Hannah Laing @ Blackstone Street Warehouse review

Hannah Laing brought her 'Welcome To The Doof' tour to Liverpool on Friday, we sent Amy Williams to check it all out.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 12th Mar 2024

Verging on what we might call a ‘meteoric rise’ in the world of electronic music, Hannah Laing quickly made her way from local Dundee gigs to worldwide tours. On Friday, it was Blackstone Street Warehouse in Liverpool where she presented ‘Welcome to the Doof’; spinning bouncing dance beats to house-loving crowds, the early-evening rave set the bar for everyone’s weekend.

Celebrated for her unique dance hits, bordering house and trance with techno elements, Hannah Laing has become a well-known name that’s traveled the globe. Her passion for music was instilled in Hannah from a young age, having music-loving parents meant that she was surrounded by dance music all her life, and that led to her unstoppable trajectory. On stage at Blackstone Street Warehouse, her passion was enthusiastically evident and her high energy was infectious.

With sublime drops and freestyle melodies, the crowd was eagerly anticipating the next song on the set list. Aside from entrancingly performing her classic tunes ‘Good Love’ and ‘Party All The Time’ , the most ecstatic drop had to be her rendition of 'Castles In The Sky'; a classic trance tune that is iconic for rave-goers, it was a phenomenal moment of strong bass beats and a progressive electric atmosphere. 

It’s safe to say there was no way you could get bored at this gig. Giving a modern spin on trancey numbers, you never knew what was coming next, and that’s in terms of both the set list and the ever-changing spectacle of the production. Stimulated digital screens and illuminating, dazzling lights just added to the party and groove-ridden tracks. Blackstone Street Warehouse was the perfect home to an impeccable sound system, partnered with a visual set, that created a performance to remember. Both the venue and the setlist was built for a party and it sent the dancefloor into a bedlam of appreciation.

If you’re a dancefloor lover, you’ll understand how you can ‘catch the bug’ once you start going to live gigs. Hannah Laing is an incredible example of someone who caught the bug and kept music authenticity at her core, with the diligence to always be reactive and produce a new wave of music that is loved by her fans. From the beginning of her music career, Hannah Laing has shown us that she won’t stop surpassing our expectations, releasing flawless tracks that keep on giving. Titled as Dundee’s ‘Queen of House’ , her performance at Blackstone Street Warehouse showed she’s worthy of the crown.



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