Top Five Records: Camelphat

Top Five Records is a new feature that we're running on Skiddle where we choose some of the most intriguing contemporary artists and take a look at five of their most influential records.

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Date published: 20th May 2022

Top Five Records is a new feature that we're running on Skiddle where we choose some of the most intriguing contemporary artists and take a look at five of their most influential records. For the very first edition, what better choice is there than Camelphat? The Scouse duo have been scoring hit after hit and have worked with some amazing talents.

Frequently selling out large venues, they have a vast and dedicated fanbase of ravers who love House music. It was hard to narrow down their discography to five tracks but here are what we feel are their most influential tunes to date.


Panic Room (feat Au/Ra)

We'll start off with a massive tune which is undoubtedly one of Camelphat's biggest tunes. A perfect amalgamation of euphoric, danceable beats with huge vocals. Doing a track with Au/Ra turned out to be a masterstroke, her vocals are completely enrapturing, hitting high notes that dominate the track and have a real sense of projected paranoia.

The track constantly builds tension and lets loose on the chorus, the beat is truly irresistible and it's the perfect song to introduce yourself to Camelphat with.




Cola (feat Elderbrook)

Cola is the biggest hit that Camelphat have had in their career to date. Bringing on board Elderbrook, it's another example of the duo working with artists who they can elevate and rely on to deliver jaw-dropping performances. It peaked at an impressive #18 in the UK charts, the duo's highest chart hit.

There's a moment where a static, syrup-like texture completely takes over the sound and it is just audio perfection. A fully-realised dance track that will always endure the test of time.




Breathe (feat Cristoph and Jem Cooke)

This one starts out with some beautiful strings before bleeding into Jem Cooke's gorgeous, soulful vocals. In an instant, we're dropped into a driven beat, with the high bpm setting the tone. As with most Camelphat tracks, it reaches a tectonic pinnacle of glorious noise, the type of track that may just be a religious experience live.

All-round it has beautiful production, with the percussion throughout being absolutely spot on. It just gets better and better the longer it goes on. 




For A Feeling (feat ARTBAT and Rhodes)

The intensity can be felt on For A Feeling right from the off. It's a track that feels immediately sinister before giving way to the vocals. There are so many little details that you can find in the mix that just make the track that much more engulfing. It's like being sucked into another world entirely.

This is pure escapist joy.




Easier (feat LOWES)

For this track, they enlisted the help of Lancaster favourites LOWES. Vocalist Evie Plumb's voice belts itself out in what seems like very little effort at all. This track is featured on Camelphat's album Dark Matter which was released in February of this year. It feels almost like it belongs in a dark sci-fi film.

It has all the hallmarks of a brilliant Camelphat song, a superbly chosen collaborator, intensity and a completely transcendent feeling throughout.




These are the top five records that show you just how good Camelphat are. the duo have a phenomenal live reputation and their shows always end up selling out. You can find out where you can catch Camelphat here.



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