Halloween House Party: The best Halloween songs to add to your playlist

Sick of the Monster Mash? So are we. Check out these spooky bangers to add an eerie edge to your Halloween playlist.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 26th Oct 2023

We’ve all suffered from hearing the Monster Mash a few hundred times too many. And it’s probably not the vibe you’re after for Halloween. So we gathered some spooky tunes to add to your Halloween playlist that won’t have your guests laughing you out of the room.

From musicals to metal, rap to rock, pop favourites to blues, and Northern soul to dark electronic, there’s something in here for everyone. Check out the best Halloween songs below.


Halloween Theme - Main Title - John Carpenter 

A cracking way to welcome your Halloween party guests! It’s one of the creepiest, most recognisable Halloween tunes, and it’s actually a banger. Easily one of the best Halloween songs ever written. 


Tubular Bells (The Exorcist theme) - Mike Oldfield

Another brilliant one to play while welcoming guests or playing in the background while you play some spooky games. 


Psycho Killer - Talking Heads

We all know it; it’s a banger. Everyone will be singing along.


Cannibal - Kesha

Pop princess Kesha has made some killer party tracks over the years, and Cannibal is definitely one of them. And, given the title and lyrics, it’s pretty apt for a Halloween party.  


Mental Misery - Stan Christ & ORYMA

If you like dark, creepy techno, we don’t see how you could leave this one off your Halloween playlist. It’s creepy from the offset, but that low, spooky proper Halloween laugh later in the track (hear it at 1:30) seals the deal.


Zombie - The Cranberries

If you don’t love this song, you’re wrong. Kidding… kind of. What a tune! A timeless song with an unforgettable chorus, Zombie will go down a treat (or trick?) at your Halloween bash. 


Monster - Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Bon Iver

One of Nicki’s most legendary verses and just a hard tune all around, Monster will definitely get the people at your party jumping. And they might even try to rap along but fail because of the amount of alcohol in their blood, so that’ll be a laugh.


Time Warp - The Rocky Horror Show Original Cast

Whether you’re a fan of musicals or not, you’ll know this song. And if you didn’t know, it’s from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a legendary musical that plays tribute to horror B movies with characters like Frank-N-Furter.


Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But… - Arctic Monkeys

Yeah, this track made the list because Alex Turner compares people to vampires, but it’s a top tune with a lot of energy, so we think it’s justified. A bit of early-00s indie is always welcome. Especially when it's Arctic Monkeys. 


Disturbia - Rihanna 

Creepy, danceable, and everyone knows the words - Disturbia is easily one of the best Halloween songs to blast at your party. 


Ghost Town - The Specials 

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. The title, the lyrics, and the haunting organ and flute make this track eerie as hell. Timeless and spine-tingling.  


Enter Sandman - Metallica 

Creepy vibes and metal go hand in hand, so of course, Metallica was going to end up on this list. Menacing, powerful, and one of the few metal songs even the average pop music listener will probably know, it’ll effortlessly kick your party up a notch. 


I Put A Spell On You - Screamin' Jay Hawkins

Fancy adding a bit of delicious, legendary blues/soul to your Halloween playlist? Here’s the one! The whole track is hypnotising, from the crazy vocals down to that magical saxophone. 


Skeleton Boy - Friendly Fires 

Skeleton Boy has enough funk and energy to revive that person who took predrinks a bit too seriously and is now half asleep on your sofa. 


Creep - Radiohead

Who doesn’t know the words? Except for toddlers, everyone in the UK knows these lyrics like the back of their hand. And it’s creepy enough to fit in with the rest of your Halloween jams.


Season Of The Witch - Lana Del Rey

If your Halloween party is more on the laid-back or boujee side, Season Of The Witch is perfect. Soft, a bit sexy, and with that slightly unsettling Halloween vibe, this is the one to listen to while sipping wine, bubbly, or a cocktail. 


R. Dean Taylor - There's A Ghost In My House

A bit of Northern soul anyone? A tune that instantly gets you tapping your foot or bobbing your head, There's A Ghost In My House is a killer addition to any party playlist. Especially your Halloween one. 


Get Ur Freak On - Missy Elliott

Another tune that’s makes it impossible to sit still, Get Ur Freak On slaps as hard today as it did when it was released. Bobbing along is almost a reflex when it plays, like when the doctor hits that hammer on your knee and your leg flies up. It’s just natural. 


Little Monster - Royal Blood 

Back to some heavier ones, the power and spooky vibes in this track are incredible. A perfect Halloween headbanger track. 


bury a friend - Billie Eilish

For the full Halloween experience, when playing this track, play the music video on your TV, too. There's lots of eerie imagery to complement the equally eerie song. 


Red Right Hand - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Nick Cave has an incredible voice. And it's clear in this uneasy tune that you might recognise from Peaky Blinders. Give it a listen! 


Evil Eye - Franz Ferdinand 

The scream at the start of the song, the unsettling backing vocals, and the spidery guitar lines - stunning. The music video is also on theme with blood, eyeballs, skeletons, and some dismembering. But that's exactly why we can't show it here...


Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll

“Dance ‘til you're dead!” A tune that was written to start parties and with the occasional dark lyric. It’s perfect. 


With these bangers blaring, we know you’ll have a cracking Halloween party that won’t soon be forgotten. But if you fancy taking your Halloween to the next level, click or tap here to find the best Halloween events near you

And check out our Spotify playlist with all these tunes below.




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