The best things to do in Liverpool

Feast your eyes on not 1; not 2; but the 50 best things to do in Liverpool. Whether you're looking for a boozy brunch or a chilled night full of history and theatre this scouse dime has got it all!

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 3rd Apr 2024

There are many reasons why Liverpool holds a special place in the hearts of many; including ours. From the thick scouse accent to the wonder of its attractions - yes we are adding scouse brows and rollers to that list.  

Though small Liverpool is not shy in any way, shape or form, knowing how to make some real noise with their array of live events for any occasion including NYE; brand spanking new restaurants; boozy bottomless brunch spots, festivals and loads more! And after taking a loss such as losing no other than Football father Klopp, we couldn’t think of a better way to hype up the up-and-coming city that is Liverpool.

So if you have a new trip and are looking for hidden gems, we’ve got you covered, with the best 50 things to do in Liverpool. So don’t miss out on the wonders that Liverpool has to offer on your next, night out, or just a gander in your beloved home town. 




Food and Drink 


1. Baltic Market 


Image: Baltic Market/

Over the years Liverpool has become a bit of a foodie, and a place that has every right to be a bit pretentious in that area is one of their very own food street markets; Baltic Market. Being the babe that catered to all during COVID with their magical seating and music; Baltic Market to this day is still providing the very best cocktails and succulent food spots. If you're not sure of what to do in Liverpool, consider this a fat option as it's got it all, restaurants from Pattersons (arguably some of the best fried chicken), roast dinners, steak and chips, and to top it off cocktails with a sweet treat of your choice. Without fail the vibes are always immaculate, and nothing beats lining your stomach before getting hammered all in the same space. 



2. Duke Street Food and Drink Market


Image: Duke Street Market/

If you're looking for something a bit more chilled with a fuzzy yet welcoming atmosphere, that still does affordable high quality food, Duke Street Food and Drink Market is the place for you. Based a little more central to town on Duke Street, this culinary hub food and drink market is realistically what dreams are made of; with brunch and dinner time offers on the menu. With the benches in the middle, you can watch your dins get cooked with your very eyes, and there are loads of drool-worthy options to choose from!

Our recommendation? The lobster mac n cheese with a lemon spritz. Zesty, fresh and filling. You're welcome x



3. Sans Cafe 


Image: Sans Cafe/

This spot deserves its own little section considering it’s one of the longest-running Chinese restaurants in Liverpool providing some of the best Chinese food for scouse stomachs for years. Located on the dockside of Liverpool this hidden gem, is definitely something to add to your list of places to visit in Liverpool if you want to experience both history and authentic grub. Formed by Lin and her late husband San, San’s cafe still stands strong serving people from 7:30 am - 6:30 pm; Monday to Saturday. You can decide to either eat in or take out and don’t worry if you’re on a budget because everything is between £10-£20. 



4. Christmas Markets 


Image: Christmas in Liverpool/

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year when it comes to the Liverpool Christmas Markets. Dotted around St Georges Hall and Liverpool One, the Christmas Markets is the perfect place to capture all your winter wonderland moments for a fairly cheap price. Filled with the usual, German sausages, mauled wine and hot chocolates with a kick; and unmissable Yorkshire pudding wrap will leave you full for days to come.

The Christmas Markets is one of the best things to see in Liverpool, especially with their unique Christmas tree covered with hearts and lit up by colourful coordinated colours. Plus underneath it you can keep warm and cosy with your friends and buddy up into one of their booths for a night of karaoke; a perfect way to start the night before heading into town.



5. Floating Grace


Image: The Floating Grace/

Yes, it is just as magical as it sounds. Situated on a standard boat on the Albert Dock, the Floating Grace restaurant is a place you have to make a part of your Liverpool experience if you're still looking for things to do. Combining the true essence of tranquillity and fine dining the Floating Grace sets sail along the waterfront taking you on a nice cruise while you enjoy some hearty scran. This 50 passenger restaurant is the perfect location to visit in Liverpool while having some afternoon tea or a relaxing evening meal, where you can choose from either a two-course or three course dinner. Fancy! 





Bars and Clubs


6. Concert Square 


Image: Concert Square Liverpool/

Concert Square or to the average scouser conny square, is the most buzzing place to visit in Liverpool. With both Modo and Soho located in the heart of the square, it’s hard to miss the bumping vibes every time you walk past. Normally filled to the brim day and night, Concert Square is the kind of location you’d set your alarm for to secure a seat; especially when the sun's out.

Being the place to be when it comes to freshers week or their usual big Paddy's blowout every year without fail, Concert Square is where you get to witness what a proper scouse night out looks like. So take your pick from McCooleys, Einsteins, Levels and more; plus their Spoons turns into a club at night! Anybody fancy a night out in Concert Square?



7. Camp and Furnace


Camp and Furnace/

Let's keep these good vibes going and get some warehouse energy in here, shall we? Camp and Furnace holds some of the biggest events in Liverpool from Bongos Bingoss  to themed club nights with a banging DJ on the top of their stage.The space is massive and rampant with all the best industrial vibes that you could ask for. Based right near the baltic market, this is definitely the place to visit in Liverpool to get your absolute party on. 



8. Matthew Street


Matthew Street/

Nothing but stardom comes to mind when Matthew Street is mentioned. Home to some of the oldest establishments in Liverpool this street corners off from Liverpool One becoming its own little town in the crook of Liverpool. Matthews Street is somewhat of an ideal place for a night out with all their bar and club options, and if you’re lucky you might just run into a uni society or two. And of course, it wouldn’t be Matthew Street if we didn’t mention the sole reason for its fame and glamour; the wonderful, Caven Club. What was once the home to the Beatles, is enriched with musical history longer than our arms, and to this day they welcome crowds to witness new and upcoming scouse talent to their stages. 



9. Gay Quarter 



Shantay slay all the way down to Liverpool's very own, Gay Quater. The wonders of this fierce yet welcoming space is at the back of Matthew Street. Meaning if you’ve had enough of mainstream tunes, you can get your load full of nothing but housey- remixes power ballads, and outstanding drag shows. The gay quarter consists of OMG, Funny Boyz, Gbar, Masquerade and so many more LGBTQA + friendly spaces with nothing but the wonders of the beautiful community. With drag queens galore and nothing short of a good time, it’s definitely worth a visit to see some scouse camp talent. 






Make A Day Of It


10. Bold Street


Image: Bold Street/

Possibly one of the most walked-down streets in Liverpool is *drum roll please*, Bold Street. Located in between the Bombed Out Church and Calyton Square, it's almost criminal not to take a gander down. Graced with an array of restaurants on either side of the street, from Lebanese to Greek, a Fat Hippo, Pho, Mexican; and a seafood restaurant with a fish tank; did you just woo because we did?

So expect a random shop consisting of crystals, vintage trousers, home essentials in-home bargains (sorry there is no and in there), by the end. Bold Street is also graced with a cat cafe, and no matter what day of the week it is, you can always guarantee a big crowd. So bask in the true Liverpool atmosphere that Bold Street has to offer. 



11. Aintree Racecourse 


Image: Aintree Racecourse/

Since the 19th century, the Aintree Racecourse has been nothing but an bit of a landmark for Liverpool. Being the devoted home to The Grand National, which is hosted over three days. Including the Steeplechase and of course the iconic Ladies day; there is nowhere near quite like Aintree Racecourse. Based on the borough of Sefton, you’ll find the Aintree racecourse filled with dapper suits, frilly dresses, exquisite cuisine and £7.50 pints. Steep we know, but if you’re looking for something that’s more than just a day out, but rather an experience then this is the place to visit in Liverpool. 



12. Liverpool One 


Image: Liverpool One/

Liverpool One is so big it’s impossible to miss it. Surrounding one of the main areas in Liverpool, Liverpool One is considered as a beast of a shopping centre. Spread across 5 areas, Paradise Street, South John Street, Peter's Lane, Hanover Street and the Leisure Terrace facing Chavasse Park, with enough outdoor space to keep you cool while you get your shop on.

Liverpool One is of course blessed with an array of high-street shops and restaurants to keep you going. With three stories expect to find classics like JD Sport, Apple store, and Zara. Plus when you’re done shopping you can head to the top floor for a bit of scran with choices from Nandos, Honest Burger, Five Guys and loads more!



13. Baltic Triangle


Image: Baltic Triangle/

Looking for more things to do in Liverpool to make the most of your time there? Try the Baltic Triangle.

The Baltic Triangle takes up a nice portion of Liverpool and is now better known as the edgy yet thriving part of town. Going from the Toxteth riots, the Baltic Trinagle has now become a modern and rustic place to eat, drink, and get in all your touristy pictures.

The new and improved civilised area has an abundance of independent choices from, Lovelane Brewery; super cool coffee shops; to a bucket load of rooftop bars and beer gardens that are cracking fun in the summer. Including their banger of a festival, Baltic Weekenderand many more worthy events. And of course, it wouldn’t be the Baltic Triangle without its crazy and wonderful artwork, from Klopp on Jordan Street to those famous angel wings. 



14. Formby beach 


Image: Formby Beach/

Found yourself in Liverpool on a sunny day and wondering what to do in Liverpool? Well for only a £4.20 return, we've got the answers. The wonders of Liverpool stretch to the outskirts of Formby Beach which is truly a sight for sore eyes; especially during the summer. Blessed with sand and clear waters which is not bad if you’re trying to save some pennies not going abroad. We advise to make a day of it with a picnic and some blankets to really immerse yourself into the vibes of the summer.



15. Crosby Beach


Image: Crosby Beach/ Visit

What can we say about Crosby Beach that hasn't already been said before? Of course, all we've got to say are good things and if you're looking for things to do in Liverpool this should be somewhere on your radar. Though Crosby Beach is not a place for swimming, it doesn't take away its beautiful aspect; especially the 100 cast iron figures that stretch to the coastline. 

Made by Antony Gormley, 'Another Place' replicates the artist's naked body, which may feel like a shocking sight to see during your morning walk. But don't worry as each statue is at a different height keeping it nice and modest for the naked eye. Crosby is also surrounded by some nice independent shops including a chippy, which if you ask us sounds like a perfect day out.






16. Hot Water Comedy Club 


Witness some of the best comedians in the game at the Hot Water Comedy Club. Regarded as one of the UK's best comedy promoters, Hot Water Comedy Club is the perfect thing to see in Liverpool if you're looking to have a proper laugh. With a range of quick-witted talent with the perfect comedic timing, including no other than comedic genius Paul Smith, this is the kind of comedy that'll have your abs looking like you put in a couple of sessions at the gym. 



17. FACT 


Image: FACT Liverpool/

If you are looking for something a little different with a fine art touch, feast your eyes on FACT; the Film and Art Media Cinema. With a mixture of exhibitions and films, FACT holds a long list of events holding shows of the latest independent films. With a pretty decent price point and some cool things to witness FACT is a location to go through the nooks and crannies of liverpool. 



18. M&S Bank Arena


Image: M&S Bank Arena/

Just when you think the docks couldn’t get any better, then you have this beauty come up on your google searches; the M&S Bank Arena. While you can’t physically do much inside the M&S Bank Arena is the place to be when it comes to trying to witness your fave artists, comedians or any other talents ready to take the big stages. Usually filled to the brim, this is a spot you should get yourself acquainted with no matter your Liverpool trip. And even better, if you’re a student you can enjoy all the freebies, including Domios pizza, as thats where they hold their freshers fair - bargain. 



19. Dome at Grand Central Hall 


Image: The Dome at Grand Central Hall Liverpool/

The Dome at Grand Central Hall is easily one of the best places to visit in liverpool for so many reasons. Situated right in the centre of Liverpool with a cheeky L1 postcode, The Dome is a is a unique space that showcases some of the best talent in the world. Known for it’s memorable interior shaped like a sphere it’s perfect for any event to really get the most out of every experience. Home to more PRTY events and more this is the place to be if you’re looking for both family fun or a heavy rave. 



20. Shakespeare North Playhouse 


Image: Shakespeare North Playhouse/

Fellow thespians and fans of the theatre listen up because this is something for you. Located in the heart of Prescot is the number one place the visit in Liverpool if you’re passionate about the arts. As it’s where no other than the Shakespare North Playhouse resides, a traditional 470 seat timber framed Shaperean theatre which stands tall since winning theatre building of the year 2023. Hosting a mixture of vibrant performances from theatre, music, comedy, workshops, and more; welcoming everyone to express their joy, creativity, and love for Shakespearean plays.



21. Royal Liverpool Philharmonic 


Liverpool Philharmonic/

Liverpool is a city best known for its music scene and it wouldn’t be the same without the mention of the Liverpool Philharmonic. Located on Hope Street the building is hard to miss with its large bricky exterior. All year round Liverpool Philharmonic opens its doors for you to witness some of the top names in jazz, rock, classical, folk and more. Including their very own Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. They’d have music royalty like the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and more walk through their doors, and their music room is the perfect place to witness a handful of unplugged gigs. And if you’re looking for more than music in their auditorium, they also hold screenings of blockbuster films in their unique Walturdaw rising cinema. Couldn’t have better evening plans than that?



22. Alcotraz 


Image: Alcotraz/

Ever wondered what life on the wild side feels like? Especially while slightly intoxicated? Alcotraz (located on Steel Street), is an immersive prison escape experience. Inspired by the 1979 Film Alcatraz, Alcotraz (clever), takes on the mission of stealing alcohol and getting to a high profile before the warden catches you and your party! Think you can do it? Book here to take plenty of risk with loads of rewards.






23. Sefton Park 


Image: Cream/

Known for being one of the best things to do in Liverpool, Sefton Park is truly a marvel. During the summer Sefton becomes every student's habitat fueled with cans, footballs flying in the air and disposable BBQs. Sefton also transforms into In The Park presents Creams Classical, bringing some world-class, and homegrown acts to the big greenery for a weekend of non stop bangers. 

Plus if you’re lucky you may catch a wedding or two around the botanical garden dome; but don’t get too close if you don’t want to catch that bouquet. Be prepared to see Liverpool natives on their dog walks, and the odd photography expert which we can’t shame as the views are truly breathtaking. 



24. Chavase Park 


Image: Chavase Park/ Liverpool One. com

Sometimes shopping can all be a bit too much for little Lando Norris and we just need a break, especially when the sun is out. And in Liverpool, you can’t really go wrong when it comes to greenery with the city;  enclosed and open park spots for you to become one with nature for the day.

Located on the highest floor, surrounded by all the restaurants Chavase Park is an interesting place to have a reset. However, in the summer it’s the perfect spot for a pint and to people-watch with a stunning view if you’re lucky enough to be facing the docks. Covered in actual grass, the wonder of Liverpool just keeps on giving. 





City Tours


25. Beatles Magical Mystery Bus Tour


Image: Magical Mystery Tour/

We promise the tour is a lot less ominous than it sounds. However, it wouldn’t really be a visit to Liverpool if we didn’t include a tour centred around one of the most iconic bands to come out of the city. The magical mystery tour bus is a 2-hour guided tour around the city, created by The Cavern Club, to show you where each Beatles spent their time before their fame and fortune. Starting at the Albert Docks the tour takes you around the city; exploring their childhood homes, schools, and of course, THE Penny Lane. So any Beatles fans get yourself on the Magical Bus Tour and experience a day full of non-stop fab four action.




26. Liverpool FC Tour 


Image: Liverpool Football Club/ 

We're going to keep it nice and neutral here, but if you are a football fan and found yourself looking for what to do in Liverpool, then look no further. As we have a moment of silence for the departure of Klopp, there is something about that red that makes football and success just that bit sweeter. And if you want to get that bit closer to some of your faves, and gander around how LFC really gets there is a tour that provides all the history and facts to keep you stacked for your next game.



27. Everton Stadium


Image: Everton Stadium/

Any Liverpool football fans might want to look away quickly for this one. Of course, it would be highly biased of us to include the Liverpool FC tour and not Everton. However, we’re not ones to get in the middle of rivalries and will keep this short and sweet for those Everton fans who want to feel that tad bit closer to their team. Located on the established part of Liverpool's Waterfront, the Everton Stadium is now a more local space for fans to witness their wins. While construction is still in the works, if you’re aiming for a trip to Liverpool towards the end of the year, you can catch the finished result in all its glory. 



28. River cruise - Hop on and Off 


Image: Mersey Ferries/

Get your seasick patches on because it wouldn’t be Liverpool without at least one mention of the beloved hop on and off ferry. While it may sound much more luxurious with the inclusion of the word 'cruise', the river cruise is a rather funky (the good kind), boat that travels across the Mersey taking you from one end of Liverpool to Birkenhead. You can use this as a form of transportation, or if you’re feeling adventurous and fancy a trip on the water. And you can sing the famous 'Ferry Across The Mersy', to really get into the spirit. 



29. City Explorer Tour - Hop on and off


Image: City Explorer Tour/ City Explorer

Sometimes walking can be exhausting, especially if there is so much you want to see in such little time. However, never fear because Liverpool remains one step ahead with their wonderful City Explorer Tour. Situated on a bright yellow bus with an open rooftop, you are not only getting a view but also experience in an oversized convertible; lavish. The City Explorer Tour is one of the best things to do in Liverpool for those who want more guidance on their next trip to Liverpool, and if you see a destination you like you can always hop off and explore the rest of the city at your own leisure!

As it starts on the Albert Docks and takes you through different monuments from the Pier Head, Adelphi Hotel, Ang. Cathedral and many more!



30. Peaky Blinders Tour


Image: Peaky Blinders Tour/ Get Your

The minute Tommy Shelby hit our screens he had us all in a bit of a chokhold, and if you want to live out your dream Peaky Blinders fantasy then Liverpool is the place to be. Over 4 hours, get dolled up in your best grandad cap (and more if you like), to see where the hit TV shows'Liverpool filming locations, covering 10 hot spots across the city including stories and tales of the real Peaky Blinders crew. Food and drink aren’t included but if you want to carry the day on you can always take a trip to the Peak Blinders bar in the Baltic Market to really seal in the day. 



31. 90s Band Tour with The Farm


Image: Tour with The Farm/ Get Your

This is possibly one of the best things to do in Liverpool, especially if you’re a ranging music fan. Spend the day getting led around by music icons, The Farm, where they take you on a more personal guided tour around the city. Exploring the secrets of the city and their own personal music journey. The tour is led by lead singer, Pete Hooton, and guitarist, Keith Mullin. Taking no more than 12 people at a time you’ll visit Liverpool’s most famous and beloved bars from Blue Angel (The Razz), Jacamora and more. Plus at the end, you get a free drink and a right ole chat with your faves. 



32. Haunted City Exploration Game 


Image: Haunted Exploration Game/ Get Your

There is nothing spookier than exploring a city with a such a vast history and as Liverpool has so much there is not doubt they’ll be a few skeletons in there. And if you want to explore it all you can with the Haunted City Exploration Game. Starting on your own accord for a wonderful £5.56, you can go and explore all the creepy and scary facts about the city. Taking you through some big landmarks of the city this is a solid alternative if you’re looking for Halloween plans, don’t involve a boozy hangover the next day. 







33. Titanic Hotel


ImageTitanic Hotel/

Starting off strong and heavily historic is no other than the Titanic Hotel. What was once a warehouse for the shipping company that created the Tianatic (hence the name), Titanic Hotel became a part of the redevelopment of the of the Stanley complex. Converting a 19th-century warehouse into a now lavish trendy part of Liverpool for you to lay down your head. With a spa including a hydrotherapy pool; the words water and Titanic never looked so good together!



34. The Baltic Hotel 


Image: Baltic Triangle/

A bit on the newer side we have another stunner of a hotel, The Baltic Hotel. Opening in the summer of 2022 The Baltic Hotel is a bit of an eyecatcher with its bright pink arch doorway and listed as a funky yet quirky spot to stay. Located slap bang in the middle of the Baltic Triangle, The Baltic Hotel is in the perfect location no matter what your plans are. Plus if you’re a little bit famished after travelling, The Baltic Hotel have outside seating where you can grab a pint and a burger; somebody say win-win?  



35. Lock and Key Boutique Bar and Hotel


Image: Lock and Key Bar - Kitchen - Hotel/

Another history-orientated hotel on the list is Lock and Key Boutique Bar and Hotel. First opening as a bar in 2017, then a hotel later in 2018; the Liverpool building was transformed from an abandoned 18th century building to an independent venue by a local Liverpool development team. Full of bright colours, neon signs, modern decor and a quirky twist, it’s a little gem and a bit of an icon. Based on Duke Sreet the history of Lock and Key lies in a bit more risky territory with the history of the building being the home to the rogue Maggie Mae whom the Beatles happened to make a song about on their first EP, ‘Let It Be’. 



36. Shankly Hotel


Image: The Shankly Hotel /

Rounding off the most Liverpool hotels on the list we have one of the most iconic and most talked about hotels, to the point of social media having their own say about it. Have you ever struggled to find a place that caters to all of you and your mates in one room, that also has interesting themes for each room? Well, The Shankly Hotel is a force to be reckoned with, accommodating big parties with their elaborately decorated 'Instagramable' rooms. 

And if you think it couldn’t get any better, they have speakers the equivalent of sound systems meaning with house music parading through the speakers, the Shankly Hotel is up up as more than just a place to sleep. 







37. Liverpool Waterfront 


Image: On The Waterfront /

One of the best things to do in Liverpool is to get yourself down to the Waterfront. Engulfed in history and captivating views, Liverpool Waterfront is THE tourist attraction of tourist attractions. Also known as the Pier Head, its vision speaks for itself connecting to all the main attractions of the city, and it gets even better.

As in the summer The Waterfront is the place to be as they hold their outdoor festival each year without fail bringing the very best entertainment to the heart of the city. 



38. Royal Albert Docks


Image: Royal Albert Docks Liverpool/

The Royal Albert Docks had to be somewhere high on the list of landmarks as it's one of the best places to visit in Liverpool. While doing your best to dodge getting into other people's photos you are always surrounded by a bucket of smells due to the handful of restaurants, bars and pubs; serving mouthwatering goodies from gyros, fish and chips, doughnuts and the beloved seawater. The docks can sometimes feel endless but with an observant walk around you can find some real gems with a sweet shop and a family-run cafe. There is also the wonders of Meusums and the unmissable Liverpool mountain made by Swiss-artist Ugo Rondinone. A true treasure if we say so ourselves. 



39. The Royal Liver Building


Image: Royal Liver Building/

Get a bird's eye view at no other than the Liver Building at their Clock Tower. The Royal Liver Building 360 is a historic landmark with an undoubtedly unique panoramic view of the city emerging you into the true beauty of Liverpool. The tour to the 15th floor is the first time in 100 years, and if we were in your shoes, we’d take advantage of this opportunity to get up close and personal with the hidden secrets of liverpool and those iconic Liver Birds. 



40. Chinatown


Image: Chinatown Arch/ Phil Nash/ Wikimedia

No matter what time of day you’re walking through Chinatown your stomach will rumble at the stunning smells coming from either side of the street. Chinatown is always full and brustling with its authentic Chinese restaurants that’ll have you returning for more. Being the home to one of the oldest Chinese communities in Europe, Liverpool also has the largest Chinese Arch outside of China standing at 44 feet tall. (Wowza). Opening their doors at the prime time of noon you can always spot a bit of lunch in Chinatown, or if you're not feeling your usual kebab after a night out there are still restaurants open for you to order a chow mein for your taxi ride home.  China succeeds on their culture and during Chinese New Year holds the most eye catching festival that you wouldn't want to miss on your next trip to Liverpool. 



41. St Georges Hall


Image: St George's  Hall/

The minute you walk out of Liverpool Lime Street station you are graced by the view of St George’s Hall. Standing mighty, St George’s Hall is a building filled with history and mystery.

Mostly recognised for its neo-classical architecture, St George’s Hall has an interior that's far from short of unique. Over time the St George Hall has had weddings held inside, live performances, exhibitions, and immersive experiences including the reopening accompanied by King Charles lll in 2007. St Goerges Hall also is a bit of a superstar when it comes to the camera, with features in the Batman, Peaky Blinders, Tin Star; northern favourite Coronation Street and loads more. 



 42. Liverpool Lime Street


Image: Liverpool Lime Street/ Network

Sometimes train stations can be overcrowded, overwhelming, and all too much to process. However, when you’re not rushing for a train Liverpool Lime Street is actually a wonderful part of the city filled with little trinkets that make it just that bit more special. With the iconic statues to greet you when you walk up the steps, and a long line of films featuring the station on their cameras; you can feel like you’re practically walking amongst celebrities. Plus with their spoons double the size of a usual prepare to have your walking shoes on to find those toilets. 



43. St Lukes Bombed Out Church


Image: The Bombed Out Church/

While the name doesn’t sound appealing, we promise Liverpool is really just making the most out of what once was a bad situation. Since the devastating events in 1949 (WW2), The Bombed-OutChurch has been a landmark on St. Luke's grounds with their heartwarming sense of community. Keeping the church as it is, the Bombed Out Church holds sentiment for those who fought and pay their respects with a memorial at the side of the building.

Standing tall and proud of it’s roots, the Bombed Out Church has now become the host of some of Liverpool's most fun and eventful gatherings in the city; packed with locals and tourists to see the very best events in the city. 



44. St Johns Beacon


Image: St Johns Beacon/

If you’re afraid of heights you may want to look away now. But for those with a backbone,  another thing to add to the list of the best things to do in Liverpool is caching the incredible views of the city at the St Johns Beacon. Standing at 400 feet tall the St Johns Beacon is one of the tallest buildings in Liverpool. Home to one of the most successful radio stations in Liverpool; which is open to the public from Monday - Friday (11 am - 5:30 pm). So if you want to get a taste of some pretty iconic panoramic 360 views for as little as £7.50 look no further.



45. Williamson Tunnels 


Image: Williamson Tunnels/

If you haven’t already got the jist of Liverpool as a city,  its whole thing is crowded with history and brilliant facts that’ll make you look like the smartest in the room. And if you want some more educational facts to add to that brain of yours we have another place to visit in Liverpool that’ll do just that. Located in the area of Smithdown, the Williamson Tunnels were created out of curiosity by eccentric businessman Joseph Williamson; with the hopes of job prospects in the 19th century. The tunnels are truly amazing, transforming into this little world underneath the city, and you can take a guided tour through the networks of tunnels which express the times and lives of this wonderfully whacky man. 



46. Liverpool Statues


Image: Beatles Statue/ Visit

If you’re looking for another worth-it thing do it in Liverpool, get your steps in and get a load of all the statues dotted all around the city. In total, there are 31 states of some true icons standing around the city. Including the Beatles, surprise surprise icon Cilla Black, Billy Fury, Bessie Badock and loads more. You can catch these wonderful monuments in places like Matthew Street, Pier Head, Liverpool Lime Street station, and the Albert Docks.






Exhibitions and Museums 


47. World Museum


Image: World Museum/

There is nothing better than spending a day in a museum and learning about the different facts of the world, and luckily for you, Liverpool is rife with non-stop historical facts. One of the best museums in Liverpool to visit is the World Museum. Located near St Georges Quater, the World Museum explore the wonders guessed it; the world. 

And before we babble on too much believe us when we say visiting the World Museum is worth the trip, especially with their famous planetarium that explores the never ending beauty of space with its iconic projected globe of the earth. 



48. Maritime Museum


Image: Maritime Museum/

Under the same company of the National Museums Liverpool, there is also the Maritime Museum; which explores not just Liverpool's history (including its mighty contributions to the Titanic), but also others such as the Slavery Museum. 

The Maritime Museum is located on the Albert Docks and has 5 floors, each dedicated to a different part of historic events and jampacked with enough historical information to get those clogs in your head tuning. And you can make a day of it with the family with their cafe and sections on each floor allowing children to get creative with the things they've learned. Wonderful x



49. British Music Experience


Image: British Music Experience/

Discover all the best British pop and rock music that graced the North when you take a visit to the British Music Experience. There is no denying that Liverpool is a heavy contender when it comes to their contribution to the music scene, and their Music Experience is a perfect example of that.

Filled with interactive exhibits, artefacts, and memorabilia; this is definitely a place worth visiting when looking for things to do in Liverpool. Plus this year they are also screening Eurovision 2024 live so if you want to be a part of that get booking! 



50. Port Sunlight Village


Image: Port Sunlight Village Trust/

Want to experience a bit of escapism without having to go too far? Liverpool has many tricks up its sleeve and another charming part of the city is their Port Sunlight Village. Created for workers at Levers Brother factory, Port Sunlight is now a stunning breath of fresh air, and an award-winning tourist attraction spot. The model village is filled with charming cottages and a museum where you can learn about the history and take part in a soap-making workshop. So if you’re looking for a change of scenery for your next Liverpool trip, Port Sunlight is definitely a heavy contender. 





As you can see Liverpool is more than just a city, it's a historical home that welcomes everyone from all walks of life to be a part of their high spirits and vibrant culture! So don't miss your chance to visit one of the greatest cities in the North! For more information on events and more in Liverpool click - HERE.



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