The Best Student Bars and Clubs in Cardiff

If you want to do uni in Cardiff properly, let us help you out. Here are the best student bars and clubs in the Welsh Capital that’ll sort you out with memories and cheap drinks aplenty!

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Last updated: 25th Sep 2023

So you've chosen Cardiff as your destination for Uni, and we can tell you now you've made a great choice, mainly as the Welsh capital is teeming with students and incredible nights out! With so many bars and clubs that cater to a whole host of different tastes, not to mention all the incredible beer gardens and rooftop bars, the Cardiff student nightlife offerings may be overwhelming to you (especially if you've just moved from a sleepy countryside village.)

But do not worry! We are here to help, and we have narrowed down the very best student bars and clubs in the Welsh capital into a list that will help you in Freshers Week and beyond.

If you're someone who doesn't drink however, we'd advise you to give this one a miss and check out our lists of cheap things and free things for you and your newfound pals to sink your teeth into, as well as a whole load of cheap places to eat where such a strategy will be better suited.

However, for those of you who just want to know where to get wasted during your time here as a student, let's get into it, shall we?



Clwb Ifor Bach

Where: 11 Womanby St, Cardiff CF10 1BR

Whilst your Uni days will undoubtedly be made in the cheap clubs with 50p mixers, if you are that way inclined, Live music is one of the best things that you can do whilst at Uni. But, whilst you may love going to see the bands that pepper your Spotify playlists, going and seeing the up-and-comers is a great way to support both the venues and artists within the grassroots scene. When in Cardiff, there are few better places to do this than Clwb Ifor Bach. The venue is one of the cornerstones of the Cardiff live scene, and with tickets usually being around the £10-£15 mark (will be more expensive for the more established names, but that isn't what this is about), its a proper good option when looking for the best Student bars and clubs in Cardiff.


Find tickets for events at Clwb Ifor Bach - here




Where: Greyfriars Rd, Cardiff CF10 3DP

Taking over the building from the recently closed down PRYZM, Circuit is Cardiff's new super-club that holds 2300 people across its three main club rooms, and as the spiritual successor to be a right of passage for anyone who chooses the Welsh capital as the place to get their degree, and a passage that is trodden well at that. Having literally just had their first few nights, Circuit is the freshest club on this list, and we can't wait to see how it evolves over the next few years.


Find tickets for events at Circuit - here



Y Plas

Where: SU, Park Place, CF10 3QN

An integral part of the Cardiff student party scene, Y Plas is the club located in the Cardiff Uni Students Union, and it serves up all the necessary ingredients for a proper student-led party. Hosting a range of events throughout the week, most famously YOLO Wednesdays - trust us, you haven't been to Cardiff uni if you haven't attended this event - every week, it always provides top-shelf vibes. Not only this but internationally recognised DJs often stop by and spin their tracks for the blossoming student audiences, and these nights are some of the best in the city as a student. So, get yourself to an event here upon arrival to the Welsh Capital, and make it the first of many throughout your time here.


Find tickets for events at Y Plas - here



The Taf

Where: Cardiff University Students’ Union, Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3QN

Not only does Cardiff Student Union have one of the best student clubs in Cardiff, but it also has one of the best student bars. The Taf is right on the doorstep of any and every student in the city, and with cheap prices (pints start at £1.99 for students!), a convenient location and constant good vibes on show here, it's hard for it not to be your go-to for those oft necessary post lecture pints. There’s always something happening at The Taf too; from pub quizzes that will test just how smart all you uni-educated folks are, to bingo that'll make your nan jealous, it's got it all, so there’s no excuse to give it a try!


Find tickets for events in The Taf - here




Where: 113-116 Bute St, Cardiff CF10 5EQ

This is one for you underground cool kids who love a bassline or an awesome techy mix. Vaults is a small venue that provides the very best range of electronic music in the city. Not only does it provide these vibes, but it does so from an old bank vault - hence the name - and it really is one of the coolest venues that we have ever stepped foot in. With big names like Amelie Lens and Hannah Wants gracing its decks (to name a few) you just know that it's got the pedigree needed for an awesome night. Whilst its event may set you back a little of your loan, it's more than worth the entry fee for any student and is one of the best clubs in Cardiff, never mind one of the best student clubs.


Find tickets for events at The Vaults - here



The Live Lounge

Where: 9 The Friary, Cardiff CF10 3FA

Cardiff students rave about the live lounge. Not only this the bar one of the cheapest nights out the Welsh Capital has on offer - meaning that loan can stretch a lot more than elsewhere - but it also provides some of the very best throwback tunes on a regular basis. it is known for its club-wide singalongs to Smash Mouth and Queen, and you can even catch live cover bands playing all of the hits. With £1 beers, even cheaper shots, and a crowd made up of mostly students, it's one of the very best Cardiff student clubs, and will be one you spend a lot of nights in during your time at Uni.




Where: Bakers Row, Cardiff CF10 1AL

Whilst we're on the topic of the super cheap places to go wild in Cardiff, we'd be rude not to include Metros. The place is cheap as chips and supplies some of the best alternative tunes in the Welsh Capital. Plus when it houses mad lads like those above, you just know the vibes going to be friendly and bouncing. With doubles just over £2 and an eclectic range of rotating DJs gracing their booth on a weekly basis, there's little wrong with a night in the student-filled Metros. Just be warned, it's so cheap that you can very easily get to the point where you forget the whole night. Well... if that happens, we think you're just gonna have to go back. 




10 Mill Lane

Where: 10 Mill Ln, Cardiff CF10 1FL

Let's get the main reason that you'll be frequenting 10 Mill Lane frequently out of the way first, 6am closing. Yes, you read that right, the bar/club located in the city centre is one for you late-night drinkers that love the sound of birds tweeting in the morning. Even if you don't like partying until sunrise, 10 Mill Lane offers up some of the best affordable cocktails in the city, anas well as even putting on mixology classes for you and your mates to try out. It's the perfect place for those of you to party after a late library session, but do be warned, it's slightly more upmarket than many on this list, so dancing shoes or heels may be required. 


Find tickets for events at 10 Mill Lane - here




Where: 9-11 Castle St, Cardiff CF10 1BS

We all know what we're getting with Revolution. but, whilst many cities do have a branch of this famous bar/club, students of Cardiff can expect to be treated to one of the very best the country has to offer. With a huge dancefloor and bar area that's open until the early hours and regular DJs that supply tunes which unconsciously bring on a two-step, it's always a great night out. Their student deals are almost unrivalled too, with cheap booze and drink deals for societies, it's one of the best student bars in Cardiff for a night that's kind on the pocket. Seriously, just get yourselves down!


Find tickets for events at Revolution - here



Tiger Tiger

Where: Greyfriars Rd, Cardiff CF10 3AE

A Tiki delight that supplies the best ingredients for their sumptuous cocktails and tropical vibes, Tiger Tiger is one of those places that many students will frequent for that refreshing change of pace that is often needed with nights out. Not only this, but the place is a sprawling jungle paradise, with multiple rooms ranging from the main bar area to the red velvet lines private booths, to the ever awesome club area that provides tropically infused beats and chart toppers aplenty. They also have a range of student deals including two-for-one cocktails and offers for society members, so we really don't need to say much more do we? Students of Cardiff, go and splurge your loan in here, that Zombie will definitely be worth it come to morning headache!


Find tickets for events at Tiger Tiger - here



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