Independent Venue Week: The importance of supporting grassroots music

Here's why we love Independent Venue Week.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 23rd Jan 2024

Independent Venue Week is the annual celebration of the UK's independent music and arts venues, the people that run them, and the stories that come from them. THE time of year to head out and show your appreciation for these key cultural spaces, the 2024 edition will take place from Monday 29th January to Sunday 4th February.

Gigs will be happening across a massive 205 independent venues during the week, highlighting the invaluable work that these venues do all year round. We must recognise the cultural value that these spaces offer, especially with so many of them coming under increased financial pressure, and many closing, due to the ever-increasing cost of living crisis and financial hangover from the pandemic.

If you want to support Independent Venues this Independent Venue Week, visit our IVW 2024 Inspire Me page on Skiddle, and check out all the events we have on sale that are a part of proceedings, by clicking or tapping - HERE

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The week will see artists from all levels of the industry come down to play venues they may not have in years. Often, these spaces are the launchpads of the artists that we love the most. Open mic nights are popular at independent venues and these can be the very first steps an artist takes when it comes to sharing their original work with the world. Even huge stars such as Ed Sheeran have discussed the value places like these had on launching his career. 

Another fantastic element of independent venues is the sense of discovery that you get. There's often an act playing on every night of the week, which means these places are ripe for finding your next favourite artist. If you ask us, there are few better feelings than watching a band you've been into since the early days make it big. 

It is hard enough to try and make a living as an artist even when you're seen as successful due to the pittance of revenue you earn from streaming. This means that traditional revenue streams such as gig tickets and merch are much more valuable to support your favourite artists. Never underestimate the difference you make when paying a visit to the merch stand and coming away with a new t-shirt.


Communities are often built around the local independent venues. For example, Leeds' Brudenell Social Club is as much of a social space as it is a gig venue. The layout of the bar is the perfect place to catch up with friends and find common interests with new ones. The Trades Club in Hebden Bridge not only has repeat customers but bands who frequent it too, such is the connection they feel with the space.

However, there is also a flip side. When such spaces are lost, the damage to a community, and its music fans, can be incalculable. Whether it be the Bath institution Moles - where Oasis, Radiohead, and Ed Sheeran played early in their careers - that had to close recently after 45 years due to rising costs; or the ongoing battle for the iconic Leadmill in Sheffield; Independent Venue Week is as important as ever, and the support you show during this week could help immeasurably. 

 There's no doubt that these are the kinds of places that make small towns come alive and make it feel as though you've discovered a hidden gem in a big city. Many are in danger though and need as much support as they can get.




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