Battles to play at Liverpool's 02 Academy

American experimental math-rock and electronic legends descend on Liverpool for Evol's 12th birthday celebrations.

Ben Smith

Last updated: 6th Nov 2015

Image: Battles 

Battles will play at Liverpool O2 Academy on Wednesday 23rd March as part of Evol's 12th birthday celebrations. 

For well over a decade now the band have been shifting the boundaries of rock music with their idiosyncratic and virtuosic playing, coupled with trademark visceral, syncopated and sporadic rhythms.

The band leapfrogged their way to success off the back of their debut album, Mirrored released in 2007, scoring countless awards which outed them as one of the most critically acclaimed bands around. 

Battles' second album Gloss Drop would see the band explore new avenues following the departure of singer and guitarist Tyondai Braxton. Despite being a predominantly instrumental album, it would become a commercial hit for Battles in the UK.

Back with their latest album La di da di (listen to 'The Yabba' above), they look to continue their exciting progression of rock music across the world: a real and rare treat for music aficionados and headbangers alike. 

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Words: James Crosley

Tickets are no longer available for this event