Skiddle Mix 049: Hoxton Whores

Read on to check out the latest in our Skiddle Mix Series, number 49 in fact, which comes from house music aficionados Hoxton Whores.

Mike Warburton

Date published: 13th Aug 2014

Photo: Hoxton Whores

As one of Manchester's leading exponents of house music in all its glorious forms, Bitch has time and again asserted itself in the fabric of the city's night life thanks to a flawless run of huge nights landing at Venus, as well as a residency at Mint Festival and numerous Ibiza excursions, with previous guests including the likes of HardwellEric Prydz, Martinez Brothers, Nicky Romero and Chris Lake.

As they draw close to the end of their seventh year in the business, Bitch secure the talents of proper house duo Hoxton Whores on August 30th to unleash a party crammed with the sort of vibrant, rave primed sounds that have become the Bitch staple.

To get us in the mood, the Whore House records bosses have recorded a 30 minute mini mix for us, to show off some of the sounds they are digging at the moment, and give us a flavour of what the Bitch experience is all about.

You’ve become celebrated exponents of proper house music over the course of your careers. What is it about house that keeps you coming back for more?

Basically I think it was born into our blood, as long as I can remember I’ve been listening to house music and it still always seem to get me going! I’d just started clubbing in the days when house music fully emerged and still hold that love for it now!

When we hit the studio there’s always that feeling inside that this could be the one and due to the enjoyment we get out of making the music and seeing people dance, we never seem to get bored of it?  

You’ve released in excess of 100 tunes in your career. Is there any that particularly stand out as special to you?

There’s always a few that stay close to your heart but you also always feel that your latest production is your best and biggest yet. If I had to select a few I’d go with 'Sunshine of Your Love' (above). I always remember Fatboy Slim on the BBC Website standing with his arms raised for five minutes playing this as his first track at Glastonbury.

There's also tracks like 'Friday Saturday Love' signed to MOS, 'Sunrise', which we just remixed a few months a go and is still selling well on Beatport, and 'Fusion' (above), which has one of our favourite vocals we’ve ever written!

Do you have any new productions due out that we can look forward to?

We have literally just released the brand new Hysteric Ego track 'Say What' on our Whore House label with a Hoxton Whores remix (which also appears in the mix) and we’re absolutely loving this at the moment! 

Following that we’re currently working on a collaboration with Alex Kenji (one of our favourite producers) and the mighty legend Todd Terry (one of our all time hero’s from the scene), so very active still with many more projects in the pipeline! 

Tell us about the mix you have recorded for us. For those of us that haven't caught you in action yet, how would you describe the Hoxton Whores experience?

Definitely a full on house sound that ventures into Tech House, House and possibly some deeper elements, with serious vocals and some old school favourite riffs bouncing around! What we love are tracks that bring energy to the dance floor, so expect to end up with sore feet, tired arms and a serious bout of overheating!  

What was it that kicked off your love of dance music? Was there a track you heard, DJ you saw or night you went to that made you realise that your future was in electronic music?

I can’t think of one defining moment that kicked off my love for house music but being caught up in the era when house music evolved with artists and DJs such as Derrick Carter, Frankie Knuckles, Mr Fingers, Alison Limerick, A Guy Called Gerald, Marshall Jefferson, Joe Smooth and many many more, how could you fail to love the scene? 

And finally, hypothetical question… You have the power to throw the ultimate rave. You can play alongside any DJ from the past or present. Where would you have it, who would be on the bill, and what track would you play to define the evening?

I think my favourite ever gig we played was in Brazil on a private island with a purpose built 3500 capacity club, amongst the rocks and beach with a set from 3-6am and the sun coming up at 5am.

Now I’ve set the scene, I would go with the likes of Derrick Carter, Frankie Knuckles, Todd Terry & Jesse Saunders doing a back to back warm up set with Danny Tenaglia, David Morales and Roger Sanchez picking up the pace, Carl Cox, Daft Punk, Chus & Ceballos absolutely kicking it and Dimitri from Paris finishing off!

My tune of the night would have be Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives (above). 

Guys thanks for chatting to us! See Hoxton Whores at Bitch by grabbing your tickets here.

Tickets are no longer available for this event