Essential Listening: Pride Month Takeovers

We linked up with Unorthodox, Girls Night Out, HE.SHE.THEY., and Sophie Joy of Girls of the Internet to give you the best music to soundtrack your Pride Month celebrations.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 27th Jun 2023

Hello, hello! We’re back with another edition of Essential Listening. Only this time, we’ve done something super special.

Since it’s Pride Month (and International Pride Day on Wednesday the 28th), we linked up with some unreal LGBTQ+ events brands and artists in the UK to create playlists to keep the soundtrack to your pride celebrations fresh. 

Whether you’ll be out at parades, chilling with your mates, or having the wildest house party that would put the one in the film Project X to shame, here are three playlists in house, pop, and drum and bass from the best queer party starters. 


Pride Month: Sophie Joy's (Girls of the Internet) Essential Tracks


C*nty (Wave Edit) - Kevin Aviance

We aren’t entirely sure if we’re allowed to type the name of this song so we’ve gone for an asterisk in what might be the best, campest dance song you’ve ever heard in your life. 

Honestly, while we do love the Pride classics - the Riri, Britney, Beyonce, and Diana Ross's' I'm Coming Out - sometimes you want something new and… much more camp. More authentic. Drag queen, artist, fashion designer, and club personality, Kevin Aviance, nailed it with C*nty

You can feel the raw energy from the track. It almost seems like a time capsule in that you can almost see underground queer clubs in the 90s coming to life as the track plays. 

Stick this one on when the Pride afters starts going quiet to get everyone lively again!



Pride Month: Girls Night Out's Essential Tracks


Girls Night Out - Charli XCX

An incredible, empowering pop anthem by none other than pop royalty Charli XCX, Girls Night Out fully encapsulates the careless, joyous spirit of GNOs parties and, therefore, is the perfect opening track to their playlist.

Produced by legendary trans producer SOPHIE, this track brings bubble gum sweet sounds and lyrics with edgier electronic sounds. On paper, you’d think it wouldn’t work. But it very clearly does, giving the track a distinct persona. 



Pride Month: Unorthodox's Essential Tracks 


DJ Turn It Up - Dimension

If Pride means hardcore celebrating to you, you’ll need some hardcore tracks to match. Unorthodox has gifted us all with an incredible, exuberant playlist full of bangers, many of the drum and bass variety, to set your party alight. 

What a track to kick off the playlist with. DJ Turn It Up wastes no time. Getting straight to business, we've got some pretty vocals over an invigorating instrumental with some nostalgic sounds in there (you’ll know exactly what we mean when you hear it.) 

It's not long before the first build-up kicks in, getting you giddy for the wobbly bass that blows your head off. An absolute banger, DJ Turn It Up is the perfect Pride soundtrack thanks to its crazy bass and energy, vocals to sing along to, and the pure party vibes it emits.  


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Pride Month: HE.SHE.THEY. Essential Tracks


Poison (Club Shy Mix) - Shygirl

In celebration of Pride Month, the LGBTQ+ event brand HE.SHE.THEY. has curated a vibrant playlist that encapsulates the spirit of the community's diverse experiences. Among the remarkable tracks featured is the captivating piece titled "Poison (Shy Club Mix)," a rework by Shygirl of a track she did with Danny L Harle and Sega Bodega.

Initially, "Poison" emerged as an irresistible dance-floor anthem, with a pulsating drum synthetic drum beat absolutely drenched in sub-bass. Designed to ignite the crowd's energy, it seemed custom-made for those sizzling, passionate moments. However, this new rendition extends the song by nearly a minute and infuses it with a breathy, ethereal quality.

It's one of our standout tracks amongst those that HE.SHE.THEY. have curated for us, and when listening you can't help but conjure up images of neon-soaked bodies grooving and gyrating in the club; a true pride banger that deserves a place on any queer party playlist!




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Header image credit: Unorthodox