Top Five Records: Ben Helmsley

We take a look at five of the records that have turned the Geordie wiz Ben Helmsley into one of the biggest rising stars in the tech house scene

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 2nd Nov 2022

In recent years, Ben Hemsley has rapidly established himself as one of the most exciting talents in the house music scene. His tracks have one foot in old-school counterculture raves and another in the luring melodies of modern house and showcase a raw talent that will entrance ravers of old and new. Ben’s talent behind the decks has turned the heads of some of the biggest names in the scene including Patrick Topping, Calvin Harris, Fisher, and Michael Bibi, plus, with regular support from Radio 1 and KISS FM, the producer is only on a one-way trajectory. 

With this in mind, we wanted to let all of you who aren't in the know about the best tracks that Helmsley has released to date. From the first track the Geordie groove master released, to his 90s throwbacks, to his modern trancey numbers.

So get scrolling and get to know all there is to know about one of the most exciting house producers around. Just prepare your Spotify, because these will all end up in your playlists. 



Erase Me

This nostalgia-fuelled trancy banger is drenched in the ethereal, with a vocal track that gives every listener a full dose of dopamine. It's a track that brings an undeniable energy to any room or beachside stage it's played, toeing the line between power and sophistication, and bringing a true 90s trance vibe into the modern day. It's Helmsleys best release of 2022 so far and shows that the Geordie has no desire of slowing down.



Through 2 You

Helmsley kicked off 2021 in style with this heavy house jewel of a number. Modernizing old-school rave beats is a penchant of the DJ, and this one is no different. The 128 bpm house cut pairs a groovy bassline with an infectious vocal sample that screams of the 90s and sends every member in the building into an unrelenting two-step. It's one of Helmsley's best, just be wary of where you are when listening, you won't be able to stop your body from going along to the beat.



Caress Me

Funk-fuelled and built for a party, this track sees Helmsley in an unapologetically housey mood and was even picked up by esteemed spinner Latum for a remix. It's propelled forward by a driving bass line and a smattering of red raw drums that are simple but effective. It really showcases the restraint of the producer, and gives real credence to his ability, as sometimes less is more. We challenge you to listen without getting the vocal sample stuck in your brain, we know we'd fail.



I Feel Love

With an iconic sample from the Donna Summer track of the same name, this track builds in an ethereal crescendo that culminates in a groove-ridden electronic explosion of the best kind. Carried along by its industrial techno drumbeat and raw hi-hats the track is more than danceable even before the huge ending and has sent many a dancefloor into a bedlam of appreciation. To take on a sample like this is no easy feat, especially for an up-and-coming producer, and it's safe to say that Ben smashed this one out of the park. 



Love Peace & Harmony

Released on the illustrious Ministry of sound, this is Helmsley set firmest in the rave culture of the 90s and the track is absolutely timeless, it could just have easily soundtracked a pre-Millenium beach rave in Ibiza than it could a night in Warehouse Project. As a result, its entrances ravers both old and new with its flavours of acid-rave and piano house, and is nigh on impossible not to break out into dance to. Set the strobes and party the night away in your kitchen, or better yet, get a ticket and hear it live, as you're never too old to rave really.



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