Anti-Valentines Day- Alternative ways to spend the celebration of love

Here are the best ways we can think of to ignore Valentine's Day.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 14th Feb 2023

We aren't all massive fans of Valentine's Day. Sometimes we need to steer way clear of it, whether we've just gone through a breakup or don't really believe in the commercialisation of love. We thought we'd do you a favour and come up with some ways to fully ignore February 14th.


Pub trip with your friends


Image credit: Fred Moon (Unsplash)

Nothing cures heartbreak or loneliness like time spent with friends. And, in the confines of the pub, it's the place where you'll often have some of your best laughs. Get tipsy or don't, either way, there's nothing like a cold one and conversation to make you completely forget what day it is and live in the moment.



A Big Long Walk


Image credit: Joshua Earle (Unsplash)

Now, this might sound quite a depressing thing to do on the surface but walks are underrated. Instead of spending time alone inside, get out and explore for a bit. Whether you want to g out into the countryside or you want to explore your local area a bit more, go down paths you never got the chance to before. 



Take a Trip to the Theatre


Image credit: Call Me Fred (Unsplash)

The theatre does have plenty of romantic shows but they won't dominate Valentine's Day. For example, on Skiddle you could get lost in the sci-fi fantasy of Back To The Future or experience Jeff Wayne's The War Of The World's. Neither are romantic and you won't be swamped with couples.


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Get yourself to a last-minute gig


Image credit: Chris Spalton (Unspalsh)

Chances are, your local music venue has a gig on tonight and whether it's a gentle sway or a mosh pit that you're in the mood for, we're sure you can find a place that will accommodate. After all, gigs are places of community, so bring a friend down, get chatting and most importantly enjoy exploring new music.


Gigs across the UK



Retreat into the cinema


Image credit: Krists Luhaers (Unsplash)

The cinema is one of the easiest choices to make if escapism is what you're after. Obviously, we're ignoring the romance films but there's plenty of good stuff on at the moment such as Puss In Boots: The Last Wish, Avatar: The Way of Water and Knock At The Cabin that you can enjoy instead.



Book a holiday


Image credit: Jack Cohen (Unsplash)

There can be no better distraction than a bit of indulgence in luxury. Going away on holiday is one of the most exciting things that you can do and having plans in the book is a great way to build excitement. Forget being in love, you'll have a great time in Spain or Greece or wherever looks exciting to you.



Search for your festival fix


Image credit: Aranxa Esteve (Unsplash)

Along the same lines as booking a holiday, getting your festival plans sorted is also a brilliant way to get some excitement in your life. Assemble a group of friends and find a line-up to suit your needs. We have plenty of festivals on Skiddle for you to choose from to make the most of your Summer.

Find your next festival trip



Learn a new skill


Image credit: Nadya Spetniska (Unsplash)

Push yourself and do that thing that you said you were always going to do. If you want to get into baking then book yourself onto a class. Try something that might become a new hobby, maybe sewing or a new sport. We all have something that we put off doing and finally taking the opportunity can change a lot for us.



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