Chris Stussy review: Dutch wizardry at secret Manchester rave

Amy Williams went to Chris Stussy's secret Manchester show. Here's what she thought...

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 16th Apr 2024

The only thing more exciting than a rave is a rave at a secret location. Are we right? As long as the venue is a good one, of course. A secret warehouse in Manchester held the perfect pair of DJs for a night of infectious rhythms and hypnotic basslines: Chris Stussy and S.A.M. 

With a smaller capacity than the usual warehouses in the area, the venue was a bit different to the classic raver aesthetic we’re used to. It gave a more intimate feel, and the energy behind the decks was even more infectious from getting up extra close to the music. Housing the likes of Chris Stussy and S.A.M., they’re names you’d often find at most iconic venues and events, such as underground clubs, Ibiza parties, and well-known festivals. That’s why this secret, ‘smaller-scale’ warehouse on the outskirts of the city centre made it an extra special, much-appreciated set.


Known for their seamless mixing skills and track selection, S.A.M. is an Amsterdam-based Danish DJ, producer, and label owner. Kicking off the night with blue lights and smoke machines infecting the warehouse, they set the atmosphere for the whole rave. The highlight of the set was definitely the collaborative track by Stussy and S.A.M., their track ‘Breather’. As soon as you walked into the warehouse, it was signified as a safe space for music lovers to be propelled into another realm of music enjoyment.

Just like his music is full of life, so is Chris Stussy behind the decks. There wasn’t a second where the Dutch DJ wasn’t interacting with the audience with his classic smile or bouncing around to crowd-loving beats. Spinning a captivating blend of deep house and melodic techno, Stussy’s tracks are meticulously crafted, showcasing his keen attention to detail and his innate ability to build immersive sonic landscapes. There’s no doubt that Stussy has a unique talent for incorporating emotive melodies and soulful textures into his music, and it was a night that showcased himself as one of the most exciting names in the industry.  


As expected, everyone was waiting for the classics such as ‘Desire’, ‘Midnight Playground’, and ‘All Night Long’, which dropped with the classic Stussy energy everyone hoped for. Amidst the famous beats were unreleased tracks that had the crowd mesmerised. There’s something about his ability to curate a set that keeps the energy levels high while taking the audience on a journey through various sonic landscapes; smooth transitions and variations of his hits and unreleased bangers made the set one to remember.

After an energetic night of non-stop grooving and well-crafted electronic music, Stussy began to close his set, and the crowd started chanting “Up The Stuss”. It was clear that the crowd didn’t want the night to end, and the whole setlist had the crowd to be enticed more and more as the night went on. There’s only one thing left to say about the night, and that’s #UpTheStuss. Oh, and we need you to release those tracks, please!


Amy Williams 


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