Bowie shares 'Lazarus' from upcoming album Blackstar

We dissect Lazarus, the second track released from David Bowie's upcoming album Blackstar.

Ben Smith

Date published: 18th Dec 2015

Image: David Bowie

We suspect that 2016 may just be the year of David Bowie, more so after a hit of 'Lazarus', the next chink in the armour of his forthcoming album Blackstar.

Released on his birthday (Friday January 8th), the record will abscond heavy traces of pop for a darkened eerie feel influenced by electronica producers Boards Of Canada, whom Donny McClaslin, and his supporting musician's electro-acoustic quartet are known to cover. 

We've also heard inspirations from Death Grips mentioned, although their hell raising hip hop is unheard of in the scintillatingly arranged strings that tease the unknown, the underground jazz that caresses the chorus and Bowie's vocal that harks the biblical tale of Lazarus with emotive clout. 

Mysterious in its appeal, the songs so far suggest Bowie's entered an unknown void with this album, a period of experimentation and reflection, but an exciting one at that. 

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