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Skiddle Staff

Date published: 1st Mar 2023

Whilst your mind may be focused on planning for all the incredible festivals coming your way in the next few months, you can't afford to miss out on the now thinking about the tomorrow, as there is still a multitude of incredible live music gigs happening across the country this year, and they need your support. 

Below, you'll find some of the biggest pop artists of their generations, performing all their classics to a room of adoring fans; British legends The Streets, providing all the garage-fuelled hits of their heyday and all their modern-day bangers too; A return from the frontman of one of Madchester most underrated bands, whose bringing a few special guests with him; and even a special performance in Manchester from one of the coolest Jazz pianist of his era.

So get scrolling through the latest edition of the Skiddle gig list, and secure your tickets in the boxes provided before it's too late...


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Ellie Goulding

When: Tuesday 2nd May 2023

Where: Hangar 34 in Liverpool

We all know and love Ellie Goulding, don't we? From humble beginnings to one of the UK's biggest vocalists of her era, she quickly became one of the most successful British singer-songwriters, amassing millions of listens and sales across the years, including one of the most iconic John Lewis ads ever. 

With her fifth album, Higher Than Heaven, on the way and a UK tour on the horizon, Ellie Goulding will be showing everyone why we love her like we do with this very special night at Hangar 34 in Liverpool. With an exclusive chance to buy the record with your ticket and support everyone involved, there has never been a better gig to attend if you care about supporting your favourite artists and venues.


Tickets for Ellie Goulding at Hangar 34

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The Streets

When: Thursday 7th September 2023

Where: Alexandra Head At Cardiff Bay in Cardiff

Mike Skinner and The Streets have already written themselves into British folklore at this point, with multiple genre-defining albums that arguably paved the way for many garage artists to come, there are few groups that can come close to the influences they've had on their scene.

At the back end of the summer of 2023, the lucky people of Cardiff will be treated to a huge set, filled with all the bangers of The Streets old and new, from 'Has It Come To This' to 'Fit But Don't You Know It' to 'Who's Got The Bag?' everyone in attendance will be moving along to the whim of Mike Skinner and Co. This isn't one to miss out on so secure those tickets before it sells out, as it most definitely will do. 


Tickets for The Streets at Alexandra Head At Cardiff Bay

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Tom Jones

When: Wednesday 5th July 2023

Where: Stanmer Park in Brighton

What's there left to say about the legend that is Tom Jones that hasn't already? One of the most popular artists of his era, whose song lyrics are programmed into the brains of almost everyone born in the UK, the Sexbomb himself will be treating the people of Brighton and beyond to a huge gig, celebrating his many decades as an icon of popular music.

Brought to you by the amazing team at Soundcrash, the gig will be one for the memory books and could be amongst the last opportunities you get to hear his classics live. So, stop thinking about it and get ti booked, you know you'll only regret it if you don't! 


Tickets for Tom Jones at Stanmer Park

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The Mouse Outfit

When: Friday 28th April 2023

Where: The Blues Kitchen in Manchester

The Mouse Outfit, a homegrown yet nationally prominent household name in hip hop, are back with a new 7-piece line-up, with founder and producer Chini at the helm, making a return to their classic roots. The boom bap of old, where it all began, raconteurs to rock to, biographers to bop to, delivering a healthy dose of hip hop, funk and mellow jazz tones wrapped up in a dynamic live journey, carefully curated, flecked with gentle dexterity and powerful flows, designed to satisfy the masses as well as the most reproachful rap aficionado.

With their full live band in tow, this night at The Blues Kitchen in Manchester looks set to be one for the history books of the Outfit and one we can only urge any fans of the Mouses to attend. Go on get them tickets, you know you want to.


Tickets for The Mouse Outfit at The Blues Kitchen

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Personal Trainer

When: Tuesday 7th March 2023

Where: Hare And Hounds in Birmingham

Fresh off of their debut record Big Love Blanket and even fresher off the plane from their hometown of Amsterdam, Personal Trainer are coming to the Hare & Hounds in Birmingham and bringing their volatile, artists approach to post-punk for the British masses to enjoy. 

Hard to pinpoint and even harder to emulate, Personal Trainer are one of the most interesting and musically diverse bands about at the minute, and if you like your music to be a tad challenging, but at the same time explorative and collaborative between a variety of genres, then this is the gig for you. We love them, and we're sure if the above relates to you, then you will too.  


Tickets for Peronal Trainer at Hare and Hounds

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Dermo (Northside) and Special Guests

When: Saturday 13th May 2023

Where: West Hampstead Arts Club in London

Shall we take a trip down memory lane? Well, if you want to attend this gig then you certainly will. Dermo, frontman of the criminally underrated Madchester band, Northside, whose impact on the scene was way too short but still oh-so-sweet, is going on tour and coming to the West Hampstead Arts Club in the big smoke this May. 

Supplying all the classics from his Northside days, along with a few new tunes and some very special guests who are as of yet to be named, this night looks set to be a memorable one, filled with Madchester nostalgia and classic tunes not heard live for way too long. If you were jamming to some Northside in your youth, or you've discovered them in later on, then the tickets are right below, so sort them, no one wants post-gig FOMO.


Tickets for Dermo at West Hampstead Arts Club

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When: Saturday 25th March 2023

Where: Sneaky Petes in Edinburgh

Brought to you by the indie pioneers This Feeling, Manchester's latest export of the indie variety, Rosellas, will be making the trek up to Edinburgh next month to take on the hallowed grounds of Sneaky Petes. Channelling the bands of Manchesters' past, and giving the sound a modern spin, the Rosellas are on the rise at the minute and don't look like they're going to be stopped anytime soon.

Any fans of underground guitar music will be at home here, and the Rosellas don't half know how to craft a catchy tune, so if you fancy a cheap gig in the heart of Edinburgh, from a band who look set to go onto bigger and better, then head on down, who knows you may leave with a few new tracks for the playlist!


Tickets for Rosellas at Sneaky Petes

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Kamaal Williams

When: Saturday 25th March 2023

Where: Canvas in Manchester

Rising to prominence alongside pioneering jazz drummer Yussef Davies, Kamaal Williams is a modern-day UK Jazz heavyweight, whose mesmeric live shows encapsulate everything Jazz should be. Under the moniker, Henry Wu has crafted many a piano-centric number, but with his history as a drummer, the piano takes on a different form at his shows, with an expertly crafted percussive edge that is heavily inspired by classic Boom Bap Hip-Hop. 

Basically, his live shows are one of a kind and will leave every crowd on the tour in a state of musical bliss. This is not one to miss for jazz fans and is one of the best introductions anyone trying to get into the genre could get. So secure the tickets so as to not be disappointed, this one's going to be mega. 


Tickets for Kamaal Williams at Canvas

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Fun Lovin' Criminals

When: Thursday 4th May 2023

Where: MK11 in Milton Keynes

Right, who stole all the Scooby Snacks? As we're hungry for some Fun Lovin Criminals and our appetites need satiating. Since settling down in the UK, the American group have had a multi-platinum debut album ‘Come Find Yourself’ that spent two years in the UK album chart. Plus, the band performed an infamously raucous set on the famous Pyramid main stage at Glastonbury ’99 and the rest - as they say - is history.

The New York City natives will be trying to recapture the magic of this set, as they bring their infectious blend of cinematic hip-hop, rock ‘n’ roll, blues-jazz, and Latin soul burst to a very lucky crowd in Milton Keynes this May, and we can't wait to get grooving to their tunes alongside you. 


Tickets for Fun Lovin' Criminals at MK11

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Neville Staples

When: Saturday 15th April 2023

Where: Kanteena in Lancaster

The Legendary Front Man From The Specials, Fun Boy Three and Special Beat, Neville Staples, is set to perform an unmissable set with his top-class band in the Kanteena in Lancaster this April. Also known as The Original Rude Boy, Neville celebrates 40 years of his super music career and the beginning of the 2-Tone movement. Awarded with an Honorary Doctorate by Arden University in July 2019, Dr Neville Staple is credited with changing the face of popular music not only once but several times.

So if you want to experience some music history, and see a gig packed end to end with classic tunes and sensational vibes then look no further, and get those tickets in the box below! 


Tickets for Neville Staples

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