#vivalaresolution: An open letter to the New Year

Redefining what it means to make a New Years resolution - Read our 'Open letter to the New Year' and find out what Skiddle has in store for 2022 #VivaLaResolution

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 18th Nov 2021

At the end of each and every calendar year, we find ourselves reflecting on all the good and bad things we've experienced. We question our sometimes poor life decisions and consciously aim to improve upon our former selves by setting resolutions for a 'happier' new year. And all too often, these usually unattainable pledges seem to focus on the most mundane and boring aspects of our collective existence.

Come on, 'fess up. We've all promised a 'new year, new me' resolution at some point in the past, whether that included losing weight, stopping drinking or smoking, or being more organised. Well, this year we refuse to accept any of the usual cliches.

Let's get some perspective here. We've endured two long and challenging years of uncertainty, over the course of which the social element of our everyday lives was basically stripped away from us overnight. And now that we're on the precipice of returning to normality, we want to deprive ourselves of it by setting bogus and limiting resolutions? Absolutely not. 

Here at Skiddle this new year, we'll be flipping the current definition of what it means to make a resolution on its head, giving it a whole new purpose and context, and we want you to do the same. So stick two fingers up in the air and denounce the old preconceived notions and traditions of a resolution. Bid farewell to 2021, go bigger than ever this New Years Eve and make 2022 a year you'll never forget.

Go ahead, eat that extra slice of cake. Have another beer. Go to more gigs and be the last one raving on the dancefloor. Choose life!

Get ready to experience a year that people will talk about for decades to come. Get ready for the return of the summer festival season. Get ready for Glastonbury, Creamfields, and Reading and Leeds. Get ready for the first full season of madness on the infamous 'Whites Isles' of Ibiza, since 2019. Get ready for three hundred and sixty-five days of restriction-free partying and memorable life-changing moments.

Don't waste your chance to resolve accordingly and begin the new year as you mean to go on.

Find your resolution, dance your resolution and live your resolution this New Years Eve with Skiddle. #VivaLaResolution



Continue below to read Skiddle's 'Open letter to the New Year', written by our Managing Director's, Richard Dyer and Ben Sebborn, and find out what Skiddle has in store for 2022...





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