you want to do?

First off, you really need to have a sit down with your pals and find out what the vibe is.

Are you wanting to go out and boogie to groovy tunes until the clock strikes twelve at a huge rave? If so, why not check out this list of awesome NYE raves? 

Or, are you after a smaller event at a club? One where you can still have a dance, but you can chat with your mates, and be in a less crowded space, one that's familiar. If so, then check out this list of the best Club events on Skiddle this NYE.

Perhaps, you’re not a fan of club nights, and instead, you like the classic sound of guitar and drums. Well, then this list of the best live music events this NYE will suit you perfectly. 

Maybe you just want to start the day off strong and chill later on in the night? If this sounds like you, then check out this list of banging brunches happening this NYE, whether bottomless or drag, they're all gonna be fabulous.

Yet, If none of these tickles your fancy, then we’re more than certain that you will find something else you want on the Skiddle site, just head over and have a browse!



Now, you’ve secured your tickets, you've decided where to go, and now, it’s the slightly more boring, but incredibly essential bit. Logistics. 

If you’re staying local and you’re within walking distance of your gaff you can skip this bit, you’ve been a bit more sensible than most. However, if you’ve decided to venture further afield and are gonna have to travel to get to your event, then you’re going to have to make sure of a few things. 

Make sure to check all the available travel options like buses, trains (make sure to check they are running), trams, and then also walking routes and distances from the stop to your event. This can help stop unnecessary stress and get you all there without any palaver.

Image: Photo by Christian Lendl on Unsplash

Now, the annoying part will be getting home. There may be some cities that have late-night public transport running, many do on NYE so check that out, if not it’ll have to be a Taxi. 

Taxis can be astronomical on NYE, especially if you don't book, so either book or plan around it (getting a lift from someone who isn't drinking for example). No one wants being stranded in the town centre with no way home to be the first thing to happen to them in 2023.



Now, we don't want to be a bore here, but just pace yourself and don't mix your drinks too much. No one wants to be the one that passed out or threw up and ruined someone else's night because they couldn't hack it. With this in mind too, get yourself some substantial scran before you go out, we all want to make the countdown.

Whilst this may all feel a bit preachy or condescending to you, we know, but it has to be said. New Year's Eve brings a lot of people who aren't drinking all the time out of the cracks, and we just want to make sure they have the best time possible. It's all love!


What to Wear

Really, what you and your pals wear depends entirely on where you are going and what the vibe of the event is. But most importantly this is just down to you, we don't wanna tell you how to dress. If you're feeling it, take a page out of the Fabric ravers book and dress eccentrically to piss off the normies. Go wild, but just make sure to check if there's a dress code. Not everywhere is as open and free as Fabric. 

Image: Inga Seliverstova /

If you’re still really struggling with what to wear, then you can check out this guide we made on how to dress this NYE. But just be careful, if you follow our advice, you’ll be the centre of attention all night because you’ll look so good.


Pres and Afters

With how expensive NYE can be, a good idea before heading to your event is to pre-properly, whether that's at a mates house, or your local, it's always good if you wanna save some money to head out and grab a few where you know it's cheap before beheading out, we just wanna save you some dosh!

When it comes to afters, for many, after the clock strikes 12 on NYE, that's the time to start thinking about when their heading home, but we know our audience and we know a lot of you are animals, so if your event doesn't open until late then we can recommend a few things, head to somewhere else close by - as many will have dropped in numbers and may let you in, or maybe just invite some people back to yours! You can party until you can't anymore, AND you’ll start the new year in your own bed… and that's more than worth a bit of cleaning in the morning.




Now you should be ready to hit New Years Eve as hard as possible and be reassured that everything is organised and sorted for you to have the best time possible. 

If you want to read more about why you should Choose Skiddle this New Years Eve, you can find out by clicking, or tapping - HERE

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