The View interview: new album “a reflection of the darker times we're living in”

Meg Roberts spoke to The View’s Kieren Webster about the band’s new album, upcoming tour, and more.

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Date published: 21st Aug 2023

Noughties indie landfill eat your heart out, The View (of Same Jeans fame) are back but not as you know them.

Their most recent singles have represented an exciting new era for their band. Uniting their renowned livewire energy and stellar songwriting from Kyle Falconer and Kieren Webster with a new-found maturity and darker undercurrent, they have generated immense fan anticipation for the August 18th release of their new album Exorcism of Youth

The View recorded the LP during sessions in Granada, Spain, with the Grammy Award-winning producer Youth (The Verve, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Charlatans).

The first step in their return saw them sell 10,000 tickets over the course of four shows in Glasgow late last year. Having since played select festivals including a triumphant TRNSMT set, they are now heading out across the rest of the UK. They will celebrate the release of the album by embarking upon a run of near-sold-out record store appearances. They then tour extensively from early November, concluding with two homecoming shows at Dundee’s Caird Hall. 

Today, we sat down with long-standing bassist and founding member, Kieren Webster, to find out more about their new album and upcoming tour dates, and what inspired their darker sound.


How's it going, Kieren? What have you been up to?

"Hi Meg! I’m calling from my flat in Glasgow - we’re just about to start on a record store tour and we’ve got the new album coming out tomorrow. So having a rest tonight and then lots going on!"



We really like the name of the new record, by the way. Where did that come from?

"Exorcism of Youth is a name that we toyed with years ago for our third record, Breads and Circuses, but it didn't really fit at the time. And then it was brought back up again when we worked with our producer, Youth, again on this record and we were like, yeah, it kind of works this time, so just kind of stuck from there."



It’s really cool. And this marks the first album in eight years too, is that right? What have you been getting up to?

"Yeah, it's been a long time. We have matured a lot since the last record, like, a fair bit. Kyle has done some solo records. I started another band called Web. I also went to Uni and did a degree in audio production. Pete joined Echo & the Bunnymen, who he still plays with. And then we started thinking about making this record a couple of years back."



It's been a few years in the making, then.

"Well, since we started talking about it. The actual recording of it took like a month in Spain."



Was the recording process any different from normal?

"Yeah, it was our first record over there. We were in a really nice studio out in Andalucia at the foothills of the mountains. We've always wanted to do a record in the sun. Like, getting up, going for a swim and making some music was good."




So, a lot of the themes that you touch on in a lot of the songs seem to be a little bit darker and they have a lot more to say. What triggered this shift in your sound?

"That's kind of what we're trying to do with the records, make them sound different but hopefully, you can still tell that it is The View. It is a real reflection of the darker times we are living in."



Then, I guess, from your perspective, is there any one song on the record that you're especially proud of? 

"For me, it’s the title track, Exorcism of Youth, that sort of came really organically in the studio when we're sort of just sort of jamming things out. That's one of my favourites at the moment, but it will change over time. Always does when you play them live as well."



Is the title track the first one that you recorded? I know these things never happen in order.

"I'm trying to think it could have been, but I don't know, to be honest. Yeah, it could have been."



So you're in Liverpool on Sunday to kick things off and then onto the UK tour later this year. 

"Yes, so that starts in November time and we have some acoustic shows beforehand."



Tell me a bit more about the record store appearances. Why do you think these shows are so important?

"Yeah, it's something that we've always done when we're doing a new record, we love to go down to the record shops. It's a different vibe from the full band shows and that. And it's getting to see people and sign the records and all that."




I mean, you have probably played everywhere by now. But is there anywhere that you're really looking forward to going?

"I'm just looking forward to getting back out on the road in general. We've not done a tour for years. Yeah, I just like getting out there."



And I guess, like, the homecoming shows are always really cool. 

"Dundee in December will be cool. Definitely check that one out."



Are there any songs that you're really looking forward to playing that you don't normally play that we might be able to catch at the record show appearances?

"Yeah definitely, we're playing some of the new ones that we haven't played or we haven't really played very much, so yeah, I am very much looking forward to playing the new ones."



Meg Roberts



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