Anton Powers' top 10 all time favourite dance classics

Anton Powers lists his go-to classic club tracks.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 6th Oct 2017

Anton Powers is a household name in Liverpool. Thanks to his peak time radio shows on the likes of Juice FM, Radio City and now Capital FM, he's been responsible for getting the city ready for the weekend for over 10 years.

A talented producer, he's had chart bothering hits in the form of 'Alone No More' with Philip George and 'Baby' with Pixie Lott, and has conquered festival stages at Creamfields and Tomorrowland, all the while picking up accolades for DJ Of The Year by local publications and even the city council. 

The Liverpool musical treasure picked out the tracks which stand the test of time, and will always have a special place in his music collection ahead of S2S on Saturday 28th October. 

Eve Gallagher - 'You Can Have It All'

A massive girly anthem. Reminds me of going to Full On at Cream and seeing Boy George play this. He actually wrote it too.  

Alison Limerick - 'Where Love Lives'

One of the biggest and best piano lines of all time. There's an unreleased remix by the Reese Project that I adore. 

Louie Vega & Jay Sinister Sealee starring Julie McKnight 'Diamond Life' 

Julie McKnight one of house music's best ever vocalists. Obviously 'Finally' is amazing but this one from her and Kings Of Tomorrow (Jay Sinister Sealee) has always been my sneaky fave. 

Mory Kante - 'Yeke Yeke'

This is the song that got me into house music and DJing. When I first heard it, it completely blew me away. I'd never heard anything like it. And I sometimes think if I never heard it all those years ago. Would I of become a DJ?!

K-Klass - 'Rhythm Is A Mystery'

I've known the K-Klass lads a long time and usually everyone tells them 'Let Me Show You' is their fave. But it's this one by a mile for me. Still gives me goosebumps to this day. 

Laurent Garnier - 'Man With The Red Face'

Remember one of my first ever sets at Creamfields in the Subliminal Arena for Erick Morillo and I played this with Danny Tenaglia - Music Is The Answer over it. I still get shivers thinking about the reaction to it to this day. 

David Guetta - 'Just A Little More Love'

I know Guetta has gone on to have countless hit records but the Wally Lopez remix of this song has so many great memories for me. Playing it weekly in the clubs of Liverpool. It became an anthem & still sounds great to this day. 

Solu Music - 'Fade' 

A modern classic. Used to play this in all my DJ sets in the mid 2000s and still gets a play now and again now too. Been lots of remixes of this. But the Grant Nelson remix can't be beaten.  

Joe Smooth - 'Promised Land'

A song for me that sums up the feeling, the vibe and the ethos of house music. Listen to the lyrics and you will see why. 

SLD - 'Getting Out'

There was a legendary club in Liverpool called Quadrant Park. It was well before my time but this was one of the anthems from there and I love it. All about the Justin Robertson remix. 

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