Skiddle Supports

Together, we are More Than A Ticket

What is Skiddle Supports?

Here at Skiddle, we consider ourselves much more than a ticket outlet. Besides offering access to a broad spectrum of extraordinary events and experiences all year round, we’re also known for our work in fundraising for charities.

Over the past two decades, our compassionate team have come together on numerous occasions to support a list of charitable institutions, the most notable of which is Macmillan Cancer Support.

From raising funds through in-house raffles, calorific cake sales and manager-sponsored silences, to running marathons, serving afternoon tea on Blackpool trams, and trekking the hard-going trails of Machu Pichu in Peru - we love an excuse to fundraise, supporting and giving back to the community around us.

Skiddle Supports Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Liverpool’s Alder Hey Children's Hospital is a state-of-the-art medical facility specialising in the treatment of minors. It is one of Europe’s leading institutions, the hospital provides the best possible care and healing environments for children with a range of different illnesses.

Treating everything from common ailments to complex and specialist conditions, Alder Hey has been dedicated to the welfare of children for over a hundred years, and prides themselves on delivering new medicines and treatments through cutting-edge research programmes in Paediatric care.

Teaming up and raising funds for this incredible hospital in 2023 took little consideration, especially from the position of Skiddle’s directors. Having had to personally rely on the services of Alder Hey Children's Hospital, after a member of their family was taken ill, it seemed only right that this year’s charitable efforts should be focused on both foundations.

Along with our many many fundraising concepts, we’ll also be offering our customers the opportunity to donate £1 when checking out and buying tickets, supporting the growth and maintenance of these life-saving establishments, and aiding the discovery of future breakthrough treatments.

Alder Hey

Skiddle Supports Macmillan Cancer Support

Our partnership with this incredibly important charity and vital cancer care service was first launched 7 years ago, when one of our own, employee and close friend, Chris Glaba was first diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, Chris lost his battle against the illness back in 2016 and from that moment on, we vowed to assist Macmillan Cancer Support, helping them to continue their important work in supporting others suffering from cancer.

Devising ludicrous fundraising ideas and turning them into real-life situations is how we roll at Skiddle. Take our Festival Challenge, for instance. The aim of the task was to visit 10 music festivals within 48 hours, to drum up as many donations as possible from festival-goers, adding to the funds already secured from those who sponsored us in the build-up. We journeyed 1,000 miles over 20 long hours, appearing in front of a staggering 4 million people, a significant portion of which dug deep into their pockets to help the cause.

We were also the first to ever hold a rave within a Microwave. No, not a real Microwave, our health and safety officer would have blown a fuse! But a stage designed to mimic one almost perfectly. Cooking up a storm at last year’s Highest Point Festival, revellers danced through the day out front of the ‘Microrave’ stage (see what we did there?) with all funds collected going straight to Macmillan.

Along with our annual honouring of our dear friend Chris, at our summer BBQ at Skiddle HQ, we’ve hosted hundreds of fundraising occasions over the years, with donations totalling more than £500,000.

Our partnership with Macmillan has now come to an end, though we will continue to donate outside of our great working relationship. Now, we welcome a brand new partnership with two very special organisations, both with personal connections to the Skiddle family.


Skiddle Supports our staff to have ‘Make A Difference Days’

Make A Difference or M.A.D. Days, as they’re referred to in the Skiddle offices, allow our teams of staff to work with a charity of their choosing, to raise money for the causes closest to their hearts.

Each year, we encourage every employee in the company to get out there and participate in fundraising activities, no matter how large or small, offering a day’s paid leave to support them in their charitable quests.