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Festival Fashion: Tin Pigeons

The East Midlands balladeers deliver their thoughts on what inspires the clobber they adorn in the fields.

Jimmy Coultas

Last updated: 1st Jun 2016

Image: The Tin Pigeons

Festivals are a wonderful microcosm of different people, with the eclectic nature of the music well represented by an equally diverse looking set of attendees. Where else can you find a smorgasbord of society dressed in everything from high street chic to top to toe tweed, outlandish fancy dress rubbing shoulders with people kitted out to conquer a mountain. 

That off-beat variety is reflected in the artists we've picked for our festival fashion features too, with the latest turn coming from folksy indie four piece The Tin Pigeons. Recent single 'Sparks' (listen above) is the kind of jangly jaunty guitar led pop that sounds perfect sound-tracking boozy BBQs on balmy evenings, earning radio play from no less an authority than Steve Lamcaq in recent weeks.

This summer they'll be plying their trade at festivals like Boardmasters and Secret Garden Party, bringing their feel-good ditties to the masses. More importantly though they've cited some rather eccentric choices for their fashion selections, with garish TV presenters and political firebrands among their inspirations...

What three items of clothing do you take to every festival?

Galoshes; keep your shoes dry in style with a waterproof rubber compound. They're designed to keep out moisture while maintaining that all important ventilation to keep your feet cool and comfortable during the notoriously capricious British Summer months.

Cape; we may not all be born heroes, but the apparel oft proclaims the batman. 

Anything culturally appropriated; because what could be better than reducing an entire civilisation or culture (which, let's face it, probably suffered terrible oppression and strife at the hands of your own) to the status of 'fancy dress'? Being respectful? Caring about people's feelings? Who knows.

Your ultimate fashion icon.

Noel Edmunds. I'm just gonna say it, the man has panache. 

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Ultimate wardrobe staple?


Most expensive item you have bought?

Mink toupee.

What's the item of clothing you're most embarrassed about? (That you'll admit)

Dad's hot-pants. It's not that they don't suit him, it's just that none of us likes to remember "that funeral".

Anything annoy you about what people wear at festivals?

You know the way wellington boots sort of pull your socks down as you walk around? Hate that. 

Finally you can go on the lash and clothes shopping with any three historical figures with an unlimited budget. Who are you taking and what will you all end up wearing at the end?

Clement Attlee, Robert Devereux 2nd Earl of Essex andOtto von Bismarck. 

Clem, Bobby, Blotto and I would probably kick off festivities by necking a few pints of heavy down the Working Men's Club before Bobza would insist on dragging us to some grubby ordinary in Cheapside to quaff ale and lament his ill fated Irish campaigns.

After that, we'd don our our special lederhosen, chug some blonde beer and follow Otto to his favourite little boutique, from which I would emerge (following an uplifting thumbs up/ thumbs down outfit selection montage) wearing a 1950s nurse's uniform, an Elizabethan ruff and a Pickelhaube.

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