WWE Icon William Regal heads to the UK

Our resident Sports Entertainment fanatic Darren Williams gets excited about one of the best Transatlantic stars to do it, Blackpool's very own William regal, heading back to these shores for a series of intimate talks.

Jimmy Coultas

Date published: 9th Oct 2014

Image: William Regal

Being a wrestling fan can almost be at times like being a Freemason - hardly anybody agrees with you and at times there's plenty of ridicule. People simply can't understand how despite being pre-determined it can be still be enjoyable -  yet still over 10 million people each week watch that horror show known as EastEnders.

What bugs people is possibly the use of a ring or squared circle, seeing as we're all aware of warriors that have been in this place such as Chris Eubank, Roberto Durán, Steve Collins, Bernard Hopkins,Carl Froch, Héctor Camacho, and it's likely the placing of theatre in this spectacle as opposed to sport rankles.

Yet, how many Pro-Athletes work over 300 days each calender year in at least 14 different nations on four continents? The answer is zero yet those employed by World Wrestling Entertainment (commonly known by it's former name WWF) do and are expected to do the following on a regular basis:

Having such a unique occupation means lot's of stories to share and one the best promo-talkers in Pro-Wrestling History and current WWE Wrestler, William Regal, is heading back to the UK with a two-night residency in Liverpool and also a date in Glasgow. You won’t be screaming out of pain instead from laughter as he's transformed into a funny Northern Comedian; take note Jason Manford.

The title of these shows sums his heel (Wrestling term for a Baddie) persona: "An Audience with a Wrestling Villain" on Sunday 9th November in Glasgow's The Garage, then in Liverpool's Baby Blue on Monday November 10th and Tuesday November 11th 2014.

These shows take place after WWE's RAW and SmackDown tapings in the UK, and will thus be rife with WWE enthusiasts no doubt chewing the fat over a variety of issues; should John Cena return to studying 'Thuganomics', how much time does Seth 'Mr. Money in The Bank' Rollins spend every week at the Hairdressers, could Big E successfully do a 21st Century remix of the Macho King gimmick, and when will Natalya become naughty?

Post show you're also gifted the opportunity for meet and greet with autograph and photo opportunity, but the chance to hear anecdotal evidence of life int he WWE fast lane is the real draw, as well as quite a few other caveats to his character.

For those that aren't aware, Regal is quite the aficionado when it comes to Music. Partying in Wigan during the Northern Soul era to enjoying Spandex 1980's American Metal and lot's more. This is one of our favourite moments from the man himself...

For further information on his upcoming dates head here.

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