Rough Trade celebrate 40 years with limited memorabilia

London art collective Le Gun have contributed a series of limited works that depict fantasy imagery of Joe Strummer, Patti Smith, The Ramones and Genesis P Orridge.

Ben Smith

Date published: 21st Mar 2016

Image: Rough Trade 40th anniversary journal 

Rough Trade recently celebrated 40 years at the helm of independent music. In line with the iconic record stores reign, limited memorabilia has been created to celebrate the release including a collection of album covers from idiosyncratic illustrators Le Gun. 

A collective of artists from the group have issued three fantasy album covers of Rough Trade East and West detailing many of the famous figures who have adorned the shop floors from the down years. 

Celebrating the independent spirit of Rough Trade, the drawings sketch Joe Strummer, Patti Smith, The Ramones and Genesis P Orridge in a merging of fiction and reality that depicts records drafted in from the parallel universe of LeGunDon.  


The Rough Trade 40th Anniversary Journal, available online and instore now.

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Another piece of limited material you can get your hands on is a 40th anniversary journal with stories told by 100 contributors from across the arts including a foreword from Thurston Moore and input from the likes of Brian Eno, Bill Drummond and Viv Albertine.  (Catch a preview of that above)

A 7" featuring a track from John Grant, Will Burns and John Webb is also included with Le Gun on hand for jacket artwork duties. 

More info via Rough Trade and Le Gun

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