Best Albums August 2022: Julia Jacklin, Hot Chip & More

We take a look at the best albums from August, with plenty of hidden gems to be found.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 1st Sep 2022

August was a bit of a quieter month for album releases, with plenty of festivals happening and artists jetting off across the world. But, there were some gems released and if you feel like you haven't had your monthly album fix, then check out the ones that we've listed below. These are the very best albums of August 2022...


Julia Jacklin- Pre Pleasure

Julia Jacklin has always been known for creating music that is emotionally devastating, sometimes situated right in the heart of trauma. If her last album Crushing was about overcoming such turmoil and regaining confidence, Pre Pleasure is an album that finds itself on the border of happiness. Pleasure is in reach, but it isn't always attainable for very long and this album preaches that joy comes in circles no matter how hard you work. 



Hot Chip- Freakout/Release

Hot Chip may have donned psychedelic textures for their last album but this time around they put an emphasis on funk and groove. It's an album that proves that they are dance music's great shapeshifters, able to take in any sound they want and match it up to their rhythms. Their most introspective album to date, prepare for a bit more of an emotional journey.



Stella Donnelly- Flood

Stella Donnelly released her second album this month and it was one that was moulded by some much-needed time away. Not wanting to feel burnt out, Donnelly explored new places in Australia, hopping between cities and revelling in the nature of the jungle. You can feel naturalistic elements throughout that give the album a meditative quality, mixed with her sharp, socially-relevant lyricism.



Mall Grab- What I Believe

Another album from Australia, Mall Grab's new album feels like a homage to dance music history, placing you right in the centre of the rave. With the producer being London-based, his debut is packed with the sounds of the city in a project that has been formed for a few years. It is the perfect pre-party playlist.



Ezra Furman- All of Us Flames

Ezra Furman's new album is one that channels the burning intensity of trans rage into rip-roaring rock music. An empowering listen, it turns anger into something beautiful and enlightening. Featuring sprawling indie rock sounds and droning synths, Furman still manages to enhance her repertoire of sounds. 



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