The chronological clubbing experience

On the 24th of October 2014 Destination the chronological journey through house music was born. This happened in Manchester. People came. People danced. People experienced something different.

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Date published: 4th Nov 2015

The chronological clubbing experience

The story board of house started Back in August 2014 when we decided to throw a party. A fancy dress party. just a small affair with a few friends at one of our houses. As with all plans made among this group of friends it esculated. We decided to enlist the help of our friends K Klass to DJ. Then once we realised money was being spent we decided we needed a bigger boat so to speak. Thats when we found Suede night club. The venue was perfect and the snowball continued to grow as it rolled.

Having only helped on other peoples events and never actually held our own we must of brought something fresh to the game because when we came up with the rediculous idea that we could do the unthinkable, people didn't laugh(Although Brandon Block did stiffle a giggle.) We were going to do something of a no-no. We would tell the DJs not only what era they could play but in what order they could play their tracks. Now by this time we had dedicated serious money into this project and we were hoping that not only the Grammy nominees, K Klass would go for this concept but also our latest contact, the hugely acclaimed Retro legend, Paul Taylor. The conversation went something like this....

Me. "Hi Paul, my name is Germaine. You've never heard of me, i'm new to promoting but how would you like to DJ for us? Only thing is, you can only play tracks from 1995 to 2000 and you have to play them in order of release."

Paul. "That could work. OK, i'm in"

Shaun Lever the drive time radio dj for Unity radio relished getting involved and took to the interviews like a cat that got cream. the exciting radio advert set the scene with the chart topping hit, let me show you from K Klass, with that iconic piano intro on loop as the soundtrack for Lever to wax lyrical about this epic adventure that was Destination. Manchester had been warned.

On the 24th of October 2014 Destination the chronological clubbing experience took its maiden voyage. The Stage invaders with their talented multiskilled performers played the part of the cabin crew. There to ensure the first class passengers departed in comfort and were visually entertained right from 10pm when Chris E Warein played his check in set. K Klass took over the controls at 11 and whisked us off on a rollercoaster climb from 90 to 95 with a stunning live PA from Bobbi Depasios. Davos the magical pianist gave us a performance that had the crowd eating from his hand whilst passing the baton to Retros Paul Taylor who steered us from 95 to 2000. Arguably the set of the evening. But we were'nt stopping there. Ryan Stent had every intent on whipping us into a frenzy from 2000 to 2007 and Brian Murphy closed the deal right through till 3am when we landed at 2015. 

We'd done it. We'd completed the journey. And it worked. We'd achieved something special. Paul Taylor said we'd reminded him why he got into DJing. little old us, reminding one of the UKs biggest DJing legends of his roots. Compliments were abound from customers and DJs alike. what a feeling. What a ride. Its certainlt true what they say. Its not about the Destination. Its about enjoying the journey.

The beautiful thing is, 1 year later we get to do it all again. On December the 11th of 2015 we return to Suede nightclub in the centre of Manchester. The cabin crew will don their outfits, light their fire sticks and dance the bar poles. The all new DJ lineup will take to the controls in the booth and play out a new chronological story. JON PLEASED WIMMIN will give his take. ALEX P will tell his story. JOHN KELLY will share his journey. LEANNE BROWN from SWEET FEMALE ATTITUDE will perform her hit single and new releases in the time frame they were meant. CHRIS GRAILEY will once again grace us with his presence. BRIAN MURPHY will make a return journey. LUKE LE VEAUX's vinyl will tell its tale, the fireworks will explode, the music will play and our first class passengers will dance.


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