Birmingham Nightlife | Guide to Birmingham Nightlife

Birmingham’s nightlife is a pretty big deal. The second city has some stellar clubs, incredible bars, fancy cocktail bars, and plenty of other brilliant nighttime venues that’ll lure you in. And then you'll never want to leave! 

But whether you’re hitting Brum for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s always handy to familiarise yourself with the area you’re going out in. This way, you can identify which area, club, or bar is best for you and the type of night you want. It’s the best way to ensure you’re night is as good as it can be.

So check out our Birmingham nightlife guide for that killer night out you always dreamed of.

Nightlife areas 

So, what type of night out in Birmingham are you looking for? Does relaxing in an old British pub with a pint speak to you? Or does dancing all night and walking back home in the AM with sore feet sound more like your vibe? 

The city has it all and more, but to end up in the right place, familiarise yourself with Birmingham's nightlife areas below. 


Recently, Digbeth has exploded with lots of incredible bars, clubs, restaurants, and more. Many of Digbeth’s venues are a bit different, so if a unique experience sounds up your street, Digbeth might be the best of Birmingham’s nightlife areas for you. Home to alternative and quirky The Custard Factory, expect some of the city’s best clubs, atypical bars like NQ64, live music venues, and a younger crowd around here. 

Gay Village

Brum has a pretty big LGBT+ community, and the city itself is huge too. So, of course, Birmingham nightlife for the LGBT+ scene is thriving. With a variety of venues, including late-night pubs, rowdy clubs, coffee shops, and more, Birmingham’s Gay Village is always kicking. Whether you want to howl with laughter at outrageous drag acts all night long or chill and chat over a drink, you can find a venue in the Village for you. 

Jewellery Quarter

Home to a fair few trendy, relaxed bars, the Jewellery Quarter might be the best place for after-work drinks or a catch-up with a friend. Mostly full of independent venues and shops, you can also find quite a few typical English pubs. With a lovely, social atmosphere, the Jewellery Quarter is more the vibe for a few drinks than an all-nighter at a club. 

Gas Street Basin and Broad Street

Broad Street and Gas Street Basin are about a five-minute walk from each other and are both popular Birmingham nightlife areas. Head to the slightly tucked away Gas Street Basin area for nibbles, socialising and a few drinks. Or head to Broad Street to get in on the proper action, diving headfirst into big clubs with cracking drinks deals.

Best bars - Skiddle selects 

Birmingham’s nightlife venues are nothing short of brilliant. Whether you’re feeling fancy, competitive, hungry, in the mood for tunes, cocktails, relaxing, or watching the best drag acts, there’s a bar in Brum you’ll love. Check out our top picks below. 

Luna Springs

Close by The Custard Factory, Luna Springs offers something new to Birmingham’s nightlife. Some of the many mad events they've put on in the past include bottomless brunches, the Moonlight Cinema, brunchaoke, live sports on a giant screen, bank holiday parties, discos, boozy bingo, and full moon parties. And with a huge outdoor area, it’s perfect for soaking up the summer sun with mates and a few cocktails. 

The Canal House

On a warm, sunny day, Birmingham's canals are absolutely stunning and create the perfect environment for enjoying a drink or two. On those kinds of days, heading over to The Canal House is a brill idea. Sit outside the bar just beside the canal with a beer or cocktail. Sink into your seat, enjoy the live music, maybe even order some delicious food, and feels your troubles melt away. 

Dead Wax Digbeth

Beer, pizza, music - heaven. And that’s all Dead Wax is about. With their love of music central to what they do, Dead Wax has lots of themed events such as indie, garage, disco, and other kinds of nights. But there are also drag bottomless brunches and more, so keep an eye on their socials to be the first to know! But even just heading over for a fresh sourdough pizza and a local craft beer is a cracking idea. 

Sky By The Water

Feeling fancy? Need a bar that looks as good as you do? Head to Sky By The Water, a rooftop bar with beautiful views and private pods so you can dive deep into a conversation without worrying about the table next to you overhearing. The bar also has lots of fluffy blankets so that one friend who’s always cold stays happy. Settling in for a long night of chatting and cocktails has never been cosier. 


It's been a long time since we stood in an arcade fishing through the change our parents gave us, determined to smash our high score on Time Crisis, Crazy Taxi, or Dancing Stage. We think it’s about time we took it back to those days. And why not add a bev in, too? Over with some other quirky venues, NQ64 is a games bar in The Custard Factory. They have arcade games, consoles, pinball, and more. There’s genuinely a game for everyone, so head over and see what’s up!

The Old Crown

Dating back to 1368, The Old Crown is Birmingham’s oldest secular building. So if you love that old-timey pub feel, you really cannot beat The Old Crown on a Birmingham night out. And the award-winning pub is no stranger to events with plenty of quizzes and live music. So if you’re feeling some light evening entertainment in a cosy, old-fashioned pub, you know where to go. 

The Village Inn

Gay Village is always a top night out. But if you aren’t excited about having to shout over thumping music, a club won’t cut it. So The Village Inn, amongst the lively bars but a bit quieter, is worth a gander. The Village Inn is a massively adored gay bar with regular drag performances and cabaret shows seven days a week. It’s also one of the longest-established venues in Brum’s Gay Village! 

The Rainbow

The Rainbow is a legendary pub and a staple of a chill Birmingham night out. Grab a pint and enjoy some live music in the basement, sip a G&T in the courtyard, or kick back and watch some live sports. Originally dating back to 1767, The Rainbow has since gone under restoration, ready for Digbeth to enjoy once again. A lovely, simple venue with a brilliant reputation, the Rainbow is always a lovely night out. 

Best clubs - Skiddle selects

Planning a massive Birmingham night out? Before hitting the town, it’s a good idea to do some research so you don’t find yourself paying to enter a club, hating the music, and spending the night peeling the labels off your beers. Check out our picks of the best clubs in Birmingham for a banging night. 

Tunnel Club 

As the name suggests, Tunnel Club is actually in a tunnel! Head in for cheap drinks before exploring the seven rooms of live music on a booming sound system that lets you feel each note in every cell of your body. Genre doesn’t matter at Tunnel Club so keep an eye out on their socials and website for an idea of what music to expect each night. 

Hare and Hounds

A legendary venue known for hosting a bit of everything, Hare and Hounds is a fantastic place to spend your evening. Pop by this Grade II listed building to enjoy comedy, live music, or club nights. Another venue that prioritises quality over genre, Hare and Hounds has all sorts o,n including funk, reggae, techno, house, rock, drum and bass, and so much more. With a small capacity, it makes for a cracking, intimate performance every time. 

The Mill 

A bit of everything in one, The Mill has day raves, crazy club nights, gigs, boozy bingo, and so many other types of events that look insane. Always one step ahead, The Mill has had killer events in its calendar for some time now. With a rooftop bar, an incredible sound system, unbeatable events, immersive lighting, and much more, The Mill is easily one of the best Birmingham nightlife venues. 

The Nightingale Club

Spread across three floors -with four rooms and five bars - The Nightingale Club is the biggest and oldest gay venue club in Brum. The heart and soul of the Village, The Nightingale can fit around 2,000 partiers in to enjoy cheap as chips bevs, cheesy tunes, friendly vibes, and all the drag acts your heart desires. 


One of our all-time faves, LAB11 brings some of the biggest artists and DJs in the world to its incredible warehouse venue with a rooftop terrace, an outdoor area, and a total of five rooms indoors. LAB is crucial to Birmingham’s nightlife scene, bringing all sorts of electronic genres to crowds of hungry ravers. With day raves to specific genre club nights, and live gigs to parties with barbecues, LAB11 is one to check out. 


Clubbing is for anyone and everyone. That’s part of what makes it so great. But not everyone can get down with club tunes. So PST plays reggae, ska, and a splash of hip hop tunes so those who aren’t feeling the “untz untz” tunes can still get out on the dancefloor and have fun. PST has three floors and a rooftop balcony to explore on your night out and is all about that inclusive vibe. 


Hugging your mates and chatting pure nonsense in the smoking area is heaven. But so is feeling each muscle slowly release as you sink into a comfy seat, sipping on a chilled pint. Birmingham’s nightlife is insane, but only when you know where to look.

So the next time you’re planning a Birmingham night out, check out our guide for a killer night out. Or check out what events are going down in Brum on Skiddle for an unreal night your won’t forget. 




Birmingham’s nightlife is a pretty big deal. The second city has some stellar clubs, incredible bars, fancy cocktail bars, and plenty of other brilliant nighttime venues that’ll lure you in. And then you'll never want to leave!  But w



Birmingham’s nightlife is a pretty big deal. The second city has some stellar clubs, incredible bars, fancy cocktail bars, and plenty of other brilliant nighttime venues that’ll lure you in. And then you'll never want to leave!  But w