For The Record: Para Fiction, 'Our scene is still in its baby phase'

The Brighton-based punk-rap duo reveal their favourite records, new releases and best ever gigs.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 5th May 2020

Para Fiction (Jambo and Jules, aka Anti Jambo and Coding Dude) are a punk-rap duo from Brighton.

Born of the DIY/Soundcloud era, the boys formed a bond and a band after meeting at a beachside rave at the age of seventeen.

Possessing a raw and passionate energy which has seen them support the likes of punk outfits Slaves and Lady Bird, and perform at Boomtown and Dreamland Margate, the duo recently released new single, ‘ROY', ahead of a new EP (part of their eerily relevant 'Epidemic' series) in the next few months.

They say: “We’re both from Brighton and started out in punk bands. We met at a rave when we were seventeen, I went outside for a smoke and met Jules on the beach. A week later we wrote our first tune ‘Time Debt’, then spent most of our time pissing off my mum and neighbours making tunes in my bedroom. 



"As we've evolved we've experimented with having a band, as well as PA sets with live guitar, which has become more natural. Our current set up is very production based, with Jules creating drums from samples and messing around with the guitar. That’s mainly been out of convenience, as we don’t have much access to the studio, aside from pirate, so the sound has adapted and become a big part of our DIY ethos.

"Right now we’re in quarantine. It’s annoying that we've had so many lit shows get cancelled. We really just want be out there playing live. But in the meantime we’re writing and making merch for our Para family. 

"There’s so many sick artists coming from the UK underground right now, it’s mad. Nokia Mansion, Cosmotivation and Shizz, they’re all our mates as well so that’s a bonus. Our scene and type of music is in the baby phase at the moment but people are doing it all over the UK, so once everyone connects I reckon it’ll be something really exciting.”



Is there a record you can't stop playing right now?

Jambo: “The Garden’s new album, Kiss My Super Bowl Ring, is what I’ve been banging on repeat. I love how experimental they are, fusing loads of genres together: surf, trash, jungle, d&b, even industrial techno.”

Jules: “Headie One x Fred again, Charades - looking forward to the mixtape coming out.”


How many records do you own?

Ja: “I only had a few CDs when I was younger, but when my dad passed away he left us his whole vinyl collection. Ever since I’ve been going through it to find sampling gold.”

Ju: “I used to buy CDs all the time, and a few vinyls, but I just listen to stuff online nowadays.”


What’s the weirdest, rarest or most expensive record you own?

Ja: “Not checked through all my dad’s records yet, but I remember him saying he had a rare Jimi Hendrix record.”

Ju: “I got Django Reinhardt improvisations from a good friend of mine which are perfect for sampling.”


If you could only play one record for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ja: "Probably the Rage Against The Machine self-titled album. There are too many bangers and even now I’m not bored of it.”

Ju: “Always a tough one, but maybe Bobby Womack’s California Dreaming - that doesn’t get old for me.”


Give us your top 3 recent releases.

“King Krule’s new album, Man Alive; The Garden’s new album, Kiss My Super Bowl Ring, and the new JHus album, Big Conspiracy.



Which new artist/band/DJ should we be listening to right now?

“Chubby and The Gang.”


Do you have a musical guilty pleasure?

“Not really, we don’t really feel guilty about music.”


Best live performance you’ve ever seen?

JA: “JPEGmafia at Scala.”

JU: “SlowThai at Boomtown.”


If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

JA: “Zillakami or The Garden.” 

JU: “Madlib or PF Doom.”


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