Connected Festival 2019 - a 12-hour drum n bass rave (in an airfield)

Once home to the infamous World Dance raves of the 90s, Lydd Airport is now welcoming a new breed

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 10th Oct 2019

On Saturday 5th October, Skiddle ventured down to the far south-eastern corner of England, to Kent, the 'Garden of the Nation', the home of the iconic White Cliffs of Dover, the world's oldest horse fossil, and Connected Festival: a twelve hour drum and bass rave in an airfield.

Home to the infamous World Dance raves of the early 90s, Lydd Airport once again welcomed thousands of ravers to its hallowed grounds, with the highly anticipated drum n bass festival seeking to recreate those halcyon days of wild-eyed die-hards packed into hangers and tents, the whiff of crisp coastal air on the breeze, the constant blast of whistle and horn...

Andy C, Shy Fx, Wilkinson, Randall, Alix Perez, DJ Luck and MC Neat, Problem Central and Heartless Crew were just a few of the names on the weighty line-up.

We sent our presenter Laurie down to take a look. Here's what she got up to...

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