The best beer gardens in Nottingham

Notts is right good fun for a night out, and with it only getting warmer, you're gonna want some beer gardens to drink away the summer nights. So have a scroll and check out all the best beer gardens in Nottingham!

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Date published: 2nd Aug 2022

Nottingham is truly a city built for a good party accompanied by booze, with beer gardens and roof gardens aplenty. So with sunny times approaching, and beer gardens allowed to be packed out again, we wanted to let you in on all of the best beer gardens in Nottingham.

So whether you and your pals are after a session full of laughs by the canal, a night you'll probably forget most of outside one of the city's best live music venues, or maybe a more civilised night with a bottle of vino and aesthetically pleasing surroundings, this list covers all. So get scrolling and start planning your next big day out on the town!



When: 12pm - 11pm Monday to Thursday, 12pm - 12am Friday and Saturday, 12pm - 10pm Sundays

Where: 48-52 Canal St, Nottingham NG1 7EH

Looking for those atmospheric views of traditional British industrial landscapes alongside an atmosphere that is always buzzing, then the Canal house is the next place you should be taking your pals when looking for the best beer gardens in Nottingham. Aside from its charming vibes, this place also has a serious menu, with one of the biggest continental beer selections in the city. There is also a well-crafted menu consisting of the finest pub grub. A staple of the city and an essential visit.


Find tickets for events at Canalhouse - here



The Junkyard

When: 12pm - 1am Everyday

Where: 12 Bridlesmith Walk, Nottingham NG1 2FZ

Now if you're looking for a night on the quieter side, but still one that serves up all the ingredients needed for a great time, then the neighbourhood bar that is Jukyards should be on your list. With over 15 (yes you read that right) keg taps on site, rivalling bars triple their size for selection, this place is serious about its brews. So if you and your pals fancy yourself beer snobs, or you and your partner want to wine and dine amidst exposed brick and friendly like-minded people, then we're sure that Junkyard will quickly rise up your own list of the best beer gardens in Nottingham.


Find tickets for events at Junkyard - here



Golden Fleece

When: 3pm - 12am Monday to Thursday, 12pm - 12am Friday to Sunday

Where: 105 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG1 3FN

A rare breed of bar/restaurant that has a 100% vegan menu (both in its food and drinks) the Golden Fleece is a must-visit for any of you inclined against the meat. The menu is absolutely divine and you must visit for the vegan Sunday roasts alone (we promise that it isn't sacrilegious, it'll completely blow your mind.) not only this but its beer garden is a quaint and colourful slice of paradise fit for any sunny days booze. One of the more underrated beer gardens in the city, that still belongs on any list of Nottingham beer gardens.


Find tickets for events at Golden Fleece - here



The Waterfront

When: 12pm - 11pm Monday to Thursday, 12pm - 1am Friday to Sunday

Where: Canal St, Nottingham NG1 7EH

Now this one is no stranger to a proper big party when the sun is shining. The Waterfront is very well known around Notts and is equally well visited, resulting in nights in its sprawling, waterside beer garden that never disappoint. Located in Castle Wharf with spectacular views of Beeston Canal, it's always jam-packed full of lucky punters who always provide a banging atmosphere. So if you're after that next place for a sun-soaked session, and want to avoid arguing with your mates about which one google maps says is best, then just go here, it's on all the lists of best beer gardens in Nottingham for a reason!


Find tickets for events at The Waterfront - here



Brewhouse and Kitchen

When: 11am - 11pm Monday to Thursday, 11am - 12pm Friday and Saturday, 11am - 10:30pm Sundays

Where: Trent Bridge, Nottingham NG2 2GS

Another waterside treats for you here with the fantastic Nottingham beer garden that is Brewhouse and Kitchen. Now this place will send any lover of the amber liquids into an entranced state of complete awe. There are over 50 craft beers on selection here, yes 50! And with an onsite microbrewery, a lot of it is brewed onsite and is absolutely tongue-tingling. So if you fancy a sip of a beer you've never tasted, in a beer garden that'll fit all your mates and more, all in a gorgeous waterside setting, then this is the place for you.


Find tickets for events at Brewhouse and Kitchen - here



Pitcher and Piano

When: 12pm - 11pm Monday to Thursday, 12pm - 12am Fridays, 11am - 12am Saturdays, 12pm - 10pm Sundays

Where: High Pavement, Nottingham NG1 1HN

Now you may be thinking (before you see any pictures anyway) come on, we've all been to a Pitcher and Piano, there's one in most cities, what's so special about this one. Well, as you've probably seen from the attached image, it's inside a flipping church! Quite possibly one of the most visually stunning bars you'll ever visit, Nottingham's Pitcher and Piano is legendary in the city. Plus, its beer garden provides incredible views of the church and surrounding area, whilst also being surprisingly spacious. One of the best beer gardens in Nottingham on aesthetics alone, it's a must-visit for anyone who likes some good surroundings to go alongside the booze.


Find tickets for events in Pitcher and Piano - here




When: 12pm - 11pm Monday to Thursday, 12pm - 12am Friday and Saturday, 11am - 8pm Sundays

Where: 282-284 Arkwright St, Nottingham NG2 2GR

This one is another stunner that'll have you and your pals in awe at how pretty the surroundings are, Embankment is an early 1900s Grade II listed building with a huge outdoor space to fit all the needs of anyone's day drinking requirements. With multiple floors and craft beer brewed onsite, it truly is a marvel of a pub, and unlike any you're likely to have stepped foot in. Plus, with it being located on the city side of Trent Bridge, the pub is ideally located for sporting fans visiting both Nottingham football grounds and of course Trent Bridge cricket ground. This feels like one of those places that the little man ain't allowed in, but despite its upper-class aesthetic, it's an old-school boozer at heart and is certainly one of the best beer gardens in Nottingham.


Find tickets for events at Embankment - here



The Magic Garden

When: 12pm - 12am Monday to Thursday, 12pm - 2am Friday and Saturday, 12pm - 11pm Sunday

Where: 24-26 Low Pavement, Nottingham NG1 7DL

Ah, The Magic Garden, an endlessly instagrammable and quaint as the name suggests bar that has been treating Nottingham punters to a great time for years. It's rather unassuming just how gorgeous this bee garden is from the front of the pub, but anyone who knows, really knows just how incredibly designed this place is, both inside and out. The garden is spread out over three sections, each hosting vintage furniture, floral displays, and surroundings bound to end up somewhere on your social media. But, that’s not all, the Magic Gardens three-story townhouse has floors, each with its own unique theme. We could go on about this place for hours, it's truly the prettiest Nottingham beer garden (and maybe the countries); you just have to experience it for yourself.


Find tickets for events at The Magic Garden - here



Rescue Rooms

When: 4pm - 1am Monday, 4pm - 3am Tuesday to Saturday, closed Sundays

Where: Rescue Rooms, Masonic Pl, Goldsmith St, Nottingham NG1 5LB

Where to start with Rescue Rooms? An icon of the city found just round the corner from the undeniably amazing Rock City, this place has been serving up bevs to punters for a long time, and never disappoints. But, one of its greatest assets, is the alley-turned-beer garden found outside its door. Incredibly original and always jam-packed, it's an awesome place to sink some cold ones any time of year. Plus, with events and a mega sound system, it's an absolute party most nights. So if you and your pals are after a beer garden that is a bit more lively, with clubs in a stone's throw distance for when the early hour's approach, then there are few better Nottingham beer gardens than Rescue Rooms.


Find tickets for events at Rescue Rooms - here



The Bodega

When: 4pm - 1am Sunday to Thursday, 4pm - 3am Friday and Saturday

Where: 23 Pelham St, Nottingham NG1 2ED

Finally, we've got The Bodega Social Club, an underrated gem of the city that comes as a package of everything you may want from a venue. With a live music space that champions up and comers (Arctic Monkeys and Florence and the Machine have graced its stage in its time) to a brilliantly priced and wide-ranging menu, to its crown jewel; its sensational beer garden. Gorgeously designed and always a vibe it really is one of the best beer gardens in Nottingham and a must-visit for any sessions of the outdoor variety.


Find tickets for events at The Bodega - here



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