Women Rock! Day 2023: Female artists to watch out for in 2023

With today marking Women Rock Day 2023, we wanted to let you in on all the female acts we think you need to keep an eye on this year

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 3rd Jan 2023

Since Aretha Franklin was the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame, back in 1987, the 3rd of January has been an annual celebration of women in the music industry. Acting as a day to raise awareness for, and bring encouragement to, the women who are breaking through the glass ceiling and making a difference in the music scene. 

Nowadays, you don't have to look far to find a woman killing it in the music scene. From genre-bending bands making infectious tunes to RnB and Soul singers with voices like sonic honey to hardcore punk girls bringing a ferocious attitude, there no denying they all rule. But, instead of looking at those women already established, we wanted to delve a bit deeper and let you in on a few you may not have heard of. 

There are so many women on this list who are pushing the boundaries creatively, and a few who we are certain will be household names this time next year. So, get the speakers turned up to 11 and resupply your new year playlists because these may just earn a coveted spot. 



Lime Garden

The genre-jumping, eminently brilliant Brighton rockers Lime Garden had a pretty stellar 2022, with two quality singles in Marbles and Bitter, but this year is the year they are destined to take off, as rumours of a debut record could come to fruition. With earworm hooks, and creatively catchy, wit-smeared, lyricism, the band have been hard to ignore as they traverse their upward trajectory, and with a smattering of festival appearances booked already, and we're sure a few more to come, they're going to be everywhere. So make sure to listen to their tunes and see them live wherever you can, they also know how to put on one hell of a show. 



Panic Shack

Forcing their way into the industry through sheer anti-establishment force and incredible punk tunes, Panic Shack are one of the latest protest-fuelled acts to come out of Bristol, and they have no notions of slowing down. With a classic punk vibe, mixed with spoken word lyricism that cuts through societal debate like a swing of a butcher's cleaver, their inspiration comes from the everyday, and they always cut deep. From 'The Ick' to 'Meal Deal' their sweeping commentary are both full of sharp-edged wit and recognisable anger. They're bound to be taking over a stage near you soon, and we think they going to leave 2023 in the rearview, smashed to pieces. 



Matilda Mann

Inspired by the success of acts like Laura Marling, The Staves, and Wet Leg, 22-year-old singer/songwriter Matilda Mann has a voice-like treacle that conjures nostalgic candour and memories of old. The vintage tone to her tracks makes them feel like they've been on your playlist for years, and are the perfect listen whilst staring longingly out a car window. With a string of incredible singles throughout 2022, it's clear that there may be a debut record on the way, and if this happens, don't be surprised to see her become a household name, she's that good.



Billy Nomates

For any fans of the post-rock/punk world, you're probably already familiar with the founding member of the Hippy Elite, Billy Nomates. Her 2020 debut was widely well-received by both fans and critics and saw her kick through the door of the industry with her widely original style and instantly recognised vocals. Now, set to release her second album in 2023, the only way is up, with bigger stages and audiences on the horizon. She's hardcore, doesn't take nonsense, and takes aim at patriarchal norms whenever possible. So unique and one of the most deserving of a listen on this list, just make sure to see her live, the shows are electric. 



English Teacher

Whilst not all women, but founded and led by the incredible voice of Lily Fontaine, English Teacher are the latest in a line of excellent exports from Leeds and are taking the industry by storm. Their wildly unique post-rock style (reminiscent of Black Country, New Road and Sorry) saw them win Glastonbury's coveted Emerging Talent Competition and has seen them feature in many a new artists list. Their excellent EP 'polyawkward', released at the back end of the year, was met with high praise, and they don't look like slowing anytime soon. 



Bloody Civilian

A relatively unknown name in the biz up until the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (on which she had an incredibly well-received track) the Nigerian-born, genre-defying singer Bloody Civilian is ready and primed to be one of the biggest pop stars of 2023, and we are more than backing her to do so. A storyteller within her music, and with a talent beyond songwriting, as seen on her stunningly self-produced debut single 'How to Kill a Man', she has all the talent to go far, and we think 2023 is the year she becomes a household name. 




Whilst not made up entirely of women, the punch of Honeyglazes appeal comes from the hauntingly beautiful lyricism of the lead singer Anouska Sokolow, and you only need to look at Ellie Rowsell to know that this is all it takes to become iconic. They released their debut record in 2022, and it was met with love from fans within the genre for its originality and excellent songwriting skills from Sokolow. In 2023, we reckon the only trajectory for them is up, as their enchanting live shows reach more and more people, and the Honeyglaze train attracts more passengers and they will be stopping at the biggest stations soon enough. 



Tara Lily

With liquid vocals and tunes that pull from a variety of genres within the RnB, Soul, and Jazz spheres, Tara Lilys EP at the back end of 2022 stunned everyone who listened, and the sky truly is the limit for the Peckham-born British-Bengali artist. She has been turning heads for a while now, and last year became the first British artist – and also the first South Asian one – to sign with Motown Records UK, the label’s new subsidiary. Lily has both the talent and industry support to be infinitely successful, and we are here every step of the way, and can't wait to indulge in absolutely everything she puts out. 



Akemi Fox

Akemi Fox is quite simply the North's most soothing, silky smooth, R&B artist to come to prominence in 2022. With impeccable singles like 'I Want It' and ' You're My Favourite Day' she has turned heads in multiple spheres and is standing out for all the right reasons. With her distinctive voice, seductive lyrical ability, and nostalgic 90s/00s sound there are few that listen that aren't instant fans. 2023 is bound to be her year as she has effortlessly glided along her upward trajectory, and with the quality of tunes she's producing, it seems the next few steps will be equally effortless for her. 



Lex Amor

One of North London's most introspective and original rappers, Lex Amour has been slowly bubbling beneath the surface and gaining a strong cult following for the last few years, and we think 2023 is the year she breaks through into the mainstream. Since establishing herself with her debut in 2020, Lex Amor has continued to carve her own path, but with features on both Knucks and Kojey radicals records last year, she is making more and more noise in the London rap landscape that can be so hard to break these days. but with her obvious talent and knack for production too, there are few other women in the scene with a bigger ceiling. Just give her a listen and you'll understand. 



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