Cheap Things to do in Bristol

Bristol is a city jam-packed with culture and things to do. But, with everyone a bit strapped for cash, we wanted to let you in on some cheap things to do in Bristol, so scroll down and check them out!

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 13th Sep 2022

Bristol is the buzzing epicentre of the South-West, and whilst there are SO many things you can do in Bristol, with the way things are at the minute, you may be priced out of a lot of things. So, we wanted to let you in on some of our favourite cheap things to do when visiting the bass-heavy shores of Bristol. 

Whether you're after a day out strolling around a country-side estate, taking in the fantastic gardens and buildings; you want to sit back and rediscover your inner child's love of boardgames; or maybe you want to see some of the finest upcoming creative talents in the city, whether that's music, comedy, or theatre; whatever your desires, we think this list will have you sorted. So, what are you waiting for, get scrolling and start planning that next trip to Bristol!



See some awe-inspiring theatre or side-splitting comedy at Bristol Old Vic

Image: The Old Vic on Facebook

Where: King St, Bristol BS1 4ED

Who doesn't love a good laugh eh? Well, Bristol's Old Vic is here and frequently brings some of the best comedians in the game to its iconic stage, all for a reasonable fee to the consumer. not only this, but the stage is shared by comedians with some of the best touring theatre shows in the country, and, similarly to the comedians, this is all done at a really accessible fee (between £5 - £15, unless it is someone/thing more established.) The Old Vic is an institution in the city, and when looking for cheap things to do in Bristol, it's a fantastic option.


Find tickets for events at The Old Vic - here



Window shop and indulge in independent scran at Wapping Wharf

Image: Wapping Wharf on Facebook

Where: Wapping Wharf, Wapping Road, Bristol, BS1 4RW.

One of the coolest areas for booze and scran in Bristol, Wapping Wharf brings some of the city's best and brightest independent vendors together in one collaborative space for hundreds to enjoy. With locally brewed beers, some of the best food in the city, and some awesome shops selling everything from local crafts to jewellery to stunning prints, it's impossible to get bored here. Plus with it being on the Wharf, you get some great waterfront views. With all this to choose from, it's really one of the best cheap things to do in Bristol, just be warned it can get very busy come the weekend!


Find tickets for events at Wapping Wharf - here



Indulge in Vintage and Independent Cinema at The Cube Microplex

Image: The Cube Microplex on Facebook

Where: 1-2 King Square, Bristol BS2 8JD

Are you finding yourself endlessly scrolling through the multiple streaming services you're subscribed to, trying to find that one movie that you haven't seen, passing away the hours that could be used actually watching something? Well, we feel you. So, if you feel this way, and are planning a trip to Bristol, then you cannot miss The Cube Microplex. Whilst the venue does hold live performances, they can be a tad expensive, so we recommend the awe-inspiring run of independent and criminally underseen movies in its victorian cinema, every single week. It's a great way to spend an afternoon, and for you cinema nuts out there, they show movies that would be impossible to see otherwise, so have the debate as to whether or not it's rude to bring in your own popcorn, and get yourself down!


Find tickets for events at The Cube Microplex - here



Kick back and relax at one of Bristol's many Beer Gardens and Rooftop Bars

Image: King Street Brew House on Facebook

Where: Read our lists below for all the best around the City

For those of you more inclined to chill out and have a boozing session when you're visiting another city, then there are few better things to do than relax on one of its rooftop terraces, or beer gardens. Whether you're after stunning shoreline views, a barrage of awesome independent bars, or a sprawling outdoor drinking complex that you won't want to leave, Bristol has you covered. It's the perfect place to relax for an afternoon and then realise quite just how much you've had to drink when you eventually stand up and it all rushes to your head. 


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Ditch Monopoly and try something new at Chance and Counters Board Game Cafe

Image: Chance and Counters on Facebook

Where: 20 Christmas Steps, Bristol BS1 5BS

Do you have fond memories of your times as a kid playing games on a board before the Xbox and Playstation took over, well there are few places better to recapture that joy than Chance and Counters in Bristol. What's even better is that with hundreds of games, spanning multiple players and difficulty ratings, you'll have a greater selection than what your parents had in the cupboard, that's right, no Monopoly, Hungry Hungry Hippos or Mouse Trap... I mean they probably still do have these but come on, be adventurous. Not only this but the onsite cafe serves up delicious coffee and cakes alongside some alcoholic beverages if you are that way inclined on game night. A left-field but wholly enjoyable time when looking for cheap things to do in Bristol, just try not to fall out with everyone when you lose.



Discover your next favourite artist at The Louisiana

Image: The Louisiana on Facebook

Where: Wapping Street, Bathurst Terrace, Bristol, BS1 6UA

Live music is one of the best things that life can offer us, don't you think? But, whilst you may love going to see the bands that pepper your Spotify playlists, going and seeing the up-and-comers is a great way to support both the venues and artists within the grassroots scene. When in Bristol, there are few better places to do this than The Louisiana. The venue is one of the cornerstones of the Bristol grassroots live scene, and with tickets usually being around the £5-£15 mark, it's a proper good option when looking for cheap things to do in Bristol. It's also a pretty good pres before visiting one of the city's famous nightclubs.


Find tickets for events at The Louisiana - here



See world-famous street art on a Banksy self-guided tour of Bristol

Image: Visit Bristol on Facebook

Where: Find the map online, pieces are located all around the city

We couldn't do a piece on Bristol without including something about the democratically appointed king of the city, Banksy. The cult-like street art figure is a global superstar when it comes to the spray can and stencil, and with Bristol being his hometown, the city is peppered with some of his best work. Whilst you can just go around and see it for yourself, we think that the guided self-tours are the way to go. For just £10 you can get a detailed map of all the pieces, as well as a live audio package along with each one explaining the history and importance of the work, as well as what it's about (it's hard to figure out sometimes okay.) The best way to indulge in a bit of Banksy when in the city. So get it bought and learn all about the mysterious man.



Wander around the stunning Ashton Court Estate

Image: Ashton Park Estate on Facebook

Where: Ashton Ct, Bristol BS41 9JN

This awe-inspiring estate found just 10 minutes from the centre of Bristol covers 850 acres of woods and grasslands on a 600-year-old deer park. Formerly lived in by the Smyth Family before being opened to the public, the site features two 18-hole pitch-and-putt golf courses, with stunning views across the city; Orienteering and mountain biking, catered for with special trails; a miniature railway, which is open at selected weekends throughout the year; hot air balloon rides, for the adventurous amongst you; and you can even discover the unusual sport of Disc Golf (don't worry we don't know what it is either). Its an amazing day out with the family and with you only having to pay for parking, it's truly one of the best cheap things to do in Bristol.


Find tickets for events at Ashton Court Estate - here



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Header Image: The Old Vic on Facebook