Cheap places to eat in Edinburgh

Going out for food is one of life's greatest, simplest pleasures. But, at the minute money can be a bit tight. With that in mind, here are some mouthwatering cheap places to eat in Edinburgh.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 23rd Sep 2022

There's not much in this world that sorts you out quite like a good meal. Whether it's for a celebration, a good time with the pals, or you just can't be arsed cooking; going out for a scran is always the answer. But, whilst we all love eating out, it's getting more and more expensive to do so with how things are at the minute. So, with that in mind, we want to let you in on all the cheap places to eat in Edinburgh, so you can still enjoy a good meal without breaking the bank.

We've got Jam packed burritos, a full-blown Scottish brekkie, succulent wings, and even food trucks serving up the best haggis in the city. Whatever your price point is, you will find some top scran from in and around Auld Reekie on this list, so get scrolling and try not to salivate all over your keyboard.



Thing Thai Caravan

Image: Ting Thai Caravan on Facebook

Where: 8-9 Teviot Pl, Edinburgh EH1 2QZ

Starting from humble beginnings as a food truck at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe, Ting Thai Caravan has grown into an Edinburgh institution with two sites serving up some of the finest Thai cuisines in the city. On top of this, the prices are incredibly affordable for what they are, almost all of the dishes come in below a tenner - although the massaman confit duck leg is more than worth splashing a few extra quid for - and every single one has the perfect Thai blend of a spicy rich broth and succulent meat and veg. It comes highly recommended, just make sure you turn up in time as the two sites get very full.



Bonnies Burritos

Image: Bonnies Burritos on Facebook

Where: 82 S Clerk St, Newington, Edinburgh EH8 9PT

When you're looking for cheap places to eat in Edinburgh, a lot of the time you want something that is going to fill you up, whilst also tasting great. This can be hard to come by. But, we think the very best in this category has to be Bonnies Burritos. They serve up humongous burritos that all cost less than a tenner, and have a little Scottish twist; This means Iron-Bru stewed meat or haggis burritos! The site has risen from a small food truck into a multi-venue chain across the city, and you just have to try it... If only to see what Iron-Bru chicken tastes like (it's bloody delicious.)



Kebab Mahal

Image: Kebab Mahal on Facebook

Where: 7 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh EH8 9BH

A stalwart of Edinburgh student scran, Kebab Mahal has been serving up Indian food on the streets of the city since the 70s, and it's pretty obvious why they've lasted so long. Its specialisation in traditional tandoori, curries, shish kebab, chicken tikka and biryani have gained it city-wide recognition and features in all the tourist guides. Plus, they've managed to not stray from their roots and dish up their plates at affordable prices. For any fans of Indian cuisine, and just good food in general, Kebab Mahal is an essential Edinburgh cheap eat.




Image: Oink Edinburgh on Facebook

Where: 34 Victoria St, Edinburgh EH1 2JW

If you live anywhere in the Great British Isles, you will understand how big a part of the culture a Hog Roast is. They are served up and down the country, year-round (but mainly at Christmas) and they are always a belting scran. But, if you were to rank them, we think that Oink in Edinburgh has to be high. Oink started from a pair of Scottish farmers with a penchant for good food and has turned into three sites across Auld Reekie that serve up the rolls by the dozen. With both traditional style and Scottish style (with haggis), its arguably the best lunch spot in the whole city (although don't go every day, your arteries won't thank you) and with the rolls costing between £4.95 and £7.70, dependant on how big you wanna go, it's incredibly affordable. We're salivating just looking at the pictures.



Snax Cafe

Image: Snax Cafe on Facebook

Where: 15-17 W Register St, Edinburgh EH2 2AA

We all love a big brekkie, don't we? Especially after a night on the booze. Well, those of you from England may never have been exposed to the delights of a Full Scottish Breakfast. Haggis, Potato cakes, link sausage, the additions make a full English seem healthier in comparison, by wow are they good. Well, if you want to try one of these on your next trip up to Auld Reekie, then thats where Snax Cafe comes in. The super affordable breakfast and brunch cafe has been serving up fried delights to Edinburgh residents for years now, curing countless hangovers, and filling up the stomach of many a builder. The only place to go for a cheap and tasty brekkie, it will not disappoint.



Pakora Bar

Image: Pakora Bar on Facebook

Where: 251-253 Canongate, Edinburgh EH8 8BQ

Founded back in 2005 The Pakora Bar was set up by 3 brothers who had a passion for their ancestral cuisine and a dream to share their mum's recipes & flavours with Scotland. Starting out part-time and covering all of the Scottish food festivals, the Pakora Bar was soon born out of the graft in the truck, and boy has it paid off. Serving up a range of Punjabi street food classics, with an obvious speciality in Pakora (they've even done a Punjabi-tartan crossover with haggis pakora), the place is just bloody delicious. Plus, with Pakora dishes starting as cheap as £6 - including their mouth-watering pakora wraps for £7 - it's pretty affordable and is always a great meal. 




Image: Wings Edinburgh on Facebook

Where: 5 - 7 Old Fishmarket Cl, High St, Edinburgh EH1 1RW

Now then, anyone who doesn't like chicken wings can quite frankly leave and never come back (please do come back, just know we'll like you a little less). A stone-cold classic of quick scran, that has potential for hundreds of flavour combos, a good chicken wing can brighten any day. So, for those particularly dreary Scottish days, we can only recommend you rock up at Wings. They serve up over 35 different flavour combinations, ranging from dry to saucy, and with a variety of heat levels, plus 6 wings will only set you back £3.50! Come on, we don't need to convince you anymore, we shouldn't do anyway, get yourself down and try out for yourself. 



The Mosque Kitchen

Image: The Mosque Kitchen on Facebook

Where: 31-33 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh EH8 9BX

Even more Indian scran for you and this one may just top the list in terms of affordability, and not just in that cuisine, but the whole of Edinburgh. The Mosque kitchen is, as the name might suggest, attached to a Mosque in the city's University district, and they serve up piles of traditional Indian curries, pakora and Daals, all for an incredible price. Everything is under a tenner, and some of the veggie curries can be just £5! There's no real frill, with it having plastic cutlery and poly plates, but it has charm in spades, and flavour just the same. A great option when looking for cheap places to eat in Edinburgh, so get down there and fill up your socks.



The Haggis Box

Image: The Haggis Box on Facebook

Where: Scottish Storytelling Centre, 43-45 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1SR

We couldn't have this list without featuring at least one place that specialises in the traditional Scottish dish Haggis, and whilst we are sure there are probably fancier places than The Haggis Box, there certainly aren't any that match the quality at the price point. The little shack found outside Edinburgh Scottish Storytelling Centre has been operating for a few years now, and its speciality of Haggis with Neeps and Tatties with a range of sumptuous sauces. They maintain a focus on keeping it traditional, without any frills and serving it up as the locals like it. In our opinion, it's the best place to sample Scotalnddds national dish in the city. Just be prepared for a queue!



Pizza Posto

Image: Pizza Posto on Facebook

Where: 16 Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9DH

Now, no cheap eats list is complete without a place to get some pizza. The Italian dish is adored by pretty much everyone and is always an easy go-to for a quick meal. When in Edinburgh, the place to go for pizza has to be Pizza Posto. Serving up traditional Neopolitan-style pizzas from a wood-fired oven, the pizza is thin, crispy, puffy crusted, and topped with a wide range of tasty treats. Plus, this goodness can all be consumed for under a tenner, so take that Dominoes! Pizza Posto is cheap and easy and never disappoints. So if you're craving a bit of cheesy, tomatoey, doughy goodness, well, you now know where to go!



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