The Skiddle Gig List: Upcoming gigs and tours across the UK

With the end of the festival season on the horizon, there are still loads of gigs that will make sure you end your year with a bang. So check out our latest Skiddle Gig List guide, with tickets now available to buy!

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 17th Aug 2022

With festival season close to its end, it has been a belter, hasn't it? But, despite many calendars looking emptier towards the end of the year, there are still many homegrown favourites, as well as internationally acclaimed touring acts, that can be heard all across the country inside our best-loved music venues, satisfying the cravings of the British gig-going army.

We've done our research and sifted through the extensive directory of gigs housed on Skiddle, and have collated the ten best artists currently hopping between outdoor music spectacles and independent venues, with more live dates scheduled in the coming weeks.

Scroll a little further down to see our selection of the best live acts you can expect to see in the UK in 2022, and the start of 2023, with tickets now available to buy.


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The Reytons

When: Friday 18th November 2022

Where: Kasbah in Coventry

This raucous South Yorkshire four-piece are on a trailblazing run at the minute, capturing the hearts and minds of the indie landfill lovers, and carving their own brand of honest, stripped-back tunes that ponder the day-to-day struggles of the everyman; causing a commotion in any crowd that lays eyes on them. With a cult-like following who know every word to every tune and scream it out as they enter battle in the mosh-pit-laden crowds, a Reytons gig is always a wild ride and will soon be playing rooms twice the size of this tour. 

With a new album released last year and coming off the back of some riotous festival appearances, The Reytons will be ready and raring to go for their first-ever gig in Coventry this November, and we don't want you to miss it!


Find tickets for The Reytons - here




When: Thursday 22nd September 2022

Where: The Cavern Club in Liverpool

A band full of emotional highs and undeniable musical quality, the Irish rock foursome Kodaline will be coming to Liverpool to play two intimate album launch shows at the world-famous Cavern Club. The shows will be the first look at their hotly anticipated new record "Our Roots Run Deep" which is out in October.

Whilst we all know Kodaline from their 2013 hit, “All I Want” and its infectious chorus and heart-wrenching lyrics, they may have fallen off some people's radar since. But, with a series of top-tier albums with equally stirring content and emotional overtones, they have garnered a strong and dedicated fanbase who, when belting out the band's tunes, release the weight of the world from their shoulders and sing themselves into a state of catharsis. So whether you're a fan of past or present, this intimate album launch show will capture you and not let go and will be a special night for everyone involved.


Find tickets for Kodaline - here




When: Wednesday 19th October 2022

Where:  Electric Brixton in London

The US Rap legend will be returning to British shores armed with the hits from his seminal record Liquid Sword to celebrate the album's 25th anniversary. GZA, aka The Genius, was one of the lyrical masters of the Wu-Tang Clan, and his cerebral flow and intricate rhymes have captured the ears of many a rap fan over the years, and none more so was his genius presented than on the 1995 Hip-Hop classic that the tour is honouring.

Despite having been rescheduled twice now (originally meant for 2020), the tour still has tickets left to purchase and should be on the list for any fan of 90s American rap. Electric Brixton is our choice of the best venue to see him, and the tour is a must-visit to see some of the MC's biggest and best solo work for what could be one of the last times. 


Find tickets for GZA - here



Red Rum Club

When: Wednesday 23rd November 2022

Where: O2 Institute 2 in Birmingham

Liverpool's trumpet-fuelled indie rockers Red Rum Club are one of the coolest indie bands on the circuit right now. With three top-class albums that are loaded with indie dancefloor fillers and vibey indie pop, the scouse sextet are probably at the best point in their careers so far to see them. One of the few indie bands that have a trumpet filling out the sound, they are truly unique and have carved their own path in the scene and the gig a the O2 Insitute in Birmingham is bound to sell out, so get in their before it does and don't miss out one of the best bands you'll see live this year.


Find tickets for Red Rum Club - here



The Brian Jonestown Massacre

When: Saturday 11th February 2023

Where: Camp And Furnace in Liverpool

there are few words to describe the musical genius of the San Fransico-based musical collective that is The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Whilst the name may conjure up images of a grotesque nature, their music couldn't be further from that. Intricate and melodic with a unique blend of the American country and modern psychedelia, they are a true spectacle and are constantly recreating themselves.

Catching them on this tour is essential for any fan of them or psychedelic music in general, and there are few better spots on the tour to see them than the Camp and Cavern in Liverpool. Whilst the gig is not until the start of next year, we wanted to give you prewarning as this will sell out and we want to avoid those nights on the sofa full of gig fomo.


Find tickets for The Brian Jonestown Massacre - here



Beans on Toast

When: Friday 3rd March 2023

Where: Tunnels Aberdeen in Aberdeen

The originality and musical genius of Beans on Toast can often be underappreciated. Whilst the Essex-born singer-songwriter's music can often seem twee and hippy, with a sometimes over-political stance, he has achieved cult-like status amongst those who agree with him. His on-stage persona that conjures that of the drunk pub poet is fuelled by romanticism and optimism for a better world, and his output is second to none. With singles from 11 albums and experience from playing almost every pub in the country, he is consistent in his wit and charm and produces a quality night of live music no matter where you see him. 

Saying that, we think seeing him in Tunnels Aberdeen is the best spot on the tour, as the venue's unique character almost matches his own, not one to miss!


Find tickets for Beans on Toast - here




When: Wednesday 21st September 2022

Where: Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester

Come on now, we all know that NE-Yo has a banger-filled discography that has graced the dancefloor of every single Year 6 Disco in the country. The RnB superstar is set to bring his three-time Grammy award-winning back-catalogue to a number of huge venues at the back end of this year, and we think out of most on this lost, it is the one you cannot miss. Whether you want to sway to 'So Sick', boogie the night away to 'Let Me Love You', or maybe you want to hear what his latest album 'Self Explanatory' is all about and whether it lives up to his past efforts. 

Whatever your intention for going it's going to be a great night, and whilst he is playing all over, we cant ignore how incredible he's going to be inside the amazing Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester. What are you waiting for, get them tickets (they're nearly all gone!)


Find tickets for Ne-Yo - here



Big Joanie

When: Thursday 12th January 2023

Where: Hare And Hounds in Birmingham

Righteous UK underground punk trio Big Joanie are absolutely killing it right now. Having garnered much critical acclaim and a burgeoning following, the all-female act brings an undeniable energy to their raging live performances and are quickly becoming must-sees for any fan of the punk variety. Championing inclusivity within their music, these gigs are also put out as a safe space for trans, LGBT, and People of colour to come and go wild without inhibition. Absolutely incredible on whichever stage they grace, if you haven't heard of them go and listen, and when you do, it's going to be hard not to go and get tickets. We cant wait for this one!


Find tickets for Big Joanie - here



Bad Manners

When: Thursday 15th December 2022

Where: Chinnerys in Southend On Sea

Heroes of the Ska scene and a band your Dad probably has very fond memories of, Buster Bloodvessel and Bad Manners are back this year to bring their nostalgic skank-filled Ska to an audience clad in Fred Perry and Brogue Boots. Whilst to many the genre is a dying breed, the band are coming to venues and festivals and gig venues around the country to recapture the would of those who were there, as well as those that wish they were.

A cant-miss show for the older crowd and one that is sure to sell out, so get your tickets and get that old-school skank practised, it's going to be a stomper.


Find tickets for Bad Manners - here



Lightning Seeds (Acoustic Album Launch)

When: Monday 17th October 2022

Where: Phase One in Liverpool

The consistently brilliant Liverpool icons The Lightning Seeds are coming to their hometown this Autumn for a series of super special gigs to introduce the world to their latest record. Done intimately through an entirely acoustic performance the night is one fans cannot miss, and the atmosphere in the room is bound to be electric. With a few tunes from the record already released to much acclaim, plus a back-catalogue of undeniable bangers that will surely round off the night, we don't know what more we need to say to convince you to get tickets. All we can say is get them quick, as it's close to selling out and we don't want you down in the dumps because you missed out.


Find tickets for Lightning Seeds Acoustic Album Launch - here



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