Five For The Funk: Boxfresh presents High Rise

This week's Five For The Funk feature homes in on some of the acts playing at all three legs of the Boxfresh High Rise parties, taking place in London on September 6th.

Mike Warburton

Date published: 3rd Sep 2014

Photo: Alpines

We've already looked at the intriguing triple header that Boxfresh have put together to celebrate their 25th year in the fashion industry. With High Rise rooftop parties at Rockwell House, Dalston Roof Park and Netil360 kicking off on Saturday 6th September, we've decided to pick a selection of our favourite videos from some of the artists playing across the three events, as part of our Five For The Funk feature.

With all three parties catering for a different musical persuasion, expect a mix bag of selections here, but ultimately one that may help you decide which of the three gigs will court your affections.

Waze and Odyssey Bump & Grind

The LA-based duo go for the laughs in the video to this floor ready re-imagining of R Kelly's classic R&B anthem 'Bump & Grind'.

In it a stereotypically dorky loser happens upon an appropriately named aftershave at a yard sale. Once applied, something akin to the Lynx effect takes over. A number of unhindered dance moves later, the dweeby protagonist tackles a bunch of mocking hipsters via the medium of dance, and schools them on being cool. 

Lapalux Chrysalis

Lapalux takes things on a much more abstract and serious tip with this one, and while we would have included the video of 'Without You' it would not be right to expose those in our younger audience to such salacious images.

'Chrysalis' on the other hand is an equally intense journey, combining Stuart Howard's hypnotic, melodious sounds with a short film depicting the trials of youth, as told through the eyes of a young lad slowly falling apart - literally. It's emotive, bizarre, and yet strangely rousing, something that also describes Lapalux' sonic stylings.

Star Slinger Mornin

Things take an upbeat, psychadelic turn with Star Slinger's Mornin' - a short and sweet journey through filtered funk, shot through a kaleidoscope of vibrant vignettes, complete with nostalgic scenes of the natural world with a few mystifyingly silhouetted folks thrown in there for good measure. The musical equivalent of as dose of mescaline on a hot summers day.

Jehst Run Hard

Jehst is right up there with Roots Manuva in being a shining example of UK hip hop at it's finest. Whilst this video may not be the most ground-breaking or innovative, it's split screen narrative does the trick. 'Run Hard' is still an immense tune in anyone's book. Lifted from his sophomore LP Falling Down, 'Run Hard' is Jehst at his in your face best, with RZA style beats backing his relentless rapping beautifully.

Alpines Cocoon

Whilst on the surface the video may play out as an extended Wella advert (lead singer Catherine Pockson's hair does look incredibly luxuriant), the bare whitewashed aesthetic brings out the stark, cold ambience behind a lot Alpines work.

The video matches the rising madness that builds throughout the record through a series of ingenious cuts and visual tricks, whilst Pockson's vocals carefully bring a warmth to the brittle backbone of the record. The glitchy drums and bold chords too combine to make what is one of Alpines most complete outings for sure.

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