Krafty Kuts: "The future is bright… the future is Breaks!"

Ahead of the Liverpool debut of his 'An Evening With…' night at Hi-Fi on February 2nd, we caught up with Krafty Kuts - aka Martin Reeves - to talk Breaks, Brighton, and cheeky cuddles with Dale Winton.

Jayne Robinson

Date published: 25th Jan 2013

Hi Martin, where do we find you today?
Hey! Today you mostly find me in my studio at home in Brighton.

It's been a big year for you, with the release of your latest album 'Let's Ride' in 2012. It was three years in the making - are you pleased with the finished result? How does it differ in sound and style to your last LP?
Very pleased! It was a mission but a great mission and it had a lot of exciting twists and turns along the way. It is a huge step forward from the last album and has moved with the times, encompassing the many genres and flavours of Krafty Kuts including Funk, Soul, Disco, Jazz, Electro and Breakbeat. I find that artists often make the second album a better one due to finding their feet within their own personal style of music.

You're known for your eclectic sound that draws in a lot of influence from a variety of genres. With that in mind, what would you say unifies your sound?
Totally, most of my working life I owned a record store which has definitely defined my obsession and passion for music - from Rock to Jazz and Hiphop to Funk! I became a lot more aware of the flavours and emotions that music has to offer. Digging through old vinyls helped me to discover different rhythms and elements of music, and it shows that you can still take an old sample from back in the day and use it in a brand new track and it still sounds fresh!

You set up your new label Instant Vibes last year. How's that going? How will it differ from previous label Against The Grain?
Instant Vibes is just Me, Myself and I, which means I have more control on the musical output. You will see a lot of cutting edge new stuff coming from artists such as A.Skillz, Marten Horger and Calvertron over the next few months. It gives me an opportunity to break new talent and be more diverse with the sound of music that I want to make. It's a really exciting project and in the next 12 months I will be able to share with the world what goes on in my head!

The Breaks scene has retained a loyal following since the nineties which shows no sign of depleting. How do you think the breakbeat sound has evolved in recent times and what factors might lead to its development in the future?
Breaks has had a tough time and a lot of people like to have their say about this genre of music. Drum n Bass, Dubstep and House music has almost taken over and some of Breakbeat's biggest stars have left the scene to see lesser heights. But I believe that the breaks scene has reinvented itself and risen from the ashes, we are looking at some great rising talent from Spain and Canada as well as great music from Deekline, Ed Solo and Marten Horger. It is becoming a big scene once again and we carry the flame for breakbeat by putting on these nights around the UK. The future is bright.. The future is Breaks!

You play all over the world, so must have seen some sights. What's the most unusual encounter you've ever had in a club?
Hmm there has been a fair few, but being asked to DJ for two nights in a row at a club in Dublin that had turntables with no slipmats or needles! That was one of the worst gigs of my whole career!

Is it true that you were once a contestant on Supermarket Sweep?! What did you win?
I certainly was! I was pushed into it by an ex but it was a fun experience to say the least! Plus I did get a cheeky cuddle with Dale Winton! I was also told to smile whenever we were on camera so I ended up grinning like a Cheshire Cat, it was so embarrassing but I always smile when I am reminded of it.

Tell us something about yourself that people don't know.
Here's three things you probably don't know about me. During my career I have been a Bingo Caller, a Football Manager and a Trifle Taster!

Your 'An Evening with Krafty Kuts' parties have been gong down an absolute storm at Cable. What's the winning formula?
Well now that would be telling! But it's all down to the quality of the DJs, and providing the crowd with a wide variety of styles and flavours and making sure everyone is having a great time! Our parties are not about fashion, or how you look, and we welcome anyone to come and share the evening with us.  The solid lineups always mean you get great value for money, and this will surely continue for all upcoming shows.

On February 2nd 'An Evening With…' will leave London for the first time for a party at Hi Fi in Liverpool. Why did you choose Liverpool and how are you expecting the night to differ form your Cable residency?
I haven't played Liverpool in a while and so that gave me more of an incentive and desire to showcase the strength of the 'Evening With' night in a new city.  We have got a cracking lineup with some of the finest names in dance music alongside some rising stars that are waiting to shine.

You're bringing along a strong line-up including long time collaborators and pals A Skillz and Utah Saints. How did you choose these guys and is it important for you to have along artists that you know and have worked with before?
It's great to have a strong working relationship with people when running a night, and we have put this amazing lineup together especially for you guys in Liverpool. We have different DJs from across the board which provides the perfect platform to start the night on.

What three tracks will definitely be getting an airing on the night?
Look out for Tricka Technology - brand new remix, a DJ Icy track, and plenty of Krafty treats especially created for you guys in Liverpool!

If we see you at the bar, what should we get you?
A shot of coffee patron, please!

And finally, what have you got coming up in 2013?
Stacks of new releases on Instant Vibes, Fresh Kuts Vol 6 and LOADS more 'Evenings with Krafty Kuts'.

Thanks Martin, see you on the 2nd!
Thanks guys and really looking forward to this one! See you on the dance floor.

An Evening With Krafty Kuts comes to Hi-Fi, Liverpool on February 2nd with Krafty Kuts, Adam F, A Skillz, Utah Saints and more. Tickets are available now through Skiddle.

Tickets are no longer available for this event