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We chatted all things festivals with the man himself. Find out how to get Creamfields tickets.

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Date published: 10th Aug 2018

Image: Loco Dice (source)

Born and raised in Dusseldorf, to Tunisian parents, it would be a long time yet before Yassine Ben Achour would become known by his legendary moniker Loco Dice. Having been brought up on a steady diet of traditional Middle Eastern sounds, as well as anything form Santana to funk and soul, his first foray into the music industry was in the form of hip hop.

Finding an outlet of expression within the genre, he began collecting music and was soon invited to DJ at a local youth centre. Being a rapper and promoter for some time, he began searching for more, and eventually found liberation within house and techno.

We had a quick Q & A with the man himself to ask him all about his new releases, dream headliners and festival memories ahead of his set at Creamfields Festival this month.

How are you? You’ve just released your new album ‘Love Letters’ tell us a bit about that and how this album is different from your previous releases?

Love Letters is a collection of tracks that all happen to follow one line that has to do with love, positivity, good feelings... My previous albums were more like a soundtrack to the stories that I had at that time: “7 Dunam Place” about my time in Brooklyn, “Underground Sound Suicide” about modern life and how it affects us. Between “Underground Sound Suicide” and “Love Letters” I spent lots of time in the studio working on ideas and at one point it seems that “Love Letters” created itself. Also already on “Underground Sound Suicide” I started going back to my hip hop roots by using my voice, but here it's even more present. 

What do you love about festival season?

I love the weather, usually, space, gathering of colourful people and a chance to meet and hear lots of my colleagues in one place. 

What three things are essential for a massive dance music festival?

Three things essential for a massive dance music festival are probably suitable clothes, good crew around you and having fun.

If you could serve up a headline trio of DJs dead or alive, who would you pick?

At the moment my headline trio would be: William Djoko, Ellen Allien and Eddie Fowlkes.

You're no stranger to Creamfields and you’re part of a massive line up, how much are you looking forward to the festival?

Creamfields is one of the most important festivals, and I'm looking forward to be back!

Of all the bangers you’ve helped to write or produce or have featured on, which gets the best reaction at a festival?

The best reaction I often experience with the most recent productions. At the moment it's “Out Of Reach” feat. William Djoko.

What was the first festival you attended as a fan, who played, and who was your stand out act? 

It was a festival in Rotterdam somewhere around 1994. Stand out act of the night for me was Notorious BIG. RIP.

What was the first festival you performed at? Did it go well?

My first proper big festival was Rave On Snow in Austria. I played there somewhere around 1999, Open Air Stage, and it went offffff!

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

For the rest of the year I plan to practice muai-thai as much as possible, make new music, take care of my label Desolat, spend time with friends and family. The usual stuff.

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