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Date published: 16th May 2023

Festival season has well and truly started, and bands up and down the country will be preparing to bring their huge sets to fields all over the UK, bringing everyone a delightful lift in spirits. But, if you don't fancy an entire day out, or you just want to see a particular band, then these gigs on Skiddle are the best place to get the best of both worlds. No matter your musical taste, we have you covered with a captivating array of options, ranging from established industry giants to iconic legacy performers and the hottest up-and-coming talents.

Our selection encompasses a diverse range of events, from sprawling outdoor extravaganzas held in picturesque parks and stadiums to intimate gatherings at some of the country's finest independent venues. Whether you're a seasoned gig-goer, eagerly attending every live performance, or someone who selectively attends when your favourite bands take the stage, the Skiddle Gig List offers unparalleled choices. We're thrilled to witness the remarkable shows you, our wonderful audience, will choose to attend.

Don't hesitate! Dive into the latest edition of the Skiddle Gig List and secure your tickets promptly using the provided booking options. With demand soaring, you won't want to miss out on these unforgettable experiences.


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When: Wednesday 18th October 2023

Where: New Century in Manchester

The Brighton post-rock, funk, math-rock, groove punk icons (they're hard to fit into a genre okay) are heading back out on tour this year, with an extra special date in Manchester where they are coming to the grand old Hall of New Century. Touring their latest album Monolith, with hit singles such as Swing (In a Dream) and Undergrowth, the five-piece will be getting everyone gyrating to crazy tempos and treating a lot of their hardcore fanbase to their first live listens of the record.

Not one to miss for fans, and one to attend if you've heard about the aquatically named musical beast and one to find out more, this one's gonna blow the roof off in Manneh.


Tickets for Squid at New Century

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Sean Paul

When: Tuesday 8th August 2023

Where: Bonus Arena in Hull

International superstar and dancehall icon Sean Paul will bring his special brand of Jamaican sunshine back to British shores this summer. Stopping off at Hull and Brighton for a live Arena show on the 8th of August at Bonus Arena.

Sean Paul always brings a sensational show that is hotter than the summer, and this August he will make a pit stop at each end of England to see his legions of fans. He aims to show some extra special love to Hull as it was not included in his eight-date ‘Scorcha’ UK tour last summer which promoted his 8th studio album of the same name. Not to miss for fans of the dancehall master!


Tickets for Sean Paul at Bonus Arena

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Paolo Nuttini

When: Saturday 8th July 2023

Where: Stanmer Park in Brighton

For the past six years, Paolo Nutini has been learning how to speak his own language. After touring 2014’s Caustic Love, his second UK #1 on the bounce and his biggest chart success to date in the US, Paolo found, in the gap between his late 20s and early 30s, that he’d assembled a musical vocabulary that he hadn’t put into proper use in his own work to that point.

This is where his latest record Last Night In The Bittersweet, an album of reframed experiences and rewired iconography, comes from. This summer, you can see all the magic of his record, as well as some exceptional support slots from the likes of The Big Moon, Peace, English Teacher, and Gemma Rodgers, all in Stanmer Park in Brighton. Tickets are out in a few days so make sure to set a reminder below, and when tickets are out, remember to be hasty (except if your name is Jenny.)


Tickets for Paolo Nuttini at Stanmer Park

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James and Happy Mondays

When: Friday 11th August 2023

Where: Crystal Palace Bowl in London

Two absolute legends of the 90s Mancunian music scene are making the pilgrimage down to the big smoke to show the people of Crystal Palace Bowl what real northern music is all about. Both armed with back-catalogues of outstanding hits and cult classics the punters at this event will be either be recapturing their youths or pining for a time they never lived in.

You don't get gigs like this very often, so if you are a Madchester enthusiast who boogied to Loose Fit on the weekends or just love screaming the lyrics Sit Down in your kitchen, this epic gig in London will be one for the memory books, and we can't wait to see you down there!


Tickets for James and Happy Mondays at Crystal Palace Bowl

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Gaz Coombes and John J.Presley

When: Friday 19th May 2023

Where: Kanteena in Lancaster

The Supergrass frontman returned in January with his fourth solo record'Turn The Car Around'. It's a record of feeling; an album that captures the ups and downs of modern life and all the small print in between. Across its nine tracks, it's moving and emotional and uplifting and melancholic and funny and hopeful; an elegant rock record that takes in soulful ballads, baroque pop, wide-screen anthems and expansive epics.

To hear this Live, alongside a very special guest in John J.Presley, Gaz is heading out on tour this  May/June time, but in our opinion, the best place to be seeing him has to be Lancasters Kanteena. Tickets are low so secure them asap!


Tickets for Gaz Coombes and John J.Presley at Kanteena 

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When: Sunday 28th May 2023

Where: The Ferret in Preston

Hailing from Yorkshire, now South London rooted, DEADLETTER channels the droll fury of The Fall and the lopsided rhythm of Gang of Four into a strain of vehement post-punk, exploring the darker side of existence through a lens of narrative-driven levity. They are truly a one-of-a-kind band and have been tearing apart stages up and down the country.

Get on this before they properly blow up, and you'll get all the cred for telling your pals you were there before all the noise. Plus, it's at the recently saved Ferret in Preston, os the vibes will be immaculate, get your tickets below!


Tickets for DEADLETTER at The Ferret

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Django Django

When: Tuesday 20th June 2023

Where: Phase One in Liverpool

Django Django are set to play a very special show at Jacaranda Records Phase One to celebrate the full release of 4 part new album - Off Planet. It will be an intimate, stripped-back night where you will get to see the band in a light you never have before, and may never again.

You can get exclusive deals that include a CD or Vinyl record with your ticket, for a reduced fee to what you'd pay otherwise, with a great chance to be able to get them to sign it afterwards too! This is an exceptionally cool gig for fans of all obsessions, and we cant wait to see you singing down at the front! 


Tickets for Django Django at Phase One

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When: Friday 23rd June 2023

Where: The Liquid Room in Edinburgh

Quite possibly the most underrated band Manchester has ever produced, Chameleons, are back, with original members,  Mark Burgess and Reg Smithies reforming to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their very own classic, 1983 'Script of the Bridge' LP. 'Script of the Bridge' featured the singles 'Up The Down Escalator, 'Don't Fall', and 'A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days' and is quite rightly regarded as a Post-Punk masterpiece, but doesn't nearly get the attention it deserves.

The Chameleons are not performing the LP in full but will be mixing up classics from the band's career along with a selection of the finest songs from the 1983 album. But their atmospheric, guitar-based sound and passionate lyrics are enough to turn many a head, and this gig in Edinburgh's The Liquid Room looks set to royally pop off. We'll see you there!


Tickets for The Chameleons at The Liquid Room

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Neck Deep

When: Wednesday 7th June 2023

Where: The Foundry in Torquay

Pop-punk titans Neck Deep are coming to The Foundry in Torquay on Wednesday 7th June 2023. With hits bangers What Did You Expect?, In Bloom, and Gold Steps, it’s going to be killer. Tickets go on sale on Wednesday 5th of April at 10 am. 

Neck Deep is one of the biggest bands on the scene with over 3.5 million monthly listeners, four studio albums, two incredible EPs, and fans worldwide. Ahead of their upcoming set at Download Festival, Neck Deep will perform a string of warm-up shows including one at the new Torquay 1,000 capacity venue The Foundry. Tickets are close to sell out so make sure to secure them soon as!


Tickets for Neck Deep at The Foundry

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Sugarhill Gang & Grandmasters Melle Mel & Scorpio (Furious 5) 

When: Sunday 10th September 2023

Where: Woolwich Works in London

This summer Woolwich Works is hosting a huge hip-hop summer party with a double-whammy of rap legend headliners. One of the true original hip hop groups, The Sugarhill Gang made history in 1979 with their timeless single Rapper’s Delight– a track so iconic it was included in Rolling Stone’s magazine ‘500 greatest songs ever recorded’!

The group will be delivering a set of their biggest hits with the help of two more legendary MCs, Melle Mel and Scorpio, who’ll be armed with Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5's unbeatable back catalogue including classics like White Lines, The Message and more.


Tickets for Sugarhill Gang & Grandmasters Melle Mel & Scorpio (Furious 5) at Wollwich Works

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