Five tracks that changed Ibiza

Hailed as a music Mecca since the 80s, Ibiza has a deep and rich musical history So we took a look at five of the countless tracks that changed the island for the better. How many have you heard?

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Date published: 7th Jul 2022

Ibiza has been known as an electronic music Mecca since the 1980s, when it began to focus more on its nightlife. With plenty of iconic decades behind it, Ibiza has had countless tunes blasted across its beaches, clubs, and beyond. But some records were more transformative than others. 

Many songs truly changed the island, whether they influenced what was popular at the time, soundtracked the island's most legendary parties, or even showcased Ibiza as a hedonist paradise. And here are just five of the countless tracks that did just that.  


Club Tropicana - Wham!, 1983 

Club Tropicana made our list, but probably not for the reason you’d assume. This summery banger wasn’t blasted through Ibiza’s clubs, but it was filmed in what might be Ibiza’s most iconic hotel, Pikes Hotel (now Pikes Ibiza) 

Four years after the video’s release, Freddy Mercury asked hotel manager Tony Pike to organise "the biggest birthday bash of all time" for him following his HIV diagnosis. From there, the hotel became a hotspot for debauched stars, including Kate Moss, Kurt Cobain, Naomi Campbell, and Jon Bon Jovi.

Solidifying Pikes and the island itself as a symbol of unadulterated hedonism, which is a reputation both still hold today, the Club Tropicana music video is a vital piece of the island's history. 



Insomnia - Faithless, 1995

Unknowingly creating a hedonistic anthem, Faithless penned a song about struggling to sleep, which naturally resonated with partiers who had various substances coursing through their veins and couldn’t imagine sleeping for at least another 48 hours. 

The lyrics paired with a truly blissful, iconic and instantly recognisable keyboard melody meant the tune was blasted through Ibiza’s for years. If you went to Ibiza today, we’d bet you’d still hear the track or remix of it somewhere.

Insomnia is one of the group's most successful tracks, going double platinum in 2019, and was even voted by Mixmag’s readers as the 5th greatest dance record of all time. If that’s not revolutionary, we don’t know what is. 



Children - Robert Miles, 1995

Another instantly recognisable track, Children is still appreciated today, and even those who weren’t alive for its release have heard it. 

Perfectly encapsulating Ibiza, Children pioneered the “dream house” genre, which is known for its light, dreamy lead piano melodies. With the kick drum picking up the pace at around the 40-second mark, the track naturally falls into place as a gentle dance tune.

With a sound that's basically the sonic embodiment of escapism and a slightly trippy music video to match, it's easy to see how the track was used to signal the end of a heavy rave to tired partiers, as it often did. 



The Man With The Red Face - Laurent Garnier, 2000

The Man With The Red Face was regularly heard at Ku (now Privilege) during Manumission, a series of events that made Ibiza what it is today.

Before then, clubs were focused solely on music. But Manumission incorporated theatrics into its parties. Other clubs on the island began to follow suit, marking a change in the Ibiza clubbing experience. And this change is still apparent today, with Ibiza's clubs full of dancers, acrobats, and fire performers.

With a whopping capacity of 10,000 people, Manumission exposed countless ravers to The Man With The Red Face as it soundtracked some of the best, wildest nights of their lives. 

Still adored by many today, this track is simply fantastic with a steady, passionate build, creating a journey instead of being just some song.



Cola - CamelPhat & Elderbrook, 2019 

On track to becoming as iconic as the tunes mentioned above, Cola instantly secured a stellar reputation with many across the globe. This includes ex-ravers who’ve said it reminds them of their wild nights out in yesteryear. 

The song features a hypnotic, euphoric synth paired with an infectious rhythm that was made for dancing to, and lyrics that paint a picture of a chaotic night out. Cola was destined to dominate Ibiza’s music scene. 

And that’s exactly what it did.

The track became one of the most Shazamed songs on the island in 2019, proving just how popular and often played the tune is. We doubt we’ll see the day when Cola is no longer blasted over Ibiza’s massive, booming speakers. 



As Ibiza's been a music-lovers paradise for decades, its musical history is naturally rich and deep. We could write endlessly about the tracks that changed Ibiza, and we'd never catch up as the list just keeps going.

But these five legendary tracks played significant roles in shaping Ibiza’s sound, changing its culture, and helping the island gain recognition as the craziest, loudest, and best party destination in the world. 



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