Cheap places to eat in Bristol

Sometimes we want all the pleasure of going out for food without spending the cash; so why not hit up some cheap eat spots instead? They can sometimes be even better! Here is our list of Bristol's best.

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Date published: 14th Sep 2023

Few things quench the soul like a good meal, especially when you don't have to do any of the prep, and are left with only scranning. It's a chance to meet up with pals, explore cultures and cuisines, and also simply a place to indulge. But, whilst we all love eating out, it seems to be getting more and more expensive to do so.

So, whilst there are loads of great cheap things and free things to do in Bristol, sometimes you just want to sit down and eat lovely grub what the people closest to you. With that in mind, we want to let you in on all the cheap places to eat in Bristol, so you can still enjoy a good meal without breaking the bank.

Whether you're a student looking to line your stomach before a student night out this freshers week (we also have a list of the best student bars and clubs for you to check out), or just a local looking for a pocket-friendly grub, Bristol has you covered. We've got some of the most packed butties you're ever likely to see; a whole range of falafel that will transport you to the Middle East in a single bite; award-winning Sichuan cuisine; and even a vegan cafe that is of the cornerstones of its community.

Whatever your price point is, you will find some top scran from in and around Bristol on this list, so get scrolling and try not to salivate on your keyboard!



Baba Ganoush Kitchen

Where: 81 St Nicholas Road, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS2 9JJ

A certified institution in Bristol that has been serving up fresh Jerusalem falafel for the city's vegetarians & vegans for years now, Baba Ganoush kitchen is a must-visit if looking for cheap eats in Bristol; donning the "best falafel' tag proudly on its front door for one reason only... they're right. Easily the best falafel we've ever had. Plus, just taking one look at the place signifies that it's quintessentially Bristolian, it's covered head to toe in street art and is as colourful as the city it calls home.

Plus, there isn't a single item on the Menu that is over a tenner! Yep, that's right, whether you want their Vegan Mezze (£8.50); or their Baba Wraps (Large £6.50, Small £4.50), which is the item we'd wholeheartedly recommend; or you just want to sample some individual Mezze options. Nothing will set you back, and your portion will be hearty. We can't recommend it enough.



Sandwich Sandwich

Where: Multiple locations in the city.

Starting back in 2010 as a small family-run butty shop, Sandwich Sandwich has evolved into a verified Bristolian institution, with multiple shops all over the city. Whilst you may be looking at the menu (on which sandwiches range from £5 - £8) and think that it doesn't belong on this list. Except, one look at the image above will make you realise just how much sandwich you are getting. They are GINORMOUS and packed with flavour. Plus, they have city-famous scotch eggs, that are out of this world (look at the blog header to see what we're talking about.)

These sandwiches are so good they name them twice (overused we know, but more than applicable) and it would be cruel to yourself not to sample one when you visit the city.




Where: St Nicholas Market, The Corn Exchange, Corn St, Bristol BS1 1JQ, United Kingdom

St Nicholas Market is a hotbed for some of Bristol's very best cheap eats, and this walk-up Middle Eastern spot, which serves up cheap but flavourful grilled meat and veggies and fired and wrapped up in fresh naan before your eyes, is among the Markets very best. There is rarely not a queue at Matina, and you'll struggle to miss the absolute mountain of slaw that sits on the main desk as you walk past.

It's quick, cheap, and absolutely jam-packed with content and flavour so you get great bang for your buck. It's truly a bargain, but just remember to bring cash, as that's all they accept! 



Edna's Falafel Kitchen

Where: The Park Cafe, Castle Park, Wine St., Bristol, BS1 3XD

Bristol as a city absolutely loves falafel, stores line many of the streets and, if we're being honest, it can be very hit or miss. Yet, what you wouldn't expect (well, not unless you live here anyway) is that some of the very best falafel in the city can be found inside an unassuming kiosk on Castle Park. Well, expect the unexpected as Ednas Falafel Kitchen is absolutely unbelievable and has some of the best falafel about.

With a menu that's entirely Middle Eastern and entirely veggie and vegan and revolves around an ethos of simplicity, community, ecology, organic, and healthy living. They deliver this tenfold. Their wraps are under a tenner, and falafel salad boxes come in just over. But when everything this fresh and delicious, it's worth every penny.



Chilli Daddy

Where: 45-47 Baldwin St, Bristol BS1 1RA, and in St Nicholas Market

Hailing from Sichuan, China, and a former PhD student at the University of Bristol, the owner of this Chilli Daddy has crafted an authentic Sichuan Street Food restaurant that has taken Bristol By storm. With a range of excellently priced, hot-pot noodles, dan dan noodles, and traditional salads, most of which you can get for around a fiver (yep, you read that right) Chilli Daddy is now operating out of multiple locations and looks set to become a Bristolian classic.  



Little Bagel Co

Where: 80 Queens Rd, Bristol, BS8 1QU

Who doesn't love a bagel? The team over at Little Bagel Co certainly do, and they want to share such love with people for a cut price. Whether you're after your traditional NY-Deli Reuben, you want something a bit sweeter like a PB & J, or you want to try one of the special fusion bagels such as their Korean-inspired one; Little Bagel Co is the place to be in the city of Bristol. 

It's the perfect stop for Breakfast, Lunch, and Brunch, plus, you won't find yourself paying anything more than £8 for one of their delicious holy delights. A must-visit in the city.



Tuk Tuck

Where: 32 Stokes Croft Bristol, BS1 3QD, and 5 St Stephens St Bristol, BS1 1EE

If you're a fan of Korean food (if you aren't where have you been and what have you been eating), and want to eat it on the cheap, then in the whole of Bristol, there is no need to look anywhere else other than Tuk Tuck. Widely loved by the inhabitants of the city, the two Tuk Tuck restaurants serve up a wide array of Bibimbap, Beef Bulgogi, Dumplings, and even a crowd favourite Kimchi loaded fires, which you can have with a variety of meats.

Everything on the TukTuck menu is under a tenner, so you can stock up and spend barely anything considering the scran you're about to have. Arguably the most flavour-packed option on the list! (but I suppose that's just Korean food for you).




Cargo Cantina

Where: 15, Cargo 2, Wapping Wharf, Bristol BS1 6ZA

Found inside an old Cargo Cantina, this Mexican restaurant that champions itself on its Taco abilities may not at first jump out as a cheap eat to some. Yet when you consider the area it is located in, Wapping Wharf, it is surprisingly affordable at £2 - £3 a taco, and starters ranging from £2.50 - £10. The area is one of the hip places to eat in Bristol and is home to lots of upmarket establishments, but, if you want to get some scran around there and not have to fork out a week's wage, then Cargo Cantina is definitely your gaff. Just look at that scran. 




Where: 98 Queens Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1NF

Having cut her teeth selling Bento on the St Nics market, the owner of Don Don wanted to create “a little Japan in Bristol” and she has done exactly that. DonDon, which translates to 'quickly' or 'faster' serves up bento, traditional Japanese curries, and loads of other things like dumplings, noodles and small bites, all for an insanely affordable price. Pretty much everything is less than a tenner, and you get to pick your sides, which are included in the price. For the amount of food you get, and fo just how cheap it is, we cant recommend this unassuming delight of a restaurant enough!



Cafe Kino

Where: 108 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RU

Finally, to round things off, we've got the wonderfully warm and quiet surroundings of Cafe Kino. A Vegan cafe and community space, Cafe Kino offers up a variety of tasty, homemade food including their acclaimed vegan burgers, stacked breakfasts, falafel, fresh salads and cakes. With a community spirit, and really respectable prices for what they are, you just cant knock Cafe Kino. The food is consistently awesome and the vibe in there is still yet to be matched in the city for us. If you're after a quiet coffee and a quick bite to eat, look no further.




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