Kaytramine: Kaytramine track by track review

Here are our thoughts on the collaboration between Amine and Kaytranada.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 19th May 2023

It was only announced a few weeks ago that Kaytranada and Amine were linking up to release an album as a duo, suitably titled 'Kaytramine'. It sees the rapper and producer come together for an exciting project that will surely play off of the personalities that the pair possess. We thought we'd look at it on a track-by-track basis.


Who He Iz

We're dropped into the middle of what feels like an arena/carnival as we're encouraged to "jump the f*ck up"! We get a laid-back flow from Amine that is complimented by thin percussion. They seem to be complementing each other perfectly. 



Letstalkaboutit (Feat Freddie Gibbs)

The first of a wide range of guests that appear on this album, this track sees Freddie Gibbs give contributions of his own. These beats were constructed when the pair spent time together in 2021, living together to write what we're now hearing. Kaytranada's production never overrides the lyrics, letting all the voices meld together seamlessly.



4EVA (Feat Pharrell Williams)

The familiar voice of Pharrell comes through, augmented and pulsating as if it is entwined with the beat. There's a clear summer vibe throughout the song as keys seem to give way to clear blue skies. The way that Pharrell's vocal gets pitched up high on the chorus is incredibly satisfying.




It immediately feels dramatic as we're greeted by string sections that rise high into the sky. "I got the juice" Amine emphasises, putting himself on a pedestal above other guys. There's been a hell of a lot of bragging on the album so far, most of it of a sexual nature. 



Master P (Feat Big Sean)

We get a blast of spiralling beats throughout the track as the legend that is Big Sean joins the duo on this track. They emphasise that people shouldn't cross them which is in stark contrast to the lightness found throughout the song.




Easily the most chilled-out tempo on the album so far, this is a song that was made for lounging and enjoying life in a warmer climate. Releasing this at the peak of warm weather was the perfect way to get us excited for the months ahead. This might be one of the best songs of summer 2023.


Sossaup (Feat Amaarae)

Never mind, it seems that 'Sossaup' wants to go for the title of the best chilled-out track too. The synths feel so warm and the light drumming takes your mind away for a little while. Amaarae's vocals feel like the perfect complement to the mellow vibe.




This album is clearly an example of how well these two personalities complement each other. In coming together, the pair have put their combined might towards making tracks that are full of horny lyrics, intricate beats and a clear synergy between the pair.



Ugh Ugh

There's no surprise what this song title is referring to as steamy, sweat-drenched pants come to mind when listening to 'Ugh Ugh'. There are plenty of pop culture references littered throughout the song. Amine asks the question, who does it better than them? Their confidence is unwavering.



Eye (Feat Snoop Dogg)

There's an R&B feel to the thick, textured synths that dominate this song. The pair are exuding effortless cool, which is only pushed further by the appearance by Snoop Dogg who appears with the "meanest flow". "Time won't pass me by", he says and it definitely hasn't.




The closer is an odyssey through the sun-soaked synths that we've become accustomed to throughout this unique album. No other album has sounded like this one so far this year and they sign off with all the braggadocios lyrics that you could think of. 





Overall, this is a hugely successful collaboration between Amine and Kaytranada, where it wouldn't work if one of them wasn't involved. They seem to suit each other's styles perfectly with Amine's flow seamlessly slotting into the mellow and sun-soaked world that Kaytranada creates. You will very easily be able to find a track that takes you through the rest of summer here.



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