Yousef Interview: "Expect my colourful take on house at Highest Point"

With Highest Point on the horizon, we had a catch-up with Yousef to talk about his upcoming set, how he juggles his various endeavours and why he finds himself returning to Merseyside in his music.

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Last updated: 18th Apr 2024

Seasoned Liverpudlian DJ and label owner Yousef is one of the names taking to the Chris Glaba Memorial Stage at this year’s Highest Point Festival

One of the most seasoned craftsmen of his time, Yousef has garnered fame and acclaim thanks to his Circus events and record label, along with his discography that chronicle his dance travels across the globe. Recent releases, meanwhile, have seen Yousef take a more introspective approach, returning to examine his home city of Liverpool in closer detail. 

His upcoming Highest Point set on the Chris Glaba Memorial Stage on Saturday 11th May promises first class, heart-pumping house, as the industry juggernaut prepares for a set that juggles deep cuts both old and new. In preparation for the momentous occasion, we caught up with Yousef to chat about his set, what’s in store 2024, the qualities he looks for that makes a great set, along with much more. 


What can people expect from your Highest Point performance? 

“People can expect my colourful take on house at Highest Point, featuring some new music with great energy and soul,

"A ton of my own tracks including my new album’s tracks and remixes are in there as well

"It’ll go off and make you feel great but without playing cheesy bangers."




Along with Highest Point, you also brought your 20 years expertise of house and techno to Joshua Brooks for an all night party at the end of March. How’s your 2024 been so far and what else have you got in store?

Yes, I played the other week and it was epic, another absolutely stunning party. 

I’ve stripped back DJing while I complete my new album, which I’ve managed to get done

As for what I’ve got in store, you can catch me in Croatia, Dubai, Columbia, Chile, Ibiza, Liverpool throughout the year, with much more coming up."


As someone who has collaborated and worked with industry stars and rising talent alike, what would you say are the core qualities needed for a great set?

"I think it’s absolutely essential you add emotion and feeling to your set, while making sure you love every single second of every track you play or make.

"In a time where everyone is playing tech house bangers or 90s house edits, I feel it’s an opportunity to say more as a DJ in your set."




When concerning your Circus recordings records label and circus events brand, what do you look for in an artist when looking to work with them?

"I’m always after honesty and style on the label, and it’s the same for the events, although we do need artists that will help us pay the bills too! 

"It’s been 20 years and we still manage to book new names on every single event!"


How do you find performing compared to collaborations and your work as a promoter, label owner and producer? Are there aspects of each that you have more of a preference for?

"I have to say, in the last few years I’ve spent more and more time focused on Circus events

"But I still manage to mix up my time with music production, running a label and DJing, which is forever the thing I’m best at. 

"I just love the mixture of all my endeavours."




With your later releases and compilations, from 9 Moor Drive to Circus Cities Vol 1, you’ve been revisiting your hometown of Liverpool in your music, what is it about your home city that keeps you coming back to it for inspiration, even after having played across the globe?

"I guess I keep revisiting Liverpool as I just like to explore my personal history. 

"I also try to include and support the city’s abundance of amazing artists, to aim and elevate us as a unit the best I can. 

"The sheer amount of incredible electronic music talent in the city is staggering."


If your next set was reduced to three tracks, what are you playing and why? 

"That’s impossible to say, I need the detail! Where is the gig? What time of year is it? Day or night, how big is the room? 

"Whatever I end up playing, I absolutely mean it."



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