Skiddle's Future Headliners: Caroline Polachek

This week on Skiddle's Future Headliners we enter the fascinating artistic world of Caroline Polachek.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 4th Jul 2022

Every week throughout the summer we're bringing you some of the best artists around who we feel could one day be headlining festivals across the world. This week we're looking across to America at an artist who has already had a long career but is entering her most intriguing era to date.

We're talking about Caroline Polachek, who you may know was half of the duo that made up Chairlift. For those who don't, Chairlift are the kind of pop act that never seemed to get the popularity that their music deserved. From 2008 to 2016, they released albums that are loaded with gems.

Their last album Moth is a stunning piece of experimental, synth-heavy pop that thrives off of awkward rhythms, pulsating electronics and stunning vocal performances. They tried pushing boundaries and delighted in the truly fun aspects of pop music. It was no real surprise that Caroline's solo work would be just as forward-thinking.

In 2019, Caroline released her debut album Pang and it introduced the world to her beautiful and ethereal aesthetic world. Making pop music with surrounding imagery that makes you feel as though she's from another planet, her artistic vision fully came to the fore with this album.

The single So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings is easily one of the best songs released within the last five years. With a chorus that could light up the fields of any festival, it taps into a type of lust that everyone can relate to. The playful way she describes her longing results in memorable lyrics and the small touches such as auto-tuned harmonies and sudden stirs of synth make it perfect pop.

It's a trend that can be found throughout the whole album. Caroline Shut Up is steeped in self-awareness and Door perfectly encapsulates a slow build from minimal percussion to a chorus that feels like a vivid dream happening right before your eyes. Other hits that aren't on the album such as Bunny Is A Rider and Billions are further proof that Caroline Polachek is riding a wave of momentum.

She is currently sitting within a line of artists who are pushing the boundaries of pop music, with fascinating production that is producing new sounds all the time. You can never predict where her songs are going, however, the world that she's building around her music from stage design to the outfits she wears is the sign of an artist who knows exactly where she's heading.

Closely associated with Charli XCX, Rina Sawayama and Christine and the Queens, she exists within a corner of pop music that is trying new things all of the time. With only one album released but so much more on the way, it's going to be incredibly exciting to see where Caroline Polachek's career goes from here.

Caroline has been debuting new songs whilst touring this Summer and we can't wait to see what she releases next. We think she's a fascinating artist whose aesthetic world could resonate with a lot of people. She knows how to write a hit and that's what will help her score legions of fans. She's definitely got the potential to be a future festival headliner.


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