Female artists to watch out for in 2024

Here are the up-and-coming female artists to have on your radar in 2024.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 3rd Jan 2024

We all love the feeling of discovering new music that resonates with us. Whether it’s an absolute banger that makes you desperate to get to the rave or a soothing track that seems like the sonic equivalent of a lazy sunny day, it’s a tough feeling to beat. 

As it’s Women Rock Day, and the start of a brand new year, we wanted to shine a light on some of the best up-and-coming female artists, just like we did last year! From trance to pop punk, jazz to house, here are the female artists in 2024 to keep an eye on. 



BETH is a house DJ/producer based in Glasgow who’s already released a handful of bangers and regularly plays at one of Glasgow’s best venues, SWG3. Originally from Lanark, BETH entered Defected’s Unsung Heroes competition and got to the top 21 against 3,000 entries. She’s without a doubt one of the new female DJs to watch out for.




Half-British half-Finnish artist gglum from London often crafts lowkey tracks centred around a garage rock sound. She’s been releasing tracks since 2020, so if you like Easy Fun (above), there’s plenty more you can check out from her. 



Frankie Jobling

Hailing from Newcastle, Frankie Jobling moved to Manchester to study music before returning home to work on her sound. Having been called a “nothern Jorja Smith” despite being at the very beginning of her career, we’re sure she’s got an amazing year ahead of her. 




Manchester’s Leaha is a techno and bouncy trance DJ/producer. She’s played a few Teletech parties including a fair few that saw her go B2B with Faster Horses. The two also collaborated on Celestial, which you can check out above. 



hemlocke springs

American indie pop singer-songwriter hemlock springs gained some serious attention after her track girlfriend went viral on TikTok in 2022. Since then, she released her EP going…going…GONE! in September 2023 and received plenty of well-earned, well-deserved attention from music fans and critics. 




Heavily inspired by noughties pop-punk sounds, poutyface delivers chaotic, energetic tunes, often crafted with electronic elements at their core. Fusing pop and rock sounds in most of her music, poutyface is certainly a female artist to check out in 2024 if you like those vibes but still appreciate a fair amount of genre-bending. 



Georgia Cécile

Winner of both UK Jazz Act of The Year and Vocalist of the Year at the Jazz FM Awards in 2022, Georgia Cécile topped the UK jazz and blues chart with her debut, Only The Lover Sings. Inspired by Nina Simone and Stevie Wonder, Cécile has a timeless, classy sound that’ll take her to the top of the genre. 




MACY makes emotive pop, using each song to tell a story. The singer from South Wales’ music is often described as dreamy and sometimes dark pop full of emotion. Armed with fun songs you can dance to in your bedroom and thought-provoking ballads that get you in your feelings, MACY’s already got a solid discography that’ll just keep expanding. 




Becoming a DJ full-time in 2023, AISHA is a psy-techno DJ and producer from Scotland who has held a residency at Sub Club, played for Teletech, and released tracks on the Berlin-based label Speedmaster, Terminal V, and Taapion. She even won Best Electronic at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards in 2021. She’s definitely one of our new female DJs. 



Gretel Hänlyn 

Raised on Nick Cave, Gretel Hänlyn creates guitar tracks with her husky vocals over them. Despite being a relative newcomer, you can hear plenty of variation in her songs, some being grungy, some more gothic, and some soft indie ballads. The young West London artist is already fantastic but will most certainly continue to blossom in 2024. 



Rebecca Vasmant

In 2021, Rebecca Vasmant released With Love, From Glasgow, an album that saw her collaborate with many fantastic jazz artists from Glasgow to create a fresh fusion of the genre with dance. Rebecca is a true music fanatic, with crates of vinyl to prove it, and has done a considerable amount for jazz as a promoter, curator, and music director. 



Scene Queen 

A breath of fresh air, Scene Queen is absolutely hilarious and has a knack for marrying up genres you thought would never work together. Her music, which she’s branded “bimbocore”, is metalcore fused with super girly themes and often pop music, and even country on her track MILF. While she loves singing about pink flip phones and vajazzles, she also tackles serious topics like sexual assault and abusive men in the music industry. Check her out in 2024 to see what the “twerkle pit” is all about.  




Bristol's TIANNA is a neo-soul artist with a sweet, soothing voice. She dropped her Morning Conversations EP in September 2023 on Go Getter Records and has plenty more music on the way this year. If you love music that feeds and heals the soul, check her out. 



There are so many incredible upcoming female artists in 2024, no matter what genre you’re into - far too many to mention here. If you love discovering new artists, check out Skiddle’s Essential Listening playlists (house & techno, DnB, indie, and hip-hop) or check out what’s on at your local venue. You just might discover your new favourite artist! 

We know nothing beats the thrill of live music. Discover loads more fantastic up-and-coming artists now by searching Skiddle and finding events near you! 



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