Half-term activities: Keep your kids entertained this October

Scrap the screens this half-term and take the kids to these thrilling experiences across the UK.

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Date published: 18th Oct 2022

Half-term’s almost here, and you know what that means. “Mum, I’m bored”, “dad, can we do something?”. But you can’t blame them. They just want to make the most of the break. So instead of listening to the kid's drone on about how bored they are, why not take them out on a new adventure? 

Here are some cracking family activities this half-term that you and your kids can enjoy.


Family Jam Late Session


Photo: Roller Disco @ Rollernation / Facebook.com

When: Saturday 22nd October 2022

Where: Rollernation, London, England 

Okay, so this one isn’t a “proper” half-term activity. But it’s on the first Saturday after they break up. Their first official day of freedom. So what better way to kick it all off than at a family roller disco session? You might all skate like a shaky Bambi on ice for the first half hour or so, but it’ll definitely be a laugh. And when the littluns get the hang of it, it’ll be so much fun. And we guarantee they’ll be out like a light when their heads hit the pillow after skating about for a few hours. 


Find tickets for Family Jam Late Session - here



Witches & Wizards School of Excellence


When: Sunday 23rd October 2022

Where: Escape To Freight Island, Manchester, England

Manchester’s beloved, multi-purpose venue, Escape To Freight Island, welcomes you and your munchkins to start half term with a bang. Literally. Raise your wands and exclaim “expelliarmus” at the Witches & Wizardry School of Excellence. This fully immersive theatre event invites your kids to help Harry and the team protect Hogwarts from Voldemort by learning how to mix potions and create spells. Do they have what it takes to defeat Voldemort and become a star wizard or witch? 


Find tickets for Witches & Wizards School of Excellence - here



Climb (60 mins)


Photo: Rachel / Unsplash.com

When: Saturday 22nd October - Saturday 5th November 2022

Where: The National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England 

Sometimes the most simple activities pack the most punch. As your kids scale walls inspired by terrains from all over the world, they’ll be using every muscle to conquer the huge challenges before them. The joy and pride felt after doing something you thought you never could is exhilarating. It might even ignite a new passion and lead to a new hobby. And we bet they’ll sleep like babies when they get home. 


Find tickets for Climb (60 mins) - here



Scare Kingdom Scream Park


Photo: Scare Kingdom Scream Park / Facebook.com

When: Multiple dates from Friday 21st October - Sunday 6th November

Where: Scare Kingdom Scream Park, Blackburn, England

It’s nearly Halloween! So you might as well kick off the half-term on a spooky note at Scare Kingdom Scream Park, navigating through spine-tingling mazes. This multi-award-winning scare event has terrifying scare actors, special effects, and scare attractions for daring, adrenaline-junkie families who love a bit of horror. But be warned, it is scary and, therefore, they recommend brave kids no younger than 10 years old.


Find tickets for Scare Kingdom Scream Park - here



Graffiti Art Class


Photo: Zap Graffiti Arts / Facebook.com

When: Monday 24th October 2022

Where: ZAP GRAFFITI ARTS, Liverpool, England 

There aren’t many kids who don’t find graffiti cool. And the same can be said for adults. So we’re sure they’ll love a graffiti class at Zap Graffiti with their expert tutors. Empower them to unleash their creativity at this two-hour class, where they’ll learn the basic skills and techniques it takes to be a pro graffiti artist. They’ll design and create their own 3x3ft posters that they can then take home and put up on their bedroom wall. You never know, you might have the next Banksy on your hands!


Find tickets for Graffiti Art Class - here



Jurassic Live


Photo: Jurassic Live Show / Facebook.com 

When: multiple times from Saturday 22nd October - Sunday 23rd October 2022

Where: Bells Sports Centre, Perth, Scotland

Jurassic Live is an award-winning show featuring animatronics and the most realistic dinosaurs in the UK. It’s also the only UK dino show to feature a stegosaurus and apatosaurus, and it has one of the largest T-rexes in Europe. With blinking eyes, moving mouths, and bodies that move, it’s the best, most immersive dino show in the UK. And with the choice of a 12 pm or 5 pm show, it’s flexible and easy to fit into your schedule. Your dino-loving kiddo will love it.


Find tickets for Jurassic Live - here



Rave Kidz - Halloween Party


Photo: Rave Kidz Family Raves / Facebook.com 

When: Sunday 30th October 2022

Where: Riva Preston, Preston, England

Raves are magical. You unite with others and enjoy the same tunes together as you dance. It’s an incredible, loving environment. And with the Rave Kidz Halloween event coming up, it’s the perfect time to introduce your kids to this bliss. There’ll be tunes, dancing, games, full stage production, Halloween decor, a laser show, a UV glow party, snacks, and a fully licensed bar. It’ll be pure, wholesome, and slightly spooky fun for four euphoric hours.  


Find tickets for Rave Kidz - Halloween Party - here



Legoland Windsor Resort One Day Entry


Photo: Official LEGOLAND Windsor / Facebook.com 

When: Friday 21st October - Sunday 30th October 

Where: Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel, Windsor, England 

Throughout the whole of October, Legoland Windsor will become a haunted wonderland with pumpkins all over, igniting that loveable Halloween spirit. And with over 55 rides and attractions to enjoy, it’ll be the perfect way to spend the half-term with the family. There are rollercoasters, water rides, Lego building stations, a driving school, an aquarium, the haunted house monster party, and so much more to explore. With a bit of free time on your hands, why not make this half-term one to remember? 


Find tickets for Legoland Windsor Resort One Day Entry - here



Half-term is the perfect time to get out and make some memories as a family. If you’re still wondering what to do during October half-term, click or tap here



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