The Best Bars in Ibiza

The Best Bars in Ibiza

Choosing the best bars in Ibiza is no easy task. From swanky cocktails to legendary dive bars to sunset-soaked beachfront views, there are so many options. So, let's get one with it, shall we?

Date published: 26th Apr 2023

The Ibiza season is just about to get underway and if you’re heading out to Europe’s dance Mecca you may want to start getting clued up on the very best bars on offer around the island. Whether you want to pop into one before heading to a club like Ushuaia, Eden, or Hi, or even if you want a night off the boogie and just want to base in one for the night; these bars will cover all the Balearic bases.

From buzzing beach bars to sleek rooftop lounges, classic legacy bars that have called the island home for decades to new swanky establishments that provide a bit of class to an otherwise chaotic time; there's a spot for every mood and occasion. 

So grab a cocktail (or a mocktail, if that's more your thing) and let's get started. But fair warning - after reading this post, you may be tempted to extend your Ibiza trip so that you can check out all of these amazing establishments. Don't say we didn't warn you. So, without further ado, let's raise a glass to the top bars in Ibiza!




Cafe Del Mar

Image: Cafe Del Mar on Facebook

Where: San Antonio

Cafe Del Mar is nothing short of iconic on the island of Ibiza, having a spot on the island since 1980! Perched on the beach in San Antonio, this bar boasts incredible views of the Mediterranean and is the perfect spot to watch the sunset; all with an atmosphere that is laid-back and relaxed, with fantastic music that blends chillout and electronic styles, but always tinged with a Balearic vibe. It’s been about for so long for a reason, and there are few better beachside spots to sink some fruity cocktails and spend a night by the beach. 

If you're looking for an authentic Ibiza experience, Cafe Del Mar is a must-visit. It may not be the most exclusive bar on the island, but it's a classic for a reason. So why not grab a drink, find a seat on the outdoor terrace, and let the magic of the sunset and the music wash over you at Cafe Del Mar?



Cafe Mambo 

Image: Cafe Mambo on Facebook

Where: San Antonio

Cafe Mambo in San Antonio, Ibiza, is a legendary bar that's a must-visit when you make your way over to the Balearic island. Its outdoor terrace boasts stunning sunset and beachfront views. Come daytime there is a laid-back ambience that pulls you in and is easy on the hangover, but after dark, the bar transforms into a party hotspot; With DJs spinning the latest tracks and people dancing under the stars, it is truly the ultimate spot in San Antonio to let loose without having to enter a club.

But Cafe Mambo isn't just about the party atmosphere. It also offers a fantastic menu of cocktails and other drinks, all of which are especially yummy. Whether you're looking for a pre-party spot or a place to unwind after a day of exploring the island, Cafe Mambo is the perfect destination to grab a drink, take in the breathtaking views, and enjoy a night full of unforgettable memories (well until you forget thanks to the beverages you consume).




Image: S'Escalinata on Facebook

Where: Ibiza Old Town

S'Escalinata in Ibiza’s Old Town is a must-visit for a truly unique, and undeniably Spanish experience. Located on a steep staircase, the bar offers stunning views of the city and sea, which you can enjoy from the numerous pillows they line their section of the steps with. It may be a bit bohemian, and you may want your Ibiza holiday to be exclusively parties and clubs, but if you want a break where you can sit back and relax, then look no further than S'Escalinata

They also have an exceptional selection of great food (mainly tapas) that you can enjoy alongside the copious amounts of Sangria. But, for the ultimate experience, visit S'Escalinata during sunset and enjoy an extra special version of the views provided. 



Paradise Lost

Image: Paradise Lost on Facebook

Where: Ibiza Old Town

If you're looking for an unforgettable night out in the secluded corner of Ibiza’s Old Town, then you simply have to check out Paradise Lost. This rum and cocktail bar is an absolute gem, named after Milton's Paradise Lost epic poem, which tells the tale of temptation in the Garden of Eden. And let me tell you, the temptation to try one (or five) of their expertly crafted cocktails is hard to resist!

The Caribbean-themed bar is a real standout on the island and the unique tiki vibe that gives the place an extra layer of fun and excitement. Plus, if that's not enough to convince you, just wait until you hear about the music. Paradise Lost gather some of the best DJs and promoters on the island to make sure the beats are just as impressive as the cocktails, and you can catch some true gems playing exclusive sets if you’re lucky. Truly one of the best on the whole island.



The Rock Bar

Image: The Rock Bar on Facebook

Where: Port d'Eivissa

An Ibiza institute for 25 years, The Rock has been a constant feature on the island, looking out onto the gorgeous Port d’Eivissa in the Ibiza old town. This place is always teeming with a good mix of holidaymakers and locals, with staff who are friendly and helpful to all. 

But that's not all - The Rock Bar’s cocktails are the envy of the island, and they’ve even got a whole array of shisha for you to smoke whilst inhaling your fruity beverages. Basically, it's all the things that you could ever want in a bar, and it’s one of Ibiza's very best, especially if you want to booze in the Old Town!



Murphy's Bar

Image: Murphy's Bar on Facebook

Where: Playa D'en Bossa

With over 25 years of experience, the legendary Murphys Bar has stood the test of time and has become a solid favourite among both locals and tourists alike. With a location right next to lots of the biggest clubs, it’s become one of the central spots to gather with your friends and enjoy some delicious drinks. But that's not all – They truly channel the meeting spot energy by being a hub for all things Ibiza! You can purchase and collect tickets for all the hottest events and club nights on the island right here.

Step inside and be transported to a world of high-energy beats and friendly, multilingual staff who are always happy to help. As you soak in the vibrant atmosphere, you'll be treated to the latest dance tracks that will only serve as a precursor to the chaos that is about the ensue. So, whether you're a seasoned party-goer who wants a spot to stop off before the madness, or someone just looking for a lively spot to booze, be sure to swing by Murphys Bar for a quality Ibiza bar experience.



Mint Lounge 

Image: Mint Lounge on Facebook

Where: San Antonio

If you’re seeking a more refined atmosphere that takes a step away from the madness that can ensue on the island (a short step given that it’s next door to Cafe Mambo), then Mint Lounge is the bar for you. Step onto the stunning outdoor terrace, complete with chic decor and plush seating, and relax to the chilled and soulful electronic music that emits around. You will also need to prepare to indulge as this place has some of the best cocktails about. Mint Lounge's expert mixologists craft premium cocktails with fresh ingredients, plus, you can wine and dine on some premium Italian scran; what more can you ask for?

Whether you're out with friends or on a romantic date, the upscale atmosphere and lively entertainment make for an unforgettable night. It is pretty widely known as THE place for fine dining and cocktails on the island. 




Image: TiraPalla on Facebook

Where: Ibiza Old Town

Tirapalla is one of San Antonio’s very best-kept secrets when it comes to a night sinking the boozy beverages. If you can ignore your inhibitions when you see the cheap nondescript sign, and make your way up the seemingly endless flights of steps, which are awesomely decorated in old rock posters and gig promos, you’re climb will be worth it as you step onto the roof terrace and see the killer views of the Old Town.

If you fancy a moment where you sub out the big baselines of the clubs to shamelessly enjoy some classic rock and indie tunes then Tirapalla is the gaff for you. Nonetheless, it's worth noting that the place can get pretty rowdy during peak season. If you prefer a more tranquil setting or dislike loud music and crowds, Tirapalla may not be your cup of tea. However, if you're after a memorable (or forgettable) night out, Tirapalla is the place to be.



No 5 Ibiza

Image: No5 Ibiza on Facebook

Where: Port d'Eivissa

Possibly one of the coolest bars in the port of Ibiza, Number 5 is a perfect place to start your evening and relax in style. With a modern vibe, excellent views of the port from their front-facing beer garden, wonderful and attentive staff and DJs playing a mix of chill and deep house throughout the day, it’s one of the Port area's very best. 

But it's not just the vibes that make No 5 Ibiza a must-visit spot. The creative cocktails are equally impressive, with unique combinations that are all of the bar's own making, their staff are true mixologists, and even use exotic fruits, homemade syrups and local wild herbs to spice up their bevs. 

With some of the best cocktails in the Port area and a view from the garden that will have you struggling to leave, No 5 is one of Ibiza's very best. 




Image: Kumharas on Facebook

Where: San Antonio

Looking for a relaxed and bohemian vibe in Ibiza? Kumharas is the spot for you! This Meditteranean beach bar on the west coast of the island boasts a chill atmosphere and stunning sunsets. Slip into an intimate corner or relax on a cushion, Moroccan style, and enjoy the bold architectural features this beautiful venue offers. Plus, if you’re lucky, you may catch some live music ranging from acoustic performances to DJ sets; all whilst watching the sun set below the sealine.

But Kumharas offers more than just a vibe. Their food menu features fresh, locally-sourced Mediterranean-inspired dishes, as well as a huge range of cocktails, spirits, and beers for you to sup on in style. So whether you're looking for amazing food, live music, or just that enviable beachfront vibe, Kumharas has got you covered. Sit back and relax in this laid-back bohemian paradise as you enjoy the beauty of Ibiza!




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